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  1. DRT-Apophis

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    AI can control tires in really unrealistic way. I've tried making the tires to wear 20 times faster, and while my own tires popped right at the moment I touched the throttle, the AI were still able to drive around at a much slower but still reasonable pace and then pit at the end of lap 1.
  2. DRT-Apophis

    So, I went throught the 10 seasons of "My Team"...

    I also think the current R&D development pace needs some adjustment. The tree should be reverse, where Major or Ultimate upgrades should be much earlier in the development stage (major breakthrough should be done way before you start perfecting every details), and as your facilities and progress goes on, the late stages upgrades will become less and less significate because you're at this stage of "diminishing return". This "diminishing return" stage can then be expend to such extend that even with multiple seasons without rule change you still won't be able to reach the end of the tree (yet the cost of these upgrades should remain high). Of course the effects of these late upgrades has to be so insignificant that it won't make the car handles unrealistically, but the accumulation of them will still make a difference.
  3. DRT-Apophis

    Will ever ever see player mechanical failures?

    Exactly this, a toggle in the option would solve every debates between the causals and hardcore fans. Or even better, make it so that engine failures for both AI & players are no longer scripted before the race, so that a simple rewind would be able to cancel-out the failure. The few F1 games I've played from 17, 18 & 22 years ago all featured random engine failures if you turned the damage option on. Really not sure why it's an issue to have it nowadays, did our minds really had becoming that weak to just face some unfortunate but fictional drama?
  4. DRT-Apophis

    Will ever ever see player mechanical failures?

    I just had a really close race in Hanoi chasing down Gasly with everything I've got for 1st place. He was leading by about a bit more than a second for more than 10 laps, but I finally managed to get DRS and cut down to about 4 tenths, expecting to have an epic run down the long straight with him on the last lap. Then his car broke down right before we hit final lap. I felt so dirty that I immediately took a shower afterward 🤮
  5. DRT-Apophis

    Separating car & race suit decal editing

    I just noticed in both replay & highlights many of the decals are wrongly placed, it's been like that in every race I had, may be the coordinates were not written properly?
  6. DRT-Apophis

    Separating car & race suit decal editing

    So I've just played with the livery editor a bit more, the changed decal coordinates between suit & car still need some time to get used to. It's not impossible to get around with other alternate combinations, but I still think having standalone editors for each would definitely make things a lot easier and opens up way more possibilities, at least I don't have to go back and forth to check everything all the time. The most noticeable change is Decal Slot 2, it used to be one of the 3 title sponsor slots and now if you put your title sponsor there alongside Decal Slot 1 (AVAX for example), both the suit and helmet will have 2 of the same decal facing the same direction (the current slot 2 decals on the suit/car used to be slot 5/11 & slot 6/7 before the v1.13 if I remember correctly). Things are easier to deal with if all the decals are using the same color (as the example I shown), but as soon as you start playing with multiple colors (which the update is partly intending to make that a possibility), it still gets really messy and difficult to make both car & suit to match ideally just like before the update, so nothing is truly fixed. Separating the editors will definitely sort out most of the difficulties we currently have, and ideally if the decals can have an option to add outline (at least white or black), it will for sure be the definitive fix to 95% of the issues, at least to what we currently have. I replaced AVAX with Vacanziero, thank god this decal combination worked well with the suit (no duplicate on the same section):
  7. DRT-Apophis

    Separating car & race suit decal editing

    Will do, I'll try to post a few when I'm back home from work (still 7-8 hours away arghhhh 🤮).
  8. As much as I love the newly updated 11 decal slots which opened up quite a range of creative possibilities, the function is still unnecessarily difficult and in some way even more frustrating to use because there's no option to edit the decals on race suit separately. What's happening right now is that, because the coordinated decal locations between both car and race suit are changed to a weird direction after the update, there's a high possibility that when players thought they created a very good livery on the car, then switch to the race suit side only to see there're multiple duplicate of the same decals on the shoulder side or other parts of the suit that it looks ridiculous, worst part is that even the old combination also no longer worked. Now we were forced to painfully go back and forth both editors to readjust and try everything but most likely you'll never find out any ideal solution to this. Is it possible to add a standalone decal editor for the race suit in future update?
  9. DRT-Apophis

    1.13 patch is out

    Thought it meant we could put more sponsor decals on our car...that's such a weird choice of words, my lord that's very misleading LOL
  10. DRT-Apophis

    1.13 patch is out

    Hold hold hold hold on a second The customisable car now has 11 slots for sponsor decals Can anyone explain or show me in-game about what this really means? (I really wanna know but I won't be at home anytime soon arghhhh 😱)
  11. DRT-Apophis

    So, I went throught the 10 seasons of "My Team"...

    One thing for everyone going to test to be aware of is that, make sure you run qualifying in real time: Doing out/In-Lap manually. Never use fast forward when AI is doing their fast lap (doing so during In-out lap is fine, but you have to time it properly so it doesn't affect their fast lap) And stay out on the track until you know everyone has done their final run. By doing these you get the most accurate AI lap times, they're almost always slightly faster in their final run. But if you use fast forward not only the timer is speed-up, their cars are also speed-up, they can easily shave a second or more off in this scenario it's ridiculous. Skipping back to garage while AI are still doing their fast lap or the session ended before they finish their final run also might boost their lap time significantly, but it's inconsistent and I haven't figure out what triggers it exactly.
  12. DRT-Apophis

    Race starts are ruining my experience with Codemasters' games

    Manual start & manual gear, and traction control off.
  13. DRT-Apophis

    Race starts are ruining my experience with Codemasters' games

    I don't have enough experience on F2 so I can't really say anything about it, but in F1 it shouldn't be a problem in this game if you actually warmed your tires. I actually found it too easy to beat Ai off the line that I started purposely skipping formation lap so I have cool tires to struggle through the first lap(s), yet it's still too easy in most cases because the Ai are just so bad when stuck in a pack of cars.
  14. DRT-Apophis

    Podium Pass Season 3

    There were some great liveries and helmets on both seasons, the potential is there but the core issue is still on the decal-edit limitation that really restrain your freedom on color combinations.
  15. DRT-Apophis

    Different race length

    It certainly would be really nice if we could have more choices on race length, but put aside all the tire wear rates or strategies and such, the core issue is still on the fact that AI don't know any different method to overtake other AI except attempting on very long stretch of straights.