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  1. I'm on the hunt for some games that me and some out-of-state friends of mine can play. PC is the platform and as little investment as
  2. I was hoping to play Racedriver Grid again, but didn't want to have to get out the PS3 again and was instead wondering if it was possible to play it on PC. Steam hasn't got it on their store, but I've found a website selling steam keys for it which doesn't make sense. Unless that's a thing, I'm not gonna trust that just yet😂. I was wondering if any of you guys knew of a way I could play? Thank you!!! happymod
  3. So after reading Lee Mather's interview with Red Bull idk if i read it correctly. But the MyCareer mode for the upcoming game is like a double role. Unlike in Fifa where you can pick your role whether you want to become a team manager or player. Or you can play and retire then become a manager. Instead it's you building your own team and also driving for the team,whilst managing the departments. Am i wrong?tweakbox appvalley https://vlc.onl/
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