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  1. Hi i am unable to join a session when connecting to multiplayer when either myself or a friend host a untangled or league game. Either they cannot join me when I host or I them when they host as it comes up as “Unable to join session”. We both can however join a game when it is some random host and join together. please help as this is frustrating. It will connect once in a while. Details Platform: PS4 F1 2020 Version: 1.06 Gamemode: Multiplayer Replication numbers: 37 with 1 successful. Process, connect to hosted game of friend in multiplayer. Gives error message when joining, “Unable to join session” Troubleshooting: Reset internet, reinstall game, restart game, restart plantation. Peripherals: Logitech g29 wheel and PS4 controller
  2. Will0110


    I am having the same issue. Any games I or my friends host to race each other in unranked, no one is able to join as they servers say, Error. We can connect to any other game that is playing.