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  1. signs were arranged on the tracks and a serious problem like the one reported by us is not fixed ??
  2. the most interesting thing is that the problem was in update 1.05 and came to 1.06 and nothing was fixed. Many people with this problem and they just ask for feedback, more feedback? And Codemaster? When anger gives feedback to we who bought the game and couldn't play because of the update that messed up everything?
  3. you can even do it like that with the MFD. However, when the MFD screen changes by itself to show some problem in the car (wing damage) for example, the bug already happens
  4. Tried that the other day, on controller everything is fine, as soon as i plug in the wheel and use it, the bug is back, only with the wheel
  5. Também estou com o mesmo problema dos amigos no f1 2020. Porém, Tenho o F1 2018 e o volante funciona normalmente.
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