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  1. Not how I would have put it but I tend to agree with this. Personally I want everything as close to what the driver sees, simply for the immersion.
  2. I can second this. Happened to me too at Bahrain and Melbourne in my team. I have patch 1.05, downloading patch 1.06 as I type. Using PS4. Using fanatec CSL Elite wheel and pedals. Please fix asap because it makes cockpit view unusable without proximity arrows.
  3. Hey JesseDeya, Personally, I don't think switching to the T-cam or offset cam is the answer to solving the realism problem around awareness. I think the cockpit view with careful attention to the sounds of other cars and with the camera customised to see the mirrors is a more realistic solution. I use RIG800HS headphones at full volume when I race to try and listen out for car sounds in cockpit view, which works, but does make me wonder if F1 2020 supports Dolby Atmos to make it even better? Regarding your comment around peripheral vision and helmets, as you can imagine due to road s
  4. "The lack of peripheral vision is not realistic" I disagree, there is little peripheral vision for the F1 drivers. They rely heavily on sounds of other cars and to some degree their mirrors too in close quarters. Even just wearing a helmet restricts the peripherals when operating any vehicle, let alone being sat in an F1 car. Agree with you that VR is definitely the next step for codemasters F1 series. I think Lee Mathers said it will be something they will consider developing for 2021. They had a tight schedule this year with COVID19 restrictions and two new tracks to create.
  5. I use the cockpit cam with a wider FOV so I can see the mirrors. This is on a 55 inch TV which is on a moveable TV wall mount (see pic). I also have the halo removed, no assists to try and replicate as much realism as possible. If true VR was possible on F1 2020 then I'd keep the Halo. With all of this, I am able to race competitively at 85 (expert). Personally, I find it odd that some use a wheel and the t-cam. Surely the point of using a wheel is to replicate the experience of an F1 driver? Am I wrong? I definitely understand the benefits of the t-cam e.g. better awareness a
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