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  1. AndyCarmo

    Limited R&D tree

    No, I'm in single player season, choose my team, difficulty settings, start the season and find when going to R&D page, I have far less than I've seen other people have access to, maybe 4 per department. I'd like to be able to access the full tree to get the most out of the game and development route.
  2. AndyCarmo

    Limited R&D tree

    Barry, where exactly is this bug report sent? Do I just write it on my post?
  3. I just cannot get the full R&D tree whatever I try, I only have about 4 R&D options in each department, what am I doing wrong?
  4. AndyCarmo

    R&D System 2019

    I can only see a very limited R&D tree, how do you enable the expanded tree? I've tried many times using pro career, elite driving standard, always get a very limited tree regardless