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  1. Well, the moment legendary drivers were announced to be included in the driver pool, the "realistic" approach should already be loosen up or it simply became an excuse to justify not completely finishing the contents. To be fair though, I think this has more to do with them haven't recorded Crofty's dialogue lines for these new drivers.
  2. It's difficult to tell whether the AI of specific drivers is imbalanced or not in both MyTeam and Career modes due to the random nature of development progression of AI teams. The only way to really test it out is to run Grand Prix mode with every track at 100% race distance (because tire strategy is almost always unfair to top 10 qualifiers in shorter races) To be honest, I think both Lewis & Max ether needs a buff, or Bottas & Checo needs a significant nerf.
  3. My suggestion is, DROP BP entirely and burn it with fire. Saves the effort and resources to focus & expand on game modes that are what actually made this series great and different from others in the first place (Driver's Career, MyTeam, nothing in the racing genre atm had anything that could rival these two modes imo). I mean honestly, just look at Grid. What good had ever came from that series since they dumped the team management aspect from the first installment? Nothing, just a series that doesn't know what it wanna be, like that certain Project something CARS 3.
  4. Do you mind to take a screenshot of your R&D progress compare with other teams? (Engine / Chassis / Aero, not the overall one)
  5. There shouldn't even be an in-game limit in the first place, it's 2021 already, honestly 😩
  6. They don't have to, F2 drivers actually had much steeper natural growth rate than F1 drivers, the gap become much closer after just a few seasons in for some of the top F2 guys. All they have to do, is to make their growth rate just slightly steeper in the future.
  7. If you play grand prix mode, Perez will probably perform like he was in real life. The problem is the career mode and My Team, where Ai's team personnel facilities boosts their stats so much that almost every F1 driver will have maxed out ratings (even though they don't show the boosts when you check the driver's market, it's still present just hidden)
  8. If they have all the time of the world, that is. Development time, manpower, resources are very limited, especially for these annual titles. If they treat every aspects of the game fairly, what we'll get is that everything will be nowhere near finish. (Just imagine if they decided to redo and laser scan all the tracks for this year, the game will probably be release on 2025 or something.) The more you wanna do, the more you'll need to sacrifice. And in this case, they've sacrificed the precious time to improve what they had in place, for something entirely new yet only worth a few ho
  9. Being myself participating in the sport, and even running my own team is exactly what got me absolutely hooked with the original GRID and F1 2020, it's literally CM's specialty when it comes to racing game and is what separated them from other franchises. Not expanding and refining the aspects that people love about them is just a huge shame for a hardcore fan, and I can totally see things not improving in the future since BP is such a good selling point for the casual fans the same way as DTS to the new audiences of F1. Nothing speaks louder than money to a business, after all.
  10. I don't even mind the part where you switch character, it's just that the story itself really wasn't all that compelling, and the gameplay...I just don't think scenario mode belongs to a even just somewhat serious racing game. Imo, doing full races with story elements and scenarios involving throughout would work much better than just throwing you midway into the action. Players will feel a lot more involve that way because it's like they're actually roleplaying in a realistic setting + interesting drama.
  11. Can't agreed more, it took me about 30 minutes before I dropped it (I just ended up watching the cutscenes on Youtube and calls it a day) It's just a glorified yet boring scenario mode where at least instead of replicating iconic moment with real drivers people remember and love, you're stuck with a couple of unlikable fictional characters that has exaggerated facial animations and unrealistic car physics in the cutscenes. At best this mode only last for a few hours, with zero replay value. This is coming from a player who spent more than 1000 hours in My Team mode alone in F
  12. It's kinda funny how CM spent so much time refining the driver stats to made them as realistic as possible, only to have their own system to completely nullifying their efforts, and ironically, it had to be a bug to "fixed" it. Next time might as well just make it so that all AI driver has identical stats since the system made them all the same anyways, it'll surely saves a lot of development time to make "great" game modes like BP and call it Missing The Point or something.
  13. Have to say other than the current 2021 soundtrack (which I really enjoy), I couldn't quite remember the music from 2020 even though it was just about a month or two ago that I stopped playing it. To be honest, nothing quite surpass that time I got a hold of the Japanese version of F1 2001 made by Studio Liverpool. They used a remixed version of Truth (by T-Square) as their menu BGM. I've never had a menu experience that energetic and explosive in my entire gaming life and that's not exaggerating. (This is the exact one they used in the game)
  14. Yes indeed, that's the limitation of that method. The only real opportunity to have certain driver to sign into a specific team is when that team have a driver retiring. In this situation you can then force all other drivers to sign with their own team except the one you wanted to make a shift. I've once tried 2 seasons leaving only both Bottas and Russell open on the market in 2020 (with no retirement), yet Mercedes refused to sign Russell even when he had higher acclaim than Bottas (I modded the game so that Williams perform way better than vanilla). Only when Lewis finally retire
  15. Sadly you can't be those drivers in the game (unless with mods), and then these helmets are not paintable, and then even worst is that decals on helmet are still bugged and are missing.
  16. Just from looking at the title I was rubbing my fists, hoping to have an option to choose Truth by T-Square LOL
  17. My expectation would be: Jeddah Track Rebalance of AI difficulty of Braking Point Rebalance of car performance of Braking Point Readjust face model of Devon Butler to make him look more smug Improved Braking Point cutscene animations because why not General Braking Point bug fixing of course Braking Point future road map announcement More Braking Point news incoming yo
  18. Unless they could come up with a more sophisticated system to diverse the driver's performance in MyTeam or Career modes, I would say they should completely remove the boost feature. It literally made the driver stats completely meaningless because they all ended up having the same stats anyways.
  19. Not sure if there's any difference between platforms, but on the PC side I'm 3000% certain that they weren't there from the beginning. I was planning for a character based MyTeam playthrough even before the game came out, so the audio name was the first thing I check since I got the game, and they weren't there which ****** me off to no end.
  20. Nope, they were never in the base game. It was the first thing I checked when I got the game on its release date, and was utterly disappointed because of it. You must've mistaken it with the Braking Mode mode because Crofty kept calling their names as if they were fighting for first place every race.
  21. Ask Valtteri, my gut feeling told me that he's an expert on this matter.
  22. At this point the driver career is simply an abandoned game mode on CM side...even the My Team mode is lack luster considering how much anticipation it gets after the very positive reception from players in F1 2020, it wasn't even properly play tested. Braking Point must've taken so much focus from them during development, what a shame, tbh.
  23. Some of these designs even left out blank areas on places where decals usually located, suggesting that they were intended to have that decal option like other regular livery yet it's not in the final game. It's a weird decision since these liveries were supposed to be the microtransaction part of the game, yet CM don't seem to value them at all.
  24. Not entirely sure if it's by design or not, but I guess you could think of it as "your current engine had already reached its peak potential", so in order to get anything beyond that point, is to hope for a new engine regulation change and your engine supplier manage to get the right PU design philosophy this time around. This happened to me and other teams with the same PU in 2020 as well, I personally doubt it's a bug.
  25. This is a fix to address cars could corner much faster in low speed corner with drifting (for example the hairpin in Monaco).
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