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  1. GnrDreagon

    CM please fix the AI in future games (qualifying)

    They do move but just not mid corner. Which isn't very surprising. I just want them to move a little bit earlier so I don't run into the back of them when I move to the side to pass them and then they decide to go out of my way straight into my new path.
  2. GnrDreagon

    Driver moves

    Well, they can only change when the contracts run out. And they would need the money to get a new driver. So fewer races does mean less income. But I don't know what other things the AI takes into account to get a new driver. If money is the priority it makes sense it will simply continue with it's current drivers.
  3. GnrDreagon

    Qualifying tires / Tires to start the race

    I have no idea but I assume you use your quali tyres if you end in the top 10.
  4. Sure, the practice program is a bit dodgy. But that's not what OP is talking about. He's asking why he's faster in regular quali compared to the practice program. And the answer is engine mode.
  5. In actual qualifying sessions you are using max engine mode but in the free practice sessions you can only use the high engine mode.
  6. - Yesterday I lapped a car before my first pitstop and the blue flag was shown as expected. When I made my pitstop the car unlapped itself. When I approached the car to lap it again a little later no blue flags were shown. - PC - 1.15 - Myteam mode (Brazil GP) - I haven't tried replicating it but in theory it should be replicated by lapping a car, letting it unlap itself while you are in the pitlane, and then try to lap the car again. - I use a G29 wheel.
  7. GnrDreagon

    Track situation for F1 2021

    Imola is. And apparently Vietnam isn't happening so they are in talks with others to replace that one with, according to rumours, portugal being the lead contender.
  8. GnrDreagon

    Track situation for F1 2021

    Sure, but it's also their job to make the official F1 calendar in the game. So if at this point those circuits are part of it, they more than likely have enough time to make them.
  9. GnrDreagon

    Track situation for F1 2021

    Imola is now on the calendar so there is a very solid chance it will be in the game. And it seems like portugal might take the place of Hanoi so if that is known in time there is a solid chance for that one as well. The rest, not so much.
  10. GnrDreagon

    Practice program struggle

    Yeah, quali AI is definitely a lot stronger than the race AI so the same goes for the practice program. I usually do anything quali related about 5 points lower than my race difficulty.
  11. GnrDreagon

    Aggressive backmarkers?!?!

    I'm pretty sure they do this, or at least used to do this. It also isn't that helpful. They tend to move very late and brake check you resulting in you crashing into them because they suddenly move into your path when you try to overtake them. So far I haven't had the issue that they don't move aside. The last few races I managed to lap maybe one williams and usually on straights and other areas that are easy to overtake in. But I think this issue might be a problem with the nature of the pit exit. Maybe it's programmed as a different entity (likely, considering you have to stay within the lane) which causes some issues with triggering the blue flags.
  12. GnrDreagon

    I get the penalty???

    To be fair, while the AI does dumb stuff sometimes, it does assume you drive in a similar way they do. So if you make an unexpected move they will run into you. And in this case if you are driving slowly on the racing line I do think it's fair you also get a penalty. I don't know how slow you're driving but after a hotlap I also take it easy and stay on the racing line but I never have AI's running into me.
  13. GnrDreagon

    Upgrades for Williams/Haas/Alfa

    I'm now nearing the end of season 2 on myteam mode and the backmarkers are now closer than they ever have been than the midfield. But there is still a gap. Fortunately at least the midfield is a fun chaotic mix with RP/Renault/McLaren/Ferrari having almost the same performance and AT very close behind them.
  14. GnrDreagon

    Quali AI vs race AI

    Personally I always qualify at a lower difficulty. I race at 95 on most circuits and qualify at 90.