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    Setups and Assists

    Just remove the ERS and fuel assists. It's not complicated at all and only makes you more flexible.
  2. GnrDreagon

    AI Penalties

    Usually both get the warning in case of collisions. And depending on the situation it may have been your fault.
  3. GnrDreagon

    Tyre wear between distances

    Not so sure. I believe 25% and 50% races have the same tyre wear and I imagine a 100% race has double that. Maybe a little bit less.
  4. GnrDreagon

    engine temperature?

    I believe it also damages some of your components like the mgu-h, resulting in more overheating.
  5. GnrDreagon

    F1 2021 need 4 new courses & 3 new location

    I doubt they'll go for the circuits in F2. They'll probably stick to the original calendar for that. But for the F1 circuits I'm not so sure. They would probably want to include them and I imagine at least the Saudi-Arabia one is in it. Imola might also be quite likely with Portugal being the least likely (is that one even officially confirmed yet?). I guess it entirely depends on how much time it take to create those circuits and when the game is released.
  6. GnrDreagon

    Car updates not applied, AI faster or I slower?

    Or you could simply get better. I've played three seasons and have never needed to change the AI level besides for some individual circuits I'm not that great at. And that was pretty much the same every season.
  7. GnrDreagon

    Car updates not applied, AI faster or I slower?

    I guess it's possible they upgraded their simulators, making the drivers faster. But personally I never noticed the AI getting faster in a new season.
  8. GnrDreagon

    Car updates not applied, AI faster or I slower?

    They might simply be your weaker circuits or the AI's stronger circuits.
  9. GnrDreagon

    AI Issues in Featured event

    Yeah, definitely on you being impatient. I believe in real life they have to let you pass within 3 turns I think? You expect them to move in something like half a turn. But sometimes there definitely are issues. I recently had Russell move aside for me with blue flags but then he unlapped himself when I made a pitstop. When I approached him again blue flags didn't happen.
  10. GnrDreagon

    Career mode, correcting mistakes

    Not sure if it works like that in regular quali sessions. In one shot it might work because the entire set up is different. But with short or full quali the moment you load into the garage the clock is ticking. So I imagine changing engine components works the same as it does during the practice sessions.
  11. GnrDreagon

    Career mode, correcting mistakes

    Restart session only reloads you to the start of the session. So while you can choose to replace some parts there, you might not be able to because the quali session is shorter than the time it takes to replace a part.
  12. GnrDreagon

    From Pad to Wheel with No Assists - Gradual or All out?

    Personally I turned off abs and traction control (and racing line) all at once when I was using the controller. Learning how to actually drive those tracks without the racing line took enough time to get used to no assists. I also think you can easily turn off abs and traction control at the same time because they don't conflict. One applies during accelerating, the other during braking, so it's quite easy to get used to them at the same time. When I switched to a wheel I switched to manual gears. It might be smart to do it in the same order. Because first you have to think about shifting and carefully braking/accelarating, and having to do both at the same time might take a bit longer to get used to. But in the end, just try something and see if you like it.
  13. GnrDreagon

    Career mode, correcting mistakes

    I guess you'll just have to take the penalty. That will help you remember to not do it in the future. It certainly helped me. But other than turning off auto save as mentioned there is nothing you do to go back. And penalties aren't that bad anyway and add their own challenge to the race which can be fun.
  14. GnrDreagon

    Tips for manually define race strategies and tyre wear

    Doing those race pace programs on all 3 tyre compounds will give you the most accurate results of course but just doing 5 laps on the mediums is just fine. The tyre wear on softs and hards might not be 100% accurate but the difference is small and usually at least for me my tyre wear in the race doesn't entirely match the expectations anyway. The only time you would want to do that twice is if you have the opportunity to do it in dry weather and in wet weather. In that case you can have a personalized strategy regardless of what the weather is at the start of the race. But of course, you can choose to just do the one for whatever weather is predicted in the race. It only really matters for the start of the race anyway. If you want to know how many laps a tyre can last you should take a look at it during practice. I believe that the tyres in practice show you how long you can last on them before they reach 50% wear or something similar to that. During qualifying I believe they show you how long you could last on them period. I'm not 100% sure that's entirely accurate but at least it will give you a general idea. While lap times are a decent indicator of needing to switch, it doesn't have to be ideal. Depending on what your rivals are doing you could potentially stay out for a better tyre later. And it also depends on how consistent you are. Personally I don't drive very consistent lap times, depending on the circuit, so a slower lap time isn't really an indicator for me if I should switch or not. I really just keep an eye on the tyre wear in the MFD because usually the strategy recommends stops at 50-60% so I mostly base it on that. Although keeping an eye on tyre temperatures is a good idea as well. Sometimes I end up stopping a few laps earlier (mostly on the softs) because overheated tyres result in you sliding all over the place. The tyre wear isn't usually that bad in those cases but you're still losing a lot of time. And what to do during VSC or SC is really hard to say. It depends on the timing, what your rivals are doing, your strategy, your prefered tyre/strategy, if you prefer track position or better tyres, and probably some other things. And don't blindly follow what Jeff suggests to you either during these things (if he suggests something), it isn't always the best strategy.
  15. GnrDreagon

    This game is so incredibly broken... [VOD]

    And a bug report is how you tell a developer to fix their game. Because just saying fix it is literally the most unhelpful thing you can say.
  16. GnrDreagon


    I think adding Imola will be quite likely. But whatever will be in Hanoi's place is a lot less likely, depending on when CM knows about it. Because apparently making a track takes quite a lot of work so it might simply be too late.
  17. GnrDreagon

    Technical Regulation Upgrades

    Depends on what you want to do. At that point I would probably invest all the points needed in those updates as soon as possible so you can get more upgrades for the departments that aren't affected without having to remember to keep enough points in reserve to update all the departments that are affected.
  18. GnrDreagon

    AI bumping into the back of your car (with video)

    Sure, you didn't steer to the left. But it is effectively what happened and you probably just should've adjusted a little bit so the AI had enough space. The speed difference seems to be so big that the moment the AI went for the move it was fine. But because you didn't adjust your line the AI couldn't stop in time.
  19. GnrDreagon

    Tips for manually define race strategies and tyre wear

    The effects of percentage tyre wear are the same for each compound. At about 50% wear you'll definitely notice you're losing grip, at about 70% I believe you start to run the risk of punctures. The only differences between the compounds is how quickly they get to those points. The importance of strategy depends a bit on how long your races are. In my experience strategy basically doesn't matter at 25% races or shorter. It's always a soft/medium or medium/soft 1 stop. At 50% it starts to matter. If you're in career/myteam mode, you should do the race pace practice program (ideally with the purple completion instead of just green). If you do that (provided the weather conditions are the same (wet vs dry)), there is an option in the strategy screen to switch to a personalized strategy. This one is based on your fuel usage and tyre wear during the race pace practice program. Usually that strategy works fairly well. But the best way to learn all this is simply to play the game. You'll get your own preferences when it comes to your driving style or tyres and you'll know more or less what you'll be able to get away with. But it might be smart to remember approximately at which percentage tyre wear you were supposed to pit and look at your MFD every few laps to see how your tyres are doing. Based on if you are doing better or worse than expected you might want to change strategy on the fly. For example: I did a race in Brazil at the end of season two in myteam mode. I qualified on mediums in the hopes of doing a medium/soft 1 stop but according to the recommended and personalized strategies that wouldn't work. So I went for the medium/hard one stop. I think I chose to pit at lap 16 for 20 laps left on hards. At that point I believe I should've had about 60% tyre wear. But when I got to lap 16 I noticed two things: First, I'm not in the lead and that 1.5 second gap isn't getting smaller either. Second, my tyre wear was at 40% or something like that. So instead of pitting and switching to hards, I decided to stay out ideally to lap 24 or something like that because basically every AI started on softs and did about 12 laps on them. Which is more or less what happened. I believe one of my tyres was at 71% wear when I eventually came in to change to softs. But staying out longer can be risky because you're driving on old tyres so you'll probably end up losing time. In my case, the gap to the race leader was 1.5 seconds when he made his stop. When I did my stop I was 7.5 seconds or so behind him. But I knew that he was on used hard tyres at that point and I was on fresh softs. The result was that I was about 2 seconds per lap faster than him although I did take it a little easy after overtaking him because I wanted my tyres to survive (although that really wan't an issue) and I wanted them to not overheat. If I hadn't changed my strategy I'm not sure I could've won this race.
  20. GnrDreagon

    AI bumping into the back of your car (with video)

    I would say that last one was definitely on you. Based on what I could see in the mirror it was tight, but there was space enough. But you moved a bit to the left, effectively shutting the door on him last moment and because he was a lot faster than you he simply couldn't stop in time. The first one is probably a combination of you maybe not following the line the AI was expecting while maybe not going as fast as it was expecting, resulting in it thinking there was a gap where there really wasn't one. But it might also simply be the factor that your teammate is an F2 driver, and even the best of those make plenty of mistakes because their stats are poor.
  21. GnrDreagon

    Career Mode/My Team Starting Performance

    I guess that's possible but I know nothing about modding the game.
  22. GnrDreagon

    Career Mode/My Team Starting Performance

    They are.
  23. GnrDreagon

    Qualifying tires / Tires to start the race

    Pretty much this. It took me way too long to figure out this is how it works. I was always confused why I didn't have enough fresh tyres in the race even though I definitely had one more set after qualifying. The game could've done a better job explaining this. And it seems that the real life regulations aren't as strict. You simply have to return a set of the mandatory specification, not the specific set that was reserved for Q3.
  24. GnrDreagon

    Qualifying tires / Tires to start the race

    Yes, it does work like I said. I have definitely used two sets of fresh soft tyres in races after using two sets of softs during qualifying. It also matches the real life regulations (more or less, in real life you don't have to return that specific tyre, just one of the same specification).
  25. GnrDreagon

    Qualifying tires / Tires to start the race

    That Q3 set is only returned if you participate in Q3. The rest gets to use it during the race.