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  1. It's weird because I never had any issue with race starts. I think I've more issue with AI being way too slow 90% of the time at start despite running 100+ Ai with no assist. The only legit way to make them faster than me is to make sure myself have cold tires by skipping the formation lap on purpose. Make sure you check your tire temp at start to see if they're below 80 degrees or so, below 80 is where you'll really start to struggle with acceleration.
  2. I've already reported this issue couple of days ago: But atm no one at CM seems to have noticed, I guess it's most likely gonna left untouched until more people report it.
  3. Was ERS assist on? Normally you should have overtake button on as soon as your tires started gripping in 3-4 gear, because all the AI does it or else they'll just fly past you as if you're standing still.
  4. Let me guess, did you set the formation lap option to on, but then skip it and just start the race immediately?
  5. Within the XML files of each team's car (including multiplayer + MyTeam car). I compared them with the version before update and noticed a few sections of suspension & ride height downforce related values were tweaked (not the wing downforce, I forgot what these sections were actually called because I'm not at home atm), so I'm assuming that's why the handling model over bumpy surfaces were changed after this update. I'm sure the suspension is tweaked, just not entirely certain whether those values are the actual or only ones that made the difference, but very likely I believe.
  6. They've tweaked some of the suspension and ride height related values, now the cars are much less prone to be bouncing or vibrating on kerbs like before.
  7. How about when your team is the best and they gave you Nikita as rival LOL
  8. A detailed description of the issue. The halo section of the SHARDS livery features a weird asymmetrical design that seems to be an issue instead of being intentional, because the same livery from F1 2020 was not like this. Platform? PC Game-mode? Both the livery editor & shop. What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. I tried turning on/off the Ray Tracing, same result. How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicate and get reported as quick as possib
  9. I'm still going to report it as an issue, it just doesn't make any sense to have only that section on the halo being asymmetrical when the rest of the design is symmetrical, not to mention the same livery from F1 2020 was not like this.
  10. I'm totally fine with complicated asymmetrical designs, in fact, two of my top 5 all time favorite liveries were asymmetrical (Fate Testarossa RX-7 by Art Factory & the NFS Z4 GT3). The issue lies on whether it was done right or not, with the limitation on decals not having the option to add outlines, most complicated color combinations simply doesn't work.
  11. There were a few that I quite like and managed to got them working, but season 2...it's difficult, very difficult to work with with all those big slabs of chrome and matte all over the places.
  12. I know the livery designers seems to be obsessed with asymmetrical designs, but is this one on the halo section an intended choice or just an accident which should be fix? This livery used to be one of my favorites in 2020, so I'm certain that the black section on the halo in this pic was NOT asymmetrical in the original. I mean...it's weird that only this bit is asymmetrical when the rest of the design is not. Can I get any confirmation on this? or may be I should report it as a bug? Honestly this is stopping me from taking out my wallet even when I'm already running out of coins.
  13. There should be more selectable options: Journalist - 200% You Poor Baby - 175% Casul - 150% Increase - 125% Default - 100% Reduced - 75% Formula One's Souls - 50% McLaren Honda (Hybird era simulator) - 25%
  14. The current options only allow you to set the income of each area at either 85%, 100% or 125%. For early game if you set everything to Reduce they are reasonably effective at slowing down progress, but once you've hit late game where facilities are near maxed out the effects aren't strong enough imo, you still get way too much resource points too easily, not to mention parts even get discounts for upgrade if you do all the practice programs like me.
  15. Have to say it's such a missed opportunity to attract people who only focus on singleplayer modes (like me) to open up their wallet to buy some of those amazing looking logos. If these can't be actual sponsors, they could at least (actually better this way) be aesthetic item so we could pretend our team have more than just 5 sponsosrs in total. Also, there're still tons of sponsor decals which are available in MyTeam but somehow missing in the Multiplayer car editing mode, it's quite a bit inconvenient because I always wanted to know ahead about how the decals will look on my car before
  16. The slower the car, the easier the AI become, that was my personal experience from modding car performances in both F1 2020 & 2021.
  17. You're not the only one lol I've put more than 1600 hours in F1 2020 doing exactly that, testing & experimenting how performance mods affect ai progression, or perfecting the seasons. What I've been doing during the later days is that I used CT to heavily nerf the resource income for both my team and Ai (to only 25% to be precise). The seasons were a lot more entertaining because you'll never have enough to max out or fully adapting to new rules unless you really gamble on saving resources at the beginning of the season.
  18. Players: "I took a day off expecting series 2 will be release today, but then the game said it's still 1 day." Bottas: "Well, that's UNFORTUNATE 😄"
  19. The thing is, with the loading screen option we can change difficulty setting freely by just quitting to the menu and jump back in. Atm once the session is started there's no way out, you're stuck with the difficulty settings until you finish it. To put it simply, there's no reason to remove such a convenient function, there'll always be a moment where you would like to adjust the settings, either because of mistake or just want the option. Unless you're one of those monsters who could lap the 110 Ai in a Williams.
  20. It depends on the situation. Let's start with Russell to Mercedes. If any of the Mercedes drivers decided to retire, then it's very simple. Just lock everyone in their own team with the "purposely failing the demand method" except Russell, and then after you've sign your own driver, Mercedes will most likely pick the driver with the highest acclaim that is still available (which is Russell). If they don't retire though, then it gets quite tricky or even near impossible. I'm on PC so what I've been experimenting is that I nerfed every team except Williams, so Russell could always
  21. I've discovered one thing just last night though, apparently the AI drivers could still sign with other teams even if you use the "purposely failing the demand method". The situation seems to be either scripted or decided before the season starts, that "other team" will always be there during that negotiation period, looking at signing that specific driver and try to outbid the original team. But the outcome itself is random, so you can keep trying until they fail to sign him (if you're stuck with the same outcome, try changing the orders of your action because it will make the game reac
  22. Instead of a proper pizza, Jeff decided to give me one with pineapple toppings. Our relationship had not been the same since.
  23. If you want a controlled driver's market in MyTeam, try this: I've already tested this in F1 2021, pretty much work the exact same way. Except you can skip the backup save part, because if you wanna reverse a decision, don't hit progress in the calendar (because it auto-save if you do), and just quit the game. When you restart, the game will put you back to the beginning of the day and you can re-negotiate again, so no need to use backup save files at all, unless you accidentally hit the progress botton. I probably will put up a screenshot later in the day to show you my curre
  24. Yea there's a huge difference, a significant fps drop across the board when it's on.
  25. (Just saw Russell in P2) Honestly, where did this man managed to drag out so much speed from that Williams??
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