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  1. Sure thing Stevie. Thank you. I have verified the files, uninstalled, and issue persists. Ive removed the game from steam and will purchase via Steam itself. As I have a feeling purchasing it from G2A may have caused an issue, probably not but I can try.
  2. I understand bro. I do. But there is absolutely NO smoke at all from lock ups, big or small. Even from the AI. Im still loving the game, but it is ruining immersion for me 😞
  3. My settings are on ultra bro. Everything is on the highest possible setting. I have a 3070 Gpu, 10850k cpu. It easily runs it on the highest of settings. I tried F1 2020 earlier, and the lightest of lock ups, the front wheels are full of smoke. Where as in F12021, NO smoke at all, whether its a light lock up, or a full blown lock. Its ridiculous.
  4. Bump. the AI also never get smoke when they lock their breaks so not sure whats going, i cant play the game because of this. so frustrating indeed
  5. Its my first bug report. Pls let me know if i have missed anything. I have also attached my dxdiag I am playing with NO assists. My issue is occurring on every game mode; Career, braking point, grand prix and time trial and online. Even with all assists off, including NO abs and NO traction, when i lock my brakes, there is NO smoke coming from the brakes at all. I have tried braking the hardest I can, the wheels lock but there is no smoke. Not sure what is going on. It ruins immersion for me. Im pretty sure no traction is taking effect as I do lose the car if I accelerate hard from
  6. Not sure but this calculator is WAY off for me. Im using the Calculator by a guy on reddit and its much closer at least for me. On his calculator, Singapore is 82, but on yours im 96. Most other tracks are similar, but I feel closer with the one im using.
  7. Still find it pathetic how you cant get engine/mechanical failures in a Racing "Sim" in 2020. Booted up F12017 tonight, and man....so many assets are exactly the same 3+ years later. Same sounds on the radio, etc. Just lazy from the devs.
  8. This is interesting; by contrast, F12019 had too many safety car deployments. I was using damage however; nevertheless, I was getting sometimes 2 SC per race in F12019.
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