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  1. Will the new Thrustmaster T248 be compatible with the F1 2021 game. It could be something for me. Coming out on 10/21/2021.
  2. Fixed issue with times in TT! Once I looked at PC Troubleshooting Information and there I saw that you have to verify the game files in Steam. Did that and now everything is back to normal.
  3. I hope they can do something about it soon. Very annoying. This morning Spa worked well, this afternoon not... phew
  4. Hey, I don't know what's going on. Yesterday after the new patch 1.10 everything worked ok. Today I can't put down any time in TT. As soon as you pass the finish line, time stops running. You will still see your new time at the top of the screen, but not elsewhere.
  5. Thanks for the new patch. Everything works ok again now. A new circuit added, so a new setup. Mine is now at the bottom of my other setups. But is there also a possibility to move it to, for example, to the 2nd place. I play on PC with Steam.
  6. Sabbeke

    TT Baku

    Hey Barry, I have a question for you. What could be the problem with my TT in Baku. It's always there that it happened. I don't have that problem on all other tracks. With F2 my time doesn't even get on the leaderboard and when I pass the finish line the time disappears. The same thing happens with F1. As soon as I improve my time, he does not appear on the leaderboard and the time also disappears past the finish line. Strange that it all happens in Baku. Before the patch 1.07 I didn't have that problem. I play on PC with Steam.
  7. Sabbeke

    Time Trial

    Tried again today on Baku. Still the same. Once you improve your time. You don't see the time in the rankings, the time will stop running as soon as you pass the start/finish. I play on PC with Steam. RAPPORTCODE: KDSH-GPVH-DPXK-VHVG
  8. Hey, anyone else having trouble with Time Trial. If you have a better time, you will not see it in the leaderboard and the time will also disappear once you pass the start/finish. I play on PC with Steam. It is in Baku on other circuits it sometimes works. REPORT CODE: GETA-CMJJ-TMTJ-KCVG
  9. Do you mean this? I have the same problem in Time Trial. Everything goes until you improve your time. Then I get this...
  10. Sabbeke


    Dat gebeurd er wanneer ik mijn tijd verbeterd en is de start/finisch passeer. De klok is gestopt met lopen.
  11. Sabbeke


    Hey dwin20, I was definitely connected online. It also happened on other track. Baku, Paul Ricard... Everything worked perfectly until I improved my time. When you passed the start/finish line, you saw the new time. Normally you will then also see in the overview where you are in the ranking. But that didn't happen. Also the time did not start again after start/finish.
  12. Sabbeke


    Today I improved my time in Spain. But don't see it in the overview.
  13. Sabbeke

    Shocking game

    Hey, it happens to me every time I start a new session. Ranking, Event, My Team...it always happens the first time I get on the track. The lights go out and and at the point you gain control of your car, the car freezes for a second.
  14. Every time I try and finish 2nd or 3rd, I get 0 points. Weird !!
  15. Hey, I don't really understand it all, to be honest. Yesterday I finished second in the Event in Japan. And suddenly the twelfth became the winner ... weird!
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