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    Patch 1.05 - Messed up wheel controls

    how has this not been fixed yet 🤣🤣🤣
  2. I’ve never posted on this forum before, but i had to make an account because i am actually baffled how it’s been 4 days and my game is still unplayable with a wheel on xbox (g920). When i brake the camera looks back, when i accelerate the camera looks up and when i turn so does my view. I always have patience with developers but when i’ve had to wait 4 days (who knows how many more) and there’s still been no fix to a bug that makes the game unplayable to wheel users is beyond a joke. I’ve payed my hard earn money to play a full finished product but this bug along with a whole bundle of other issues this game has is utterly ridiculous. Ban me from this forum or whatever but codemasters you need to sort yourself out. Stop spending your time promoting this broken game with FIFA youtubers to other unknowing buyers and start focusing on the core issues at hand.