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  1. creweutah

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    Not sure but this calculator is WAY off for me. Im using the Calculator by a guy on reddit and its much closer at least for me. On his calculator, Singapore is 82, but on yours im 96. Most other tracks are similar, but I feel closer with the one im using.
  2. creweutah


    PC will have mods
  3. creweutah

    Have patches improved ai ?

    In Canada, it started raining, and by lap 15 I pitted for Inters. Lap 16, 18 cars came in for SOFTS and then the next lap they all came in for Inters. AI are still sheep. They all come into the pits like sheep. There is no variety in stops etc. Had another race where the AI all stopped for Inters on lap 20 and then lap 21 they came in again for Inters. Thats probably a bug but still.
  4. creweutah

    Upgrades for Williams/Haas/Alfa

    So what is the point of career mode if you simply cant get one of the backmarkers to the top? Pathetic from CM
  5. creweutah

    Have patches improved ai ?

    They havent made significant changes (improvements) to the AI in over 5 years, let alone a handful of patches.
  6. creweutah

    Option to disable Halo

    Well I use T pod offset and a great camera view that makes the car looks awesome and cant even notice the halo
  7. creweutah

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    RIP F1 franchise.
  8. creweutah

    What do upgrades do?

    Whats the point of even upgrading if you're in a Williams car. You will never get to the top so its pointless. Defeats the purpose of career mode. Hope EA does something about this (Sarcasm)
  9. By design? They probs just forgot to add it back in lul. Hence the term 'pathetic'
  10. cm removing things from the game for no reason. Pathetic effort
  11. creweutah

     technical failure

    No he didnt, bruh. Random stuff already happens to the AI Bruh
  12. creweutah

     technical failure

    already happens to the AI bruh, just not the user.
  13. creweutah

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    *** does this thread have to do with 1.07 patch?
  14. creweutah

    Action packed races

    This. Why should the CPU have a range of failures, and the user does not. Cleary unfair on their part. Lack of attention to detail by the devs
  15. Spot on mate. There are far too many smaller things missing which ruin immersion. CM need to life their game hugely. So many things like this need to be improved/added/tweaked.