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  1. Have just tried this, does not work for me
  2. I have the same issue, Thrustmaster Tmx Pro, was working fine for the first week, then patch 1.05 happened and now full lock left camera looks to the left side and same when you turn right full lock camera looks to right side and press brake the camera looks backwards, it's unplayable. I have my controller plugged in at the same time as its easier to navigate the menus so don't know if this is causing a problem, the pad works fine and you don't have the camera issues with the pad, have tried reloading, different profile, unplugged the whole thing, powed the xbox down and powered back up, and still the problem persists. Please fix it as its a great game when it works. I have also just plugged my wheel in to my laptop and updated to the latest software, and tried it again on my xbox, still the same problems. It's unplayable