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  1. It would appear this has fixed the problem. My accelerate/brake was X/Square which was also up/down shift. I play on 25% and was averaging 80% wear per race and failures on occasions. I Just did China in my team and the wear was only 7% after the race (14 laps)
  2. Yes plenty of durability upgrades including gearbox
  3. Just finished season 2 in my team (22 races) and got through 20 gear boxes. Pretty much 1 gear box per race
  4. This is my gearbox after the French GP during season 2. 98% on 25% race plus qualifying laps. 😅
  5. Pathetic Codemasters. Almost a month since the game was released and still no word as to what is causing this or if and when a fix will be released. Expected better.
  6. Any updates on this? The game is now becoming annoyingly unplayable as a sole reason for this ‘bug’.
  7. Can we get the game-mode in which your report was based off? My Team, Does the issue happen for you in every session, or just some? Cover as much detail here if possible please, so all modes, percentages. Every session and experience anything between 3-8% wear per lap depending on track. I cannot get more than 1 full race out of a gear box and now find myself fitting a new gear box each race weekend otherwise the second race with the same gearbox is almost always guaranteed to be a DNF. I am in my second season and still no change despite numerous durability upg
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