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  1. hi, I'm subtiltypoet944, I'm writing to you for a problem I had. In the list of achievements to unlock, there is an achievement that says that if you change your teammate during the season, it unlocks this achievement for you. Unfortunately it didn't happen to me, I was in private team mode and in mid-season I changed my teammate, but the goal didn't unlock.
  2. lunario34

    Unlock boundary objective

    hi, my name is subtiltypoet 944 and I had a problem with an objective not unlocked, that is the one in which if you change driver mid-season it unlocks the objective. now I use version 1.15, but by now I have passed the season and therefore I should do other races to see if the problem recurs or not. i know back then when it wasn't unlocked i had an older version ... i can't make videos, i was just wondering if you have noticed this problem in others. 1.12
  3. lunario34

    Unlock boundary objective

    hi, I apologize and I admit my ignorance ... I don't understand what I have to do to report the bug, the thread you posted tells me it's closed to answers ...
  4. lunario34

    how can i improve the response of the second driver?

    thank you, now I know how and what to do, it solved a big doubt. thank you very much indeed
  5. lunario34

    how can i improve the response of the second driver?

    hi, I mean the answers to the questions from the press, I saw that with my driver or I could improve the various items up to level 3, how can I do it with my teammate ??. I state that I am in my team career
  6. lunario34

    expensive improvements

    hi everyone, would it be possible to lower the costs of the tokens to improve the car? I noticed that the costs to improve the parts at the second level are a bit too high, even compared to f1 19. I think the growth should be a bit less exorbitant
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    hi, i am lunario34, I wanted to ask you how can I complete my account at 100% ?. I state that I do not have twitter and my personal accaunt you tube.
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    hi everyone, I wanted to express my idea with you, I would like it to become reality. I noticed that you can not so much change the positions in the car and there are few addition slots, it would be nice that in a single slot you could add or insert more sponsors, especially in the halo column. moreover it would be nice that the costs are lower than the current ones, that the consumption of ers is lower and that the tire consumption has improved, as now I think it is excessive. I noticed that the performance when the components are worn drops a lot, and the speed of the cars is lower than the real and pure ones compared to 2019. I hope the cars get faster in top speed.
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    impostazioni gioco

  10. lunario34

    impostazioni gioco

    hi, could someone tell me why in f1 20 you can't change the opacity of the game ??.
  11. lunario34

    Why the Ferrari's Weichai sponsor still present in the Game?

    io non sono daccordo in quanto lo sponsor weichai fa sempre parte della ferrari ma non compare perche sto anno non si corre in cina , lanno prossimo per me lo avranno...almeno cosi hanno detto.
  12. lunario34

    Ferrari 1000GP livery

    sarebbe fantastico, la vorrei pure io.
  13. lunario34

    high prices

    hi, i would like to share my thoughts with you, i believe you have made a step forward compared to f1 19, but i noticed that it is difficult to improve departments in stable personal career as prices are high, i would do it as if costs were improvements less expensive and / or more money to earn ...