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  1. ScofieldS2

    F1 2020 PC problem

    welcome to my world. No response. I´ve been like that since the 1.05 Patch. Before everything was fine. I tried already everything. I think they will fix in other update, i dont know. Its not funny spend a lot of money in a game that you can´t play, and not even get a response.
  2. ScofieldS2

    EGO Dumper Error

    Same problem here. Before 1.05 Patch everything was fine, after that nothing work anymore.... If you solve the problem please let me know. Ty
  3. I have the same problem, before the 1.05 Patch everything was fine, and after the 1.05 Patch, when i start something on the game the ego dumper crash appears. Did you solve the problem already?
  4. ScofieldS2

    F1 2020 crash reproducible in menu

    You start to have the ego dumper crash after the 1.05 Patch? Before the 1.05 Patch i was playing well without any issue, and then i start to have the ego dumper crash. It was the same to you? Are they gonna fix the problem or i need to solve by myself? I already did what you did but im with the problem. Sorry, im new in this site. ty