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  1. Just wondering if anyone has come across any problems with Blue Flags on PS4. I was racing last night and will be the first to admit I am not super fast at present. So started to get lapped, the first 2 cars went past me no problem. Next car was just behind me, got told I had a blue flag OK fine pulled over of the Speed Test essay writer racing line. Thinking they would pass as they were a lot faster than me, no they just sat there. Ended up getting a time penalty, so I done the only thing I could and hit pause and rewound the race and tried again. I ended up having to slow right down
  2. Why is the Season 2 content for PS4 not available to get? omegle xender I have the Ultimate Edition, it's on the tab screen, and says go go PS store to unlock it. I do that and it says it's not available, but the Ferrari and Ford GT Heritage cars are available to buy, but that's it. its currently 2:30am EST in the U.S.A. for my time zone.
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