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  1. LMG

    Livery colours

    Mettalic and Roughness would be awesome.
  2. LMG

    Michael Schumacher Content

    Hi, first of all, Im really ok with the game itself. But I bought it becaues of Schumacher promotional content. The cars are really well done, the driving and some of the suits, globes and helmets are nicelly done. The really big problem for me is the Schumacher Avatar, its not really well done, doesn't fit Michael Schumacher. It's not as well done as any of the drivers in the roster, the F1 and F2 ... even his son Mick Schumacher es better represented in the game. Not only the Avatar doesn look like a lookalike imitator but there is no Michael Schumacher Podium Emotes from him? You have done poorly in this respect, the Michael Schumacher contents lacks a lot of work and is a poorly done job after promoting the game with a higher price for its content. I do hope and expect a rework on the Michael Schumacher Avatar, he do deserb better. And do add some more Emotes evoking his most iconc ones to chose from.
  3. LMG

    Livery colours

    Save would be nice, but with just a copy/paste would be ok.. also a swap option would be nice as if you set the colors as you want you can move them along in different positions with just one click and see what fits better.
  4. LMG

    Michael Schumacher avatar not appearing

    There is a likeness Schumacher Skin that is not really well done, its like a cartoonish style interpretation of him. They seem to put more effort in the actual F1 drivers than in this payed out DLC, Its really a shame.
  5. Hi, I had been playing "My Team" for a few days and after qualy in Paul Ricard, the game crashed. I restarted but no luck, the saved game is like forever trying to load in the black screen. Left my computer on for 12 hours at night to see no progress. I searched the steam directory you mention where the saves are stored and can´t see a folder number "1080110" there. Is there anyother way to get my saves back or a save backup? The game until that point was smooth and working really good, it was updated to the last version 1.05 on Steam. Thanks in advance!