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  1. Garrinchua

    My team Engine Prices in Future Years

    I'm in season 2 and as far as I could tell the prices were the same. If they had changed it was only small. I would have loved a 5th option to start with your own default engine but hey ho
  2. Garrinchua

    F1 2020 my team

    As far as I know you can't get them cheaper. You can invest in driver perks to earn resource points quicker and invest in your facilities to do the same but nothing to make the upgrades cheaper
  3. Garrinchua

    Myteam/career mode lap times

    I've been playing Myteam mode exclusively since I got the game and loving it so far. I'm into my second season and one thing I'd like would be as well as the race results from previous seasons, I'd like to see qualifying lap times, purely so I can have a direct comparison on how my car is progressing over the years. Not really essential at all, just think it would be a nice touch
  4. Garrinchua

    Dynamic Weather Changes

    I haven't had many races that have been wet but quite a few practice and qualy sessions that are. I don't mind too much as it makes it more of a challenge and forces me to try learn wet weather driving which I'm not really good at. Having said that I do think it is a very odd choice not to allow free choice of conditions in all modes, its a computer game after all and we should be able to play it how we want
  5. Garrinchua

    1.06 out on PC (black Merc)

    Anyone know if the Mercedes will be updated on my already started Myteam career? Or will it only work after starting a new save?
  6. Garrinchua

    Driver Number.

    89, the year I was born. Unoriginal but I felt I needed a reason for a number
  7. Garrinchua

    Least Favourite Track

    My 3 least favourite tracks; 3. Hanoi 2. Singapore 1. Monaco, by far the worst one, just awful. (mainly because i can't get it right) I am just not a huge fan of street circuits generally. Shout out to Austria, definitely my favourite track to race on.
  8. Garrinchua

    Myteam 2nd driver development

    As anyone else noticed any issues with the 2nd driver development on Myteam? I'm finding that after doing 'activities' and upgrading my simulator etc that my 2nd drivers stats aren't increasing. There are numbers highlighted in green (+5,+9 etc) to the right which show how much his abilities have increased by but the actual ratings numbers aren't changing. Is this meant to be? Hope this makes sense.
  9. Garrinchua

    Livery colours

    One small change that would be useful is the ability to save colours that you create in the livery editor, this way making sure that all colours across the car, helmet, race suit etc are the exactly same if you want that, instead of having to match the sliders up perfectly. (unless that's already in the game and I'm just being stupid)
  10. Garrinchua

    Regulation changes in Myteam

    I got an email from our pal Jeff just before Monza saying there will be regulation changes next season. What does this mean for r&d? From what I have read it seems that some r&d trees are reset. Is this true? Will the game specify which one(s). Just want to know what everyone's experience is of this and any recommendations as to what to do with my r&d points? Save them or keep developing? Thanks