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    How do you break your limits?

    As I said, it depends on what your base level is. The first time I tried this after doing 10 laps on each circuit I went from close racing against 75 AI to being a close match to them at 85 AI. But driving in the wet means more slippery conditions so you need to be a bit more careful if you want to go fast. Once you get confident controling the slippery car in the wet conditions it's easy to transfer these skills to dry conditions, where you need to be far less careful so you can drive more on the limit without making mistakes you used to make.
  2. GnrDreagon

    How do you break your limits?

    I've found that commiting to 10-20 laps in time trial in wet conditions on each circuit helps. But I guess it depends on your skills. It's going to be more effective if you're not that skilled.
  3. GnrDreagon

    Bottas P1

    No idea. But it was just to explain how some drivers might not have the expected rating because otherwise they might over/underperform compared to their real counterpart. Why certain stats are what they are, who knows.
  4. GnrDreagon

    Bottas P1

    What they probably try to do is replicate the general results of the F1 field. But they have two factors they use to achieve that: the car and the AI. The car performance is set so they need to tweak the AI to get the desired result. So that's probably why Verstappen is now the best AI in order to allow him to more or less match Bottas while being in the inferior car.
  5. GnrDreagon

    Aston Martin F1 Livery?

    I'm curious how much pink has to be on the car. BWT is the main sponsor of racing point but I wouldn't be surprised if they are basically replaced by Aston Martin and only have their name on the rear wing or something like that.
  6. GnrDreagon

    F1 2021 TRACKS

    I believe Chase Carey mentioned in an interview that they want a calendar like the original 2020 calendar.
  7. GnrDreagon

    F1 2021 TRACKS

    Considering F1 is planning on a calendar similar to this years original calendar, no.
  8. GnrDreagon

    Bitter sweet

    Yeah, they change grip levels and things like that. To judge the real fasterst times I always look for the names of some of the esports guys like James Baldwin, Simon Weigang or Jarno Opmeer. The people close to them are most likely legit.
  9. GnrDreagon

    Bitter sweet

    Any top time that is using assists or no custom setup is a hacker.
  10. They probably do if they do if they do a quali program. There are definitely times where cars that are similar to my car or slower even will be faster than me by a second or more on the same tyre. I personally just use the standard modes because outside of the race pace and quali program there is no real need to use more.
  11. GnrDreagon

    Bottas P1

    To me it's more and more looking like the awareness stat might be the most important stat for an AI driver.
  12. GnrDreagon

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Alright, the Ferrari PU has been nerfed. Now it's time to buff Renault and Honda.
  13. GnrDreagon

    Engine Supplier invitation from Partnership with my Team?

    I assume it's just one of those things that has a small chance to happen if you win/place high in the constructors championship, regardless of your supplier and their performance.
  14. GnrDreagon

    Engine Supplier invitation from Partnership with my Team?

    It happened to a youtuber after he won the constructors championship.
  15. GnrDreagon

    Engine Supplier invitation from Partnership with my Team?

    It's true.
  16. GnrDreagon

    Driver Approach System makes no sense

    I assume their demands are based on their acclaim. So if he increased his acclaim during that time he increased his demands. Might not always make sense in that specific scenario but I imagine it's quite rare and generally the system gets the job done.
  17. GnrDreagon

    Rain in my team mode

    The AI is actually quite weak in the rain. But they are strong in the changing conditions when you're on non-ideal tyres.
  18. GnrDreagon

    Safety Car due to heavy rain

    It also could've been some other incident without a DNF. I had a safety car last week out of nowhere without any DNF's popping up but in the race director one driver had a warning in the lap the safety car showed up.
  19. GnrDreagon

    MyTeam Monaco HELP

    Do you have enough downforce on your car? I remember having more trouble than usual in Spain in my second season because the car had a lot of power but didn't really have the downforce and chassis to handle it.
  20. GnrDreagon

    Time difference AI difficulty level

    I remember a seeing a graph a little while ago that the AI gets a little over 0.1 faster per point up to 100. After that it gets something like 0.2 faster per point.
  21. GnrDreagon

    Let me turn corner cut penalties off in career mode

    It usually does. I've had warnings/penalties where it's definitely saving time but nothing when I was going slowly.
  22. GnrDreagon

    Tire temps

    In the rain your sliding more but it's a different type of sliding. In dry weather you're rubbing your tyres on the tarmac, the resulting friction causes tyre degradation and increased temperature. But in the rain the tyre (especially the dry tyres) are sliding around with water under the tyres, reducing friction and the water itself probably doesn't help the temperatures either. And don't forget that you're slower in the rain.
  23. GnrDreagon

    Track acclimatisation

    I don't know. They are on my default for me.
  24. GnrDreagon

    Wet quali/dry race (or vice versa) what setup does the AI use.

    It's hardly unfair. I'm pretty sure the AI just uses the default setup so sometimes it has an advantage and sometimes it hasn't. The one advantage it has is basically perfect traction, causing a big advantage when you're on non-ideal tyres.
  25. GnrDreagon

    The Worst Things Jeff Says to You

    This works fine. Besides saving on voice lines, I'm mostly tuning him out anyway. Him telling you there is a new strategy is efficient enough to draw your attention to the MFD. And you still have to confirm the strategy so you still have to look. I just wish he always asks me for the new strategy, not just change it on his own sometimes. "Yes Jeff, I realize I should've started on the softs instead of mediums but telling me at the race start to come in for softs and putting me on a 2 stop strategy is NOT the way to go in this race."