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  1. devvydevdev

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    I have encountered a few issues with the telemetry data over the past few months which causes erroneous data to be displayed in my app (https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/race-engineer-2020/id1522782768): Currently running v1.12 on PS4 1. During a session, if a driver pits, their `m_driverStatus` is stick at 2 (in lap) for the rest of the session 2. The visual and actual tire compounds for F2 and classic events seem to be wrong (or swapped around). For example, I am reading values of 22 and 14 for visual and actual respectively which currently out of bounds according to the telemetry spec. Also, in the spec, it is not clear what "Same as above" means. Are you referring to the same as the actual tyre compound? Or the same as the F1 tyre compound? 3. When a driver invalidates "this and the next lap", the `m_currentLapInvalid` value for the next lap is 0, but it should be 1 4. All event packets are sent twice 5. The final classification data packets are sent twice
  2. devvydevdev

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    I seem to be getting two event packets for each event. For example each fastest lap event gets received twice, each speed trap, each warning etc Im on PS4 1.05 Is anyone else getting this?