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  1. Thanks mate, I have read those and they do not answer my question. I know you are trying and succeeding in doing your job. I don't want to cause you a bad day or anything and I understand why they have requirements for these sort of 'formats' for the error reporting because you get so many that just want to complain and cause hassle but without following due process to actually be constructive enough between user and developer. In this situation however I doubt that even with the right form and video evidence your trouble shooting team will even or could even attempt to replicate ou
  2. AS per the above. @BarryBL or any other moderator or staff, please confirm for me what is the minimum network requirements for people to have a lobby with a full grid (20 drivers) to play this game in multiplayer without suffering any issues.
  3. So after weeks of driving with assisted starts and pit release assist enabled I tried a manual start yesterday.... Happy to report that for me at least the issue has been miraculously resolved!! I am able to use my clutch again! I can't say exactly which of these things changed it but from my side at least: I changed settings to assisted starts and also enabled pit release, played like that a few times and then of course changed them back yesterday. I changed my configuration profile for my wheel. You can take a screenshot of your custom configuration settings for your whee
  4. Screenshots I took during tests. Tested left paddle and right paddle here, but I also did the test with a button that had no conflict (unassigned the next camera button which was my clutch on the pedal set and set it to clutch) Didn't take a screenshot that time. I think it's key to note that in both these situations the gear up and gear down button worked as those functions once I got the car going using the pad like explained before)
  5. Oh yes I tested that several times each time I assigned a new button. Standby for vid
  6. I was about to create a bug report for the same issue but then followed the necessary rules and searched. I find this topic. I am on PS4 and have a digital copy. I use a G29 wheel. Game is up to date. No changes occurred to my wheel or settings. This spontaneously started last week Monday. I tried the following steps: Changed clutch from gear up paddle to clutch pedal (no conflicts) Tested all buttons on G29 work. It also works in other games. Tested it also on PC and the G29 works. With Pad plugged in and active without pad. When the pad is plugged in by it
  7. Thanks Barry, though with respect I do beg to differ about it being a bug. It bugs every member in my small league every time we race that the developers assigned all multiplayer cars to the same team (as shown in the telemetry packet id) so the current game feature i.e using mp cars in longer online races, is broken because of it. If a bug is unintentional consequences as a result of coding then this is a bug or no? I realise the release of 2021 is taking all hands and it's unreasonable to see a fix for this now.... hopefully its more reasonable to expect that it will not be implemente
  8. Hi guys, Out of interest, what comes after 'with developers' ?
  9. Hi Ender the new version has got some great features and thanks for fixing the driver name issue. Just want to check I get a CTD when I select and de-select the 'distribution' toggle on any variable. Second question is why is it that I can see my own loss of traction %, but not that of other Human opponents? (same with tyre stress, fr/rear locking and a few others) The Others have public telemetry set to ON btw.
  10. That would be awesome. I'm promoting your software heavily in our league. It's only small about 50 members but a few are slowly starting to see value. The feedback has been fantastic so far but there's a few quality of life things like this that would lift it/ Another thing that's been mentioned is that it appears the first lap is not being recorded. As in from race start to the first time crossing the timing line?. So what is labelled lap 1 in app is technically lap 2 of the race and so on. Similarly part of a lap is not recorded. Example if a car RET/DNF on lap 8, the last lap r
  11. Hi Ender, I just wonder if this particular problem above is still in your scope to fix. The missing player number is not visible on the race data pane to match up with the correct file. Makes it hard to find data for a specific driver quite easily.
  12. Yes because when one has a flat tyre it's best to drive a bit longer to make sure that the lack of pressure is equally affected over the entire circumference. You've shown them the nail in the tyre by looking at the basic telemetry data, now it's up to them to patch it.
  13. I hear you, though it would be even more interesting to open the next update's readme and find that they have simply fixed this so we don't have to worry about continually trying to find ways of demonstrating an issue which you practically exposed by simply looking at the UDP packets.
  14. So in the Queen's English, that means the multiplayer cars are all assigned to the same team? Crickey. Massive oversight there, one can understand why Bicarba is so critical. Assuming then that it is so easily spotted in the UDP data, it must stands to reason that these masters of code will find this little conundrum a right doddle to fix yeah?
  15. I'm not so sure that this happens with the 'numbers loophole' Zampa mentioned. Speaking about this Spanish race example in particular, our numbers were: 2, 9, 13, 14, 15, 25 ,28, 29, 30, 32, 36, 42, 51, 60, 66, 71, 83, 88, 95 If I understand Zampa correctly that would mean Car 51 and Car 60 would share the same box... In the example it's 51 and 88 going to the same box. It is a pain in the backside mate, I agree, but I'm giving these guys the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was reported but nobody's ever completed the proper form for this problem? Marcus Armstrong m
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