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    (PC) Visual Bug

    Another note that this issue has been present since at least patch 1.03. Considering how old this issue is, I'm honestly baffled that it's still present.
  2. A bit hard to describe, but it's like the textures/meshes of the car sticks to your screen as you rotate the camera PC (Steam) 1.10 Career (I believe it also occurs in My Team for me as well) Yes I've been able to recreate the issue. When in a practice session, enter session info and back out. Moving camera around will display the bug. (I've had the issue come up in other situations too, but this is the only one i've been able to recreate) Tabbing away from the game and entering back fixes it, though it comes back up again if you enter session info. Xbox 360 wireless controller Do let me know if you need any more information on this.
  3. exttt

    (PC) Visual Bug

    Just wanted to update that it's been 3 patches and this bug has yet to be fixed. I did a bit of tinkering with in-game settings and have determined that screen space reflections were the cause of the issue; disabling it completely fixes it.
  4. exttt

    (PC) Visual Bug

    Hope this helps. DxDiag.txt
  5. exttt

    (PC) Visual Bug

    Still occurs on the new patch. (v1.12)
  6. I've been having the exact same issue. Refreshing schemes will also delete all custom schemes as well for me, so I'd recommend screenshotting your settings or just avoid refreshing if you don't want to lose them.