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  1. Don't go out of your way to get bonus objectives done in the race strategy program. It will make figuring out your race strategy almost impossible.
  2. The problem I had was that I had to do a below average tyre wear bonus objective during the race strategy program. And this was almost impossible. The only way I could do it was go out on hard tyres, with lean engine mode, and driving very carefully. Obviously I didn't beat the target time but the bonus objective did count as completed. So after that I cancelled the program and restarted it to get some proper laps in for the strategy. But when I started the race 1: the recommended personalized strategy was a medium/soft one stop even though in grand prix mode the game recommends M/M/H as a str
  3. The bonus objectives also need to go from the race strategy program or we need a set that make sense. At least that ridiculous tyre wear objective needs to go because it's impossible to do by driving normally but your absurdly low tyre wear and fuel consuption during that lap does go into the strategy calculations, messing up everything and making it pretty much impossible to properly plan your strategy. Even the default strategy gets messed up.
  4. Braking Point starts in the 2019 season so that might have something to do with it.
  5. Now one problem is the below average tyre wear bonus objective. That is impossible to do within the time limit (fortunately it still counts if you don't make it in time but can still screw up your race strategy). Getting purple in tyre management is not enough.
  6. Or at a minimum know when your teammate is scheduled to pit. Regardless of if I go on the original plan or stick it out for one or two more laps, 80% of the time I end up pitting in the same lap.
  7. Fortunately the AI isn't that strong on the brakes (at least at 95) so that's where you can gain some time.
  8. It's interesting, I found myself getting faster at least in Bahrain. Last year I had the AI mostly at 95 with some tracks a few points lower, Bahrain being one of them. So I tried it on this game at 92 (for 4 laps because fuel use bug) and with the myteam car could relatively easily hold position in P11/P12 while last year it was a struggle at that difficulty to keep up with slower cars.
  9. I ran into the same thing in myteam. Loaded the car up with +3.6 laps of fuel in a 50% race, after 4 laps I was down to +2.6 laps of fuel. Booted up a 50% bahrain race in grand prix mode with alpha tauri (closest in performance to myteam car with honda engine) and after loading it up with +2 laps, after 4 laps it was down to +1.88 laps. Something must be wrong with the race strategy program. More specifically, with the bonus objectives. Some of those are impossible without running your car in lean mode. Even though it's also impossible to beat the target time at the same time, it counts the ob
  10. Unfortunately that means that you have huge power unit wear because it will run your car for the full session.
  11. I think it may be those practice programs, and specifically the bonus objectives in the race strategy. I just started a myteam save and after overfueling the car by 1 lap I was already 1 lap down after 5 laps and even taking corners ridiculously slow resulted in losing fuel because it just gets drained super fast on the straights. But I remember that in the race strategy program I had an objective to do a lap with below average tyre wear. The only way to succeed was to drive a lap insanely slowly on hard tyres and I think on low engine mode and losing about 1% tyre wear. Even though I failed t
  12. I guess they tried to make it more common. Last year driver transfers never happened except when you would sign a different driver or someone retired. And even in that case there was a 50% chance that your old team mate would simply take the place of the new one in the other team. But depending on how often it happens now they might turn it down a little bit.
  13. They were only used for the classic cars and considering those aren't in there is no point in having the short tracks. As to why the classic cars weren't there? Probably the reason you stated there applied to the vast majority of F1 players who touch a few of the more recent classic cars a handful of times but ignore it most of the time so it simply wasn't worth spending the money on them.
  14. Unless I missed something Devon or Butler isn't in there either, and I want to play a career mode as him.
  15. Because by the time those changes were made everything was already done anyway. And I don't see why more variety in a career mode is bad, even if it isn't realism. In a game fun is more important than realism.
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