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  1. Yes i agree! The livery looks more realistic in dark and cloudy conditions in my opinion. It seems that it is an issue with the reflection of sunlight on the car/halo.
  2. Wow ok, that is really disappointing to hear that this was by request from the teams, because the red bull (especially the halo) looked more realistic before patch 1.09.(ps4).
  3. This bug is still existing in version 1.07, ps4. At least at the formation lap. I had no SC since v 1.07. Maybe in the next patch! Really enjoy playing this game anyway;)!
  4. I agree, i created a topic about this in 'Suggestions'. But its indeed more a bug than something that's 'just missing'. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. The Ai in f12020 does not weave behind the safety car and in the formation lap to heat the tyres. The ai did weave in f12018 and f12019. And it looked realistic! And when the ai doesn't weave, there tyres should be cold and causing problems at starts and restarts. 2. Platform Ps4 3. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the
  5. I dont know why the weaving is removed in f12020. It looked good in f12019! So its possible and I hope they can add it again!
  6. Yes, and its a bit strange that the ai cars were weaving in f12018 and f12019 and not in this new game. It really adds realism to the game. I hope the developers can look at it.
  7. Love playing f12020 so far! One thing i am missing is that during the formation lap and behind sc the ai is not weaving the car, to heat up tyres. The ai did weave in f12018 and f12019 during formation laps. Hope this can be patched for f12020 or is this by design? Video of f12019: around 2.36 minutes you can see what i mean. Thanks!
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