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  1. Hi guys. I don't know if it's a bug or a penalty but I'm doing the retro championship and I keep getting a yellow flag at the end of the race. Everyone else carries on and over takes me. It's really frustrating because it's not clear if it's a penalty or what is actually going on. If it's a time penalty then it shouldn't apply because I rewind and do the part again if I crash into someone.
  2. Hacklerf

    Slowed at end of race

    Anyone else getting this? It makes it unplayable
  3. Hacklerf

    Slowed at end of race

    Thanks for the replies. I'm flat out and come round the last corner and the game is actively slowing me down. It's like I'm getting a forced time penalty or something like that.
  4. Hacklerf

    Michael Schumacher Content

    I've got the schumacher version. I've not even found the avatar? How do you get to drive with his helmet to please?