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  1. Codemasters, can we get a option to have the car performances change between Realistic and Equal for the Grand Prix mode, the same way we have on online lobbys? Would be much easier to practice for league races, and would add some variety, having to pick Lewis every day, for every track, for a whole year is really boring, in my opinion.
  2. matcsbo

    Equal performance on offline - Grand Prix Mode

    Even with equal performances the IA of drivers perform very different from one another, for example, in online sessions I notice Perez and Russell normally are really fast. In adition, even if they were bunched, I wouldn't really mind, because while trainning my pace I normally don't care at all for the IA performance, I put them on a level where they don't bother me and I just focus on my average lap time. This change would be more so that we can train in other cars besides the Merc, as well as possibily focusing on the onboard your using for your league race.