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  1. @BarryBL see exact same thing happened to me, stayed for the whole race even though it was an ers failure, I also have more examples from my part, should I still post them here or is it not necessary?
  2. Guys, if you don't mind post your reports here, because the admins have already seen this one and are starting to work on it:
  3. And also this time the issue actually happened, because it was ERS. But most of the times, an engine issue gets reported, but nothing happens, I just lose radio comms.
  4. No, not for me. Only way that's worked for me to fix it is using a flashback at any point of the race. Otherwise it stays for the whole race like in online races as I don't have flashbacks.
  5. It's exactly that for me too. Small issues work fine, but when it should be terminal it just breaks and I can continue as if nothing happened.
  6. Yeah it's like we should be out of the race because a part is broken or something but nothing happens. You can carry on racing but can't use radio anymore. At times after this bug happened, I've also received resource points after the race, because I apparently DNF'd because of a mechanical failure even tho I didn't.
  7. A detailed description of the issue. So I'm doing a normal coop career with a friend and the format is set on "Contracts". Fault Frequency set on "Standard" and Fault Types on "High". We have raced the first 7 races of the season so far and on 4 of those races (Spain, Monaco, Azerbaijan and Austria) I've had Jeff come in on the radio reporting an issue and that they're attempting to manage it. But then a couple of seconds later, he comes back to me saying that it's an engine issue. But the issue is that every time that happens, the MFD just opens up and the radio button disappears.
  8. If you have no abs try putting the front bias at like 58%, because you might be locking the rears
  9. I will need someone to confirm this, but I think in driver career modes you can't upgrade facilities and etc... that's my team mode only, you have to hope that your team upgrades them by themselves in driver career.
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