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  1. For me the speed of the ai in turn 7 Zandvoort and Spa was a big bug. So i am happy to see that in the patch notes. Ai not moving out the way when in inlap and outlap is missing in the notes. So that is disappointing.
  2. Just saw the patch notes via steamdb, so i am also really excited;)
  3. I just saw the patch notes via steamdb:) i guess i am very early;)
  4. Quick question: Is it possible to check your previous race results(finishing position) when you are playing the F1 Championship in Grand Prix mode. So you can check in the middle and at the near end of the championship which races you won or which races you got on the podium. Thanks
  5. Sorry, found this video and immediatly i was thinking about this report;)
  6. For me the AI not moving out of the way is really annoying now. Yesterday in qualifying in Suzuka I ended up in a traffic jam with latifi, sainz and hamilton slowly driving around the track behind each other.
  7. I hope these will be fixed in f12021 to be honest. Specially the last one which was becoming a problem after the imola patch.
  8. No not a particular reason to be honest. Maybe because it is a really short lap;) But i really like Abu Dhabi and that's also very rare when I read some posts on the forum. I live in The Netherlands, so maybe that explains it a bit;)
  9. True, i hope so! And i hope the issue with the AI not moving out of the way will be fixed. For me that bug is sometimes even more a problem.
  10. The topic about that the AI is too fast in high speed corners is lately tagged with the tag upcoming patch 2021 instead of the tag with developers 2021. I was suprised almost no one reacted to that as it is such a hot topic on the forum
  11. So you also noticed this issue after the imola patch? This was one of the patch notes in 1.12: "Made improvements to AI yielding behaviour so they no longer match the player pace when not on a flying lap"
  12. Thank you! Maybe you can also take a look at my report about the issue regarding turning the delta time off in the settings;) However i realise it s not the issue with highest priority.
  13. Yes he does a really good job. And i totally do not understand the agression and bad language in some posts on the forum. Sometimes i am afraid that because of that some good en well detailed bug reports will not get the attention they deserve.
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