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  1. DRTApophis

    Safety Car

    That's odd, SC had been deploying fairly consistently for my MyTeam playthrough, almost at least one (sometimes 2) every race (Not just VSC), I run simulation damage (no mod), 50% race length and 103%-106% AI.
  2. DRTApophis


    I use pad without assist and 105% AI, it's very difficult at the beginning (I almost gave up at some point) but you'll get used to it after some practice, try to time you acceleration with gear changes, flexibly change into higher gears and don't use ERS too soon and straighten up your wheel (analog stick) smoothly at exit.
  3. DRTApophis

    Ditch Hanoi bring back hockenheimring

    Used to hate Hanoi, but after I started playing some bgm from the Cyber Formula anime (Devil's Heaven) while I'm chasing down someone, that narrow but super-long straight became my favorite section lol. It fits very well when you're trying so hard to narrowly gets beside them or defending their DRS+ERS boost before entering the hairpin, overflowing with adrenaline and emotions, especially when you have a slower car.
  4. DRTApophis


    Agree, Ai in Spain is ridiculous, at 105% their speed and consistency are insane, through the whole lap there's not a single weakness like they usually do have on most other tracks at the same difficulty settings. Even when you have fresh rubber while they have old, and you could see them sliding on exit, they somehow still manage to maintain a pace where you could barely keep up. I just did one race there at 105% last night and my fingers now hurt like hell (controller), a bit too much imo.
  5. DRTApophis

    Stupid Clare and Jeff comments

    Agree The interviews have been pretty bad so far, especially when it's stuff not on your favor where they seems to completely missed the mark on what they should ask and how you can answer, it really ruined the immersion when it's all over the place like that. May be instead of having cringy interviews that always repeat itself and have the same person to interview you, they should think of implementing something else that does the same effect.
  6. DRTApophis

    What does teammate's acclaim actually do?

    Interesting, I haven't got far enough into the career to see that happens, I'm gonna stick with Mick and see how it goes, if he does earn new perks I'll report it back here...it's gonna take a while though, especially how he's not doing all that well at the beginning of the season.
  7. DRTApophis

    What does teammate's acclaim actually do?

    Thanks, I guess that clears thing up, sounds like the better idea is to just hire new drivers with higher acclaim level than spending precious non-race days to level them up...unless you're dead set into trying to train one specific driver. I do still need more hints or data to see how their results affect their acclaim gain...atm it seems a bit inconsistent.
  8. DRTApophis

    What does teammate's acclaim actually do?

    I haven't test that area yet but I've been planning to assist my teammate to get the world champion once our R&D reaches certain level. Though I doubt the perk table works for them since it includes interview question abilities which I don't think they need it. Mick just retired randomly from a race where he was 7th place and I was 5th with only 6 laps left, his acclaim decreased a little after that.
  9. I've been replaying MyTeam mode over and over to test out different stuff, and just noticed how our teammate's natural ability growth (Not the +) doesn't tide with their acclaim level when they lvl up, the stats just increased on their own over time. Then what's the actual point to level up their acclaim lvl? Is it related to how much acclaim exp they could bring to our team? By the way, for those who missed the discussion about training activities, those only temporarily increase teammate's stat (The + stat) for one race, only the ones from facilities will stay until they left (but will apply to your next teammate).