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  1. Ok so there is a work around that I’ve tested on a couple of tracks, when your due to pit use the MFD to confirm box this lap first, then as you are approaching the blue line “pause” the game and go to the preferences tab. Your able to still adjust these whilst playing, take the top one “steering assist” and turn it “off”. Then you should be able to follow the blue line and the comp takes over. Once pitted upon exiting pause and place the steering assist back on. Hope this helps, I’d be interested to know if this works for you guys as well.
  2. I have exactly the same issue, playing my team with all assists as per your screenshot it simple doesn’t allow you to pit, I can add the following bug report to this thread; 1. Unable to pit stop when playing my team in casual game mode with full assists on/off 2. Stadia 3. Version 1.05 4. Career - My Team 5. 5-10 attempts at multiple circuits including Spain, Monaco and Canada 6. Restarting the game, changing assists, changing pit strategy 7. Stadia controller 8. Any video would look exactly as per the upload on this pag
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