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  1. By design? They probs just forgot to add it back in lul. Hence the term 'pathetic'
  2. cm removing things from the game for no reason. Pathetic effort
  3. creweutah

     technical failure

    No he didnt, bruh. Random stuff already happens to the AI Bruh
  4. creweutah

     technical failure

    already happens to the AI bruh, just not the user.
  5. creweutah

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    *** does this thread have to do with 1.07 patch?
  6. creweutah

    Action packed races

    This. Why should the CPU have a range of failures, and the user does not. Cleary unfair on their part. Lack of attention to detail by the devs
  7. Spot on mate. There are far too many smaller things missing which ruin immersion. CM need to life their game hugely. So many things like this need to be improved/added/tweaked.
  8. creweutah

    Random Mechanical Failure for humans

    This has probably been brought up many times. But for the game to move forward and actually have more of a sim aspect to it, there simply needs to be more failures. I was racing 3rd behind Bottas, and 3 laps before the end, his engine blew and I finished in 2nd. I felt like i cheated as these failures cannot happen to the user, but only the CPU. It ruins immersion completely and if F1 games want to take the next step, more needs to be added in terms of failures etc. Assetto Corsa does so many things better than f1.
  9. creweutah

    What camera do you use?

    Thanks PJ, look forward to using this setup.
  10. creweutah

    Is there a way to get race updates on track?

    This ties in to poor radio comms and poor audio overall. Miss the good old days where Murray Walker used to read out the positions lol. Looks like we have to wait for a UI mod (F1 tv) style
  11. creweutah

    Post-qualiyfing interviews

    Definitely ruins immersion. Hoping this side of the game can be muchly improved next year along with a much better AI
  12. creweutah

    Stupid Clare and Jeff comments

  13. creweutah

    My personal feedback @ half of season 2

    Yeah I agree. Unfortunately the AI is so poor, probably because CM realise multiplayer is their core right now. Provide me another reason why the AI has been so daft for the past 5-7 years without significant improvement. Critical, but it is ruining the immersion for me and I can't get into a driver career or MT save. So much wrong with the core game right now (AI)
  14. creweutah

    What camera do you use?

    That mirror looks so cheesy lol. 😉
  15. creweutah

    Stupid Clare and Jeff comments

    Yep, has been recycled audio now for years. There's simply no excuses from CM. I can appreciate the 19>20 dev cycle, and Im grateful we even had a game released given the tough set of circumstances, but having the same audio now just used again and again for the past 4 years+ is not good enough. Same goes for AI, media, and of course the poor poor radio communications. #SackJeff