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    Practice programs time/level issues

    I have the exact same issue. Here is my "story" (sorry if nobody cares. :D) I bought my first wheel (Thrustmaster TMX pro) and tried to up my skills while having most assists enabled. In my career, I'm not at Hungary and tried to switch from 70 to 75. This apparently is my limit as I was unable to beat some programs even after training for quite a while. So I thought I need to disable some assists in order to up my pace. Not easy. The bigger issue however is, that I'm fairly certain that I would still end at position 5-9 even though my teams car is the second slowest behind poor Williams. I don't want to lose the programs though, because otherwise I can't improve the car and will never be legit at the top with my driving skills. Q: Does anbody know if the partice goals relate to the car's performance? I.e., driving a slow car simply will make it harder to beat the goals? I strongly suggest to simply add a second difficulty for practice or "career" so that I can fine tune the driving challenge while still being able to move forward in the career. And I don't think that constantly switching the difficulty is a pleasant gaming experience. Feels like cheating instead of adjusting the games difficulty to my skill.