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  1. Racingpoint2


    in 1.08 its true when driver transfers off i can move teams? Otherwise I start play again:d
  2. True in f1 2019 the transfers where horrible like Hamiltom to torro Rosso .. that the reason I put it off it was totally unrealistic. Ar this point the only choice is stay 10 season with the same team or put transfers on and change that some retired carreer after 1 season.
  3. Indeed but after 2 seasons I want to Ferrari but poorly I can't. In f1 2019 when driver transfers where off it still was able to change
  4. Man that's pathetic. I did 2 seasons for nothing I guess so.
  5. just finished my second season in driver career and stil didn't get any contract negotiations. Maybe something wrong? I put driver transfers off. But maybe somebody knows what's wrong?
  6. Hey 👋 just wondering what driver number your guys use and what's the story about it. I pick number 13. Cuz its my lucky number and I have a tattoo of it for my is my life number 😅
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