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  1. On the grand scheme of things, the forum probably only represent less than 1% of the whole population of the game. I bet 90%+ of the players are unaware of the stuff we talked about like updating race tracks and other stuff in the forum as enthusiasts, so that alone is probably not as good as a selling point than having something "dramatic" like Breaking Point in the eyes of general public.
  2. Before preordering, I just wanna confirm whether or not the additional contents and bonuses would be available for other accounts within the group of my family library sharing on steam like F1 2020? I play my games with multiple accounts, so if it's restricted to just the one that purchased the game than I will have to consider which account I should use and stick with it.
  3. The Ai is obviously based on their F1 2020 counterpart but in a more refined package, which is a good thing since I haven't been having so much fun racing Ai in a decade until now. It's not perfect of course, but still miles ahead of pretty much all other racing games from recent years in my opinion.
  4. Yea...on PC you've quite a lot of freedom to shape the game into many ways you wanted. I highly recommend to invest on a good PC just for that purpose because it's well worth it, unless you're more focus on multiplayer.
  5. If you're on PC there's method to do that on both your gain and the Ai's gain, individually.
  6. I really can't wait for Imola, it's one hell of a ride and I really love how the whole track looks. Though I'll surely miss Vietnam, other than the fact that the backdrop and environments around the track were a bit mundane and the Ai seems to crash a lot there, it's not too bad of a track, that long straight really is quite spectacular.
  7. Speaking of elevations, I wonder what's going on with Eau Rouge (the bottom part of it). If you drive your MyTeam car through that section, doesn't matter what suspension setting you have, or if you run the highest ride height, or if you not touch the curb at all. You will ALWAYS lose big chunks of front wing (visual damage). There're also lots of curbs on other race tracks, where they seemingly look flat (which should be), but when you drive on certain part of them (usually the outer edge of the curb), you'll notice both your floor and front wing will get lots of visual damages lik
  8. It's something only those who work directly or something related to this area could understand. Hundreds of hours worth of work, only to be seen & feel by the consumers for a split moment of experience, and your grand reward is people constantly calling you a lazy piece of pepperoni....the pain is real.
  9. Actually, the funniest thing (or worst thing) during that season I had, was that Merc dropped Jordan King mid-season despite the fact that he was leading the championship. I had to use save & load to keep him in that team (because that was before I learned how to manipulate driver's market) or my save is pretty much ruin LOL. So high acclaim team will prefer higher acclaim driver is technically true, just not absolute because there're some other factors involved.
  10. About the part where teams with high acclaim not signing low acclaim drivers, it's actually not definite. I've had one time where Bottas retired, Merc signed Jordan King without any of my interference (The method I had posted about manipulating driver's market). I think that's because they still need to enter audition with other teams, so if they lost all the bids they'll have to sign whoever is available. One funny thing out of topic, Jordan King in the Merc outperformed Hamilton regularly just like Bottas did, what's happening to Lewis in our game CM??
  11. Yes that's what I'm hoping too, though we still don't know the scale of the effects, and if it can be change mid-season (sessions) like difficulty settings. I've had tested lowering the resource gain by 50% on PC and the gain was still quite a bit too quick during endgame for my personal liking 😝
  12. Personally, it's okay for me that they make the upgrade paths more linear or in other way of saying it, direct and to the point. Though my biggest criticism of the current system is how the tree is just too small for the amount of resources you can get late-game. Imo, they should do it like leveling up in some RPG games. Where at some point during the upgrade paths, it would enter the phrase of diminishing return, which in this game it could be an extra path (that's almost impossible to complete) after the final major upgrade of said department, and the upgrade within this path would be v
  13. Yea there are definitely lots of little touch-ups and update around the edges of tracks and run off areas (at least from so far of what's being shown). To be honest, for an annual release I don't expect any major overhaul of racetracks unless they're gonna go full-sim which I don't think will ever happen...at least the new tracks would probably be better quality though.
  14. So instead of branching paths where players would need to invest on other components first before starting to develop what they wanted, now it's all separated and individual paths? Can't say my opinion on this yet, would need to try it myself, but it would sure be convenient to just go straight for the path you wanna focus, just hope it isn't too convenient though, that would be a bit too one-dimension.
  15. I haven't really dig into the new R&D system yet because there aren't enough footage for me to observe it thoroughly, but I would question the reasons behind making the system more linear if it's really the case. The tree system works just fine, itself only needs some readjustment on the pacing of progression, at the very least it gave players just enough options to vary their gameplay of choice.
  16. To be honest, I've a feeling that those driver stats we saw in the game actually doesn't mean anything, there's probably some other values hidden behind the files that actually determine the driver's ability. Or else I just don't understand how 2nd drivers in this game could in most cases out performing their supposedly faster teammate, massively.
  17. It's sucks to be an eastern Asian F1 fan, there's only one male option for us in the whole selection and it wasn't even a decent looking one (sorry to the person who that's modelled after but still...😟).
  18. I'm one of those who enjoy the contents in the podium pass, of course there's no way anyone would like all the liveries there but isn't that just normal? We do that all the time window-shopping in real life, right? The real issue is how the livery system works, its function is too bare-boned, decals not having outline option is the biggest issue here because the liveries often had sections that cross through where the sponsor decals located, it really limited the color you could use without making the decal blending into the livery and disappeared. With outline for decals I'm confi
  19. Personally I doubt I would even touch the mode unless it's the key to unlock some other contents like liveries in the game, hope it's more than just a glorified version of the F2 driver's career story in 2019 or else it will sure feels like a waste of resources that could've been use to make a better rear-wing damage model 🤪.
  20. At the end of the day, the series has never advertised itself to be a full-simulator, but a game of F1. For something that's related to such a major global sport, its goal will always be aiming at reaching the widest audiences possible. Sim is great, but unfortunately it's too out of reach for majority of the people to really enjoy its full magic.
  21. I think most likely they didn't prioritize this change of the track as important and didn't want to waste extra resources & time for something that's probably going to get major overhaul in the near future (I remember the tracks in our game are not laser-scanned right?).
  22. About the slipstream, from what I've been observed visually, seems to be reducing the drag of cars from behind by about roughly 15-20% instead of 10% in the F1 2020 game. I also heard dirty air is slightly stronger but couldn't confirm because that has to be feel by first-hand experience, but I bet it's around 18% downforce reduction.
  23. An option to set the amount of credit you have from the start would be an absolute great addition to the gameplay, the more the MyTeam mode becoming like a sandbox game, the better imo.
  24. Everything is easy within our imaginations, until we start doing it ourselves, and then we question our life choices 😬.
  25. I dunno if it's because of language barrier or the huge diversity of cultural background of its players here or anything else, this forum in general seems to be lacking some basic social respect from its users. Everyone is so hostile towards just about anything, be it to the developer or other users, literally 70% of the posts here could turn into a warzone for no reason at all. Back to the topic, atm we're not sure if those Iconic Drivers are usable avatar or not. Though, I could see the reason why if it's not, because it creates conflicts within the game that some players might not pref
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