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  1. Metisagon

    Deeper car customisation in My Team

    I totally agree. As you say there would be some buttons that would have to remain in place. Maybe giving players an option between a Williams style wheel with the dash on the chassis and then a wheel like the others use. Perhaps allow us to customise the layout of the dash screen and then select the style of a few dials here and there. Probably an achievable balance.
  2. Metisagon

    Some Ideas for Multiplayer!

    I think this is a really great idea, and something I've never understood why we don't have!
  3. Metisagon

    Deeper car customisation in My Team

    I think this sounds great! To keep it simple for the developers, what if we could only choose between parts on existing cars? I.e. Take the nose and front wing from a Mercedes, but bargeboards and side pods from a Red Bull and then the rear wing from a McLaren or something? Obviously more of a fantasy element but it could be fun.
  4. Metisagon


    Hey there, Not new to Sim Racing and not new to F1 by Codemasters, but new to this forum at least. I'm a Software Developer with a little experience working in F1, and a lot of love for the virtual racing world.