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  1. Just waiting on a featured event to Plat this game. Another weekly GP this weekend. When will you put up a Featured event? Thanks @RedDevilKT @BarryBL
  2. Great news. If I can get the 3 trophies codemasters can have my money for F1 and Fast and Furious. Here's hoping for the platinum 🙏🤞👍
  3. Another week has passed. Another week with no featured events. Another week of F1 2020 fund in my bank account. @BarryBL do the right thing and at least address the community. This same complaint is all over different forums. And now it's on PS sale surly there will be more complaints incoming.
  4. m @BarryBL Another day of silence over the matter
  5. If you guys can't be bothered to give us what we want why not just patch the trophies out of the game. Or ping them to us so we can still complete the game? The silence from @BarryBL and the rest of the guys is shocking. Us as customers are paying your mortgages. If you have no intention of sorting this issue let us know for definite so we can move on and make our decisions about either getting as far as we can with the game or scrapping it. For me this poor service that has/is being provided is pushing me to forget F1 20 and Project 3.
  6. Have we any news????? Like many above I have played all F1 games. This is the only one I can not get platinum for because they have basically locked out 3 trophies. This is unacceptable and my 2020 purchase won't be happening unless this is resolved. Il move on to ACC and just hide F1 19 from my trophy list
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