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  1. I had the same problem with crashes and ego dumper. I fixed it by limiting the fps to 75.
  2. I was a few months ago in the same situation as you. I turned traction control off, but that was almost impossible to race. When you put it off, you have to change to manual gears too. Shifting up is a way to get your car under control, which is impossible with automatic gears.
  3. The suggested fuel in race is based on the fuel you used in the race strategy program. If you do the race strategy program on high or low fuel mix, and the race on mostly normal fuel mix, then you end up with (in one case) too much fuel, or (the other case) too low on fuel. I get the best fitting results when doing the program on normal fuel mix and the race on normal too.
  4. I had a similar problem. Sometimes my adjusted settings AND the default settings for my wheel are selected both (don't know why...) and then he always chooses the default ones. My problem was solved by reconnecting the T150 and restarting the game.
  5. Thanks for the advice, all!
  6. So if i get it right the performance of the T150, T300 and T3PA pedals are about the same? The difference between those 3 is durability. They're all made with the same type of spring, but a breaking spring is only a problem with the T150 (correct me if i'm wrong). If i want an upgrade with a good money-performance ratio, which one do you advice?
  7. Yeah, i contacted them, and they sent me a new spring, but i did this for the 3th time now... I just think we use the pedals too much here and they're not made for it... That's why we're looking for a more professional type of pedals. Thx for your answer!
  8. Thx for your answer! Is it the same problem with the T3PA that the springs in the pedals getting weaker after a few months, or is this just typical for my cheap plastic pedals? 😉
  9. Hi all, I'm racing with the thrustmaster t150 steer and it's great! But the durability of the pedals is not that good. I have the steer for over a year now, and it's already the third time that the spring of the gas pedal broke. It was my first wheel and pedals, so i didn't want to spend too much. Now my question: Is it a problem with all type of pedals, that the durability of the springs degrade after a few months? Or is it just because this one is a cheap model? If not, which pedals do you advice? Thanks a lot! Borrie
  10. That makes sense, thanks!
  11. Hi guys, I'm playing career mode and i'm in my second season at Canada. I'm struggling a lot with the track limits, so i got more than once a 3 second penalty for extending track limits. I thought that i could serve them during the race: Pitting, waiting 3 seconds, and then changing tyres. But when i pit, it doesn't happen. The penalty is not being served. I got the penalty after the race. But when the AI gets a penalty, they do serve them. I see them getting in race penalties, and i see their pit stop time is about 7 seconds. And their penalty is gone. This happened a race before in
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