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  1. Ohhh okay that should help a lot then I just put mine on about 52.
  2. Excuse my noobiness (that a word?) but what exactly does that do?
  3. I won’t lie I kinda pulled a noob move and turned flashbacks on because I still have a tendency to spin every few laps but it takes the fun out of the game imo so I’m going to turn it back off.
  4. Excellent info dude I will try this out today! You have been a big help 🙌🏻
  5. Yeah I still haven’t got the starts down yet, I’ve just been doing time trial I need to practice starts now.
  6. Thanks for the tips man! Haha yeah I’m already starting to get the hang of it and it’s only been a few hours. Still have the Occasional spin though. 😆
  7. I’ve always played with a ds4 and medium traction control and I’ve just now turned it off and I’m finding it hard not to spin on sharp corners any tips for a noobie? I feel like if I barley get on the throttle out of a corner I lose so much time compared to just full throttle with TC on.
  8. Maybe it’s because I use medium traction control so it gives it to the AI also
  9. Hmm okay, guess I’m just getting lucky with clean races.
  10. I’m 10 races into the my team career and the AI just never makes a mistake or crashes the only thing that happens will be someone’s engine will blow up and they get a DNF. Anyone else notice this?
  11. Okay nice thanks for the info. 🙂
  12. I’m new to the sport of F1 and the games, I’ve been wondering what is the difference between the full damage setting and the simulation setting?
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