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  1. GnrDreagon

    No overlapping anymore

    He is quite good But you'll just have to get better I suppose. My lead over the other teams is a lot bigger at the start of season 3 than your lead is in that graph and I only catch up to maybe one or two cars at the back on tracks that I'm pretty good at. If you want to overtake more you'll have to simply be faster.
  2. I assume it does in a way because there are less opportunities to earn money to actually afford them. But transfers are rare anyway.
  3. GnrDreagon

    Penalties for getting hit..

    Just give me a good explanation how a game is supposed to know who is at fault. Because I suspect that is far harder to program than you think it is. Probably much harder than it is worth.
  4. GnrDreagon

    Penalties for getting hit..

    And how is the game supposed to tell the difference? Maybe you're the one at fault, braking earlier than expected braking later than expected. Or maybe whoever does it is responding to something you can't see? While it isn't ideal, the best way to deal with it is to give both parties the penalty.
  5. GnrDreagon

    Setups and Assists

    Just remove the ERS and fuel assists. It's not complicated at all and only makes you more flexible.
  6. GnrDreagon

    AI Penalties

    Usually both get the warning in case of collisions. And depending on the situation it may have been your fault.
  7. GnrDreagon

    Tyre wear between distances

    Not so sure. I believe 25% and 50% races have the same tyre wear and I imagine a 100% race has double that. Maybe a little bit less.
  8. GnrDreagon

    engine temperature?

    I believe it also damages some of your components like the mgu-h, resulting in more overheating.
  9. GnrDreagon

    F1 2021 need 4 new courses & 3 new location

    I doubt they'll go for the circuits in F2. They'll probably stick to the original calendar for that. But for the F1 circuits I'm not so sure. They would probably want to include them and I imagine at least the Saudi-Arabia one is in it. Imola might also be quite likely with Portugal being the least likely (is that one even officially confirmed yet?). I guess it entirely depends on how much time it take to create those circuits and when the game is released.
  10. GnrDreagon

    Car updates not applied, AI faster or I slower?

    Or you could simply get better. I've played three seasons and have never needed to change the AI level besides for some individual circuits I'm not that great at. And that was pretty much the same every season.
  11. GnrDreagon

    Car updates not applied, AI faster or I slower?

    I guess it's possible they upgraded their simulators, making the drivers faster. But personally I never noticed the AI getting faster in a new season.
  12. GnrDreagon

    Car updates not applied, AI faster or I slower?

    They might simply be your weaker circuits or the AI's stronger circuits.
  13. GnrDreagon

    AI Issues in Featured event

    Yeah, definitely on you being impatient. I believe in real life they have to let you pass within 3 turns I think? You expect them to move in something like half a turn. But sometimes there definitely are issues. I recently had Russell move aside for me with blue flags but then he unlapped himself when I made a pitstop. When I approached him again blue flags didn't happen.
  14. GnrDreagon

    Career mode, correcting mistakes

    Not sure if it works like that in regular quali sessions. In one shot it might work because the entire set up is different. But with short or full quali the moment you load into the garage the clock is ticking. So I imagine changing engine components works the same as it does during the practice sessions.
  15. GnrDreagon

    Career mode, correcting mistakes

    Restart session only reloads you to the start of the session. So while you can choose to replace some parts there, you might not be able to because the quali session is shorter than the time it takes to replace a part.