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  1. 2 hours ago, Madmaz116 said:

    I agree with some of this , i thought the Ai was pretty good in 2020 in my opinion , best its ever been I think . I wouldnt be interested in pre season testing. , Customazation is poor on consoles , really poor. Re the 10 season career I think the only reason people dont go past year 7 or 8 is becasue its far too easy to keep your car developed at its MAX because the resource points just keep coming think and fast, I played with no track practice , and chose no events that gave me resource points and i was still able to earn a ton from the weekly resource thats given , its too easy!! Even with regulation changes.

    so yeh bit unfair to say some of it is "lazy implentation" but some areas could do with a facelift and i know some of that is coming in 2021 , cant wait.


    I'm very curious on exactly how much the resources gain settings in F1 2021 will affect it. During late game (season 6th) in 2020, setting it to only 25% gain with cheat engine,  even without completing all practice programs the regenerations are still a bit too quick imo. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Jobling1983 said:


    whats even funnier, is that over 500 people actually follow these characters on twitter 🤦‍♂️ 😂

    Well I didn't follow, but I find that to be quite a cool idea. I felt that it was more of a shame that they didn't go further and make these characters available in the driver market. 

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  3. More specifically, just the player car that seems to has extremely low ride-height during late game when R&D progression is near or maxed out (Downforce too high may be?). 

    I've been watching replays and noticed that the player car during the first half of each race was literally digging into the ground while my teammate's car had normal ride height just like everyone else, I've tried increase the ride-height and it didn't help. 

    Though, the problem seems to eased off as the car loses weight from the usage of fuel, but it wasn't like I ran a lot of fuel at the start anyways (always 1 lap down on fuel).

    Visually it looked quite ridiculous, and the car definitely make way too much sparks compare with other teams that are also maxed out (and even your teammate because they don't have this issue).

    I wonder if this will get address in F1 2021, because it really shows the inconsistency (on physics may be?) between player car and Ai cars. 


  4. 30 minutes ago, FTBuzzard said:

    Is Palestine the only country whose flag is not in the game?

    I believe Taiwan is not in the game (as well as in Gran Turismo Sport) if I remember correctly. 

    Conclusion to this thread: Politics are BS and there's not much we or CM can do unless we wanted to get ourselves to be burn at the stake.

  5. 3 hours ago, morpheus47 said:

    Just thought of another question does the 2nd driver use the same preset , setup as you or do they use there own? Also does how much your cars are upgraded effect 2nd drivers? Because right now my cars are are real close to the level of team AMG overall. In fact powertrain and chassis is the highest. Im on my fourth weekend with Valtari Bottas and he has not impressed yet. I had him on another my team same thing at first even he was not good untill later so everything takes time in F1 2020.. And yeah it seems upgrading personal hasn't helped hes rated 99 overall has not impressed yet the second time.

    I'm near the end of season 5 with my newest save and slightly ahead of everyone in terms of R&D, but my 100 rating Checo is still only fighting in the midfield most of the time. I'll probably try to hire someone younger next time to see if that'll change even though their ratings will be also 100, because it seems to me that the driver's stats and rating on screen actually doesn't mean anything, I bet there must be some hidden numbers within the game files that determine their actual performance.

    Also, if you've paid close attention, you would have notice that the stats of some drivers actually decreases over time, it probably means that they're at their declining period, and usually those drivers will be much slower than other younger drivers once they've hit that state, even if their ratings are still higher.  

  6. 6 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    Hmm, I wonder if it's the cable I'm using then, assuming it's as simple as plugging one into the controller and the PC.

    May be it has something to do with the settings in the game option? I do remember there was a time last year when my controller suddenly lost all vibrations after a game update or something...but I can't remember how exactly I fixed it. 

  7. 4 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    I think this is intentional in the controller's design.


    I have an Xbox One Elite Controller and the trigger vibrations are so strong that it's possible for others to hear them through the headset (if the headset is sensitive enough). 

    My Series X controller (while playing on Series X) is much more subtle; there's a decent amount of rumble but it's not as strong or loud as the Elite.


    side-note, how did you get the vibrations working on PC? I've tried in multiple games to no success.

    Come to think of it, I do sometimes hear the noise from other people's controller when I play Forza back in the days. Though I personally still prefer the stronger vibration because I found the Xbox One version of it gave me a wider range of feedbacks compare to my Series X, it had a lot more depth to it...or may be I just haven't got used to the new one yet 😓

    About vibration working on PC for both version of controllers, I just plugged them in and they works, I'm running Window 10.

  8. I just bought a new Xbox Series X Controller to replace my old Xbox One controller which had really bad drifting issues, but I've noticed the new controller has significantly weaker vibrations compare with the old one on PC 🤔

    Is the new one not fully compatible with the current game? I've tested it with the accessory app which shows the vibration motors should be working fine, but it's very weak in this game despite I've set everything max in the options. I mean...it's not unplayable, but I would surely be worry if it's going to be the same with F1 2021, the lack of feel is really catching me off-guard. 

  9. 1 hour ago, KNT2011 said:

    with the new single player replay hud I'll be watching my offline races back more so it's going to be interesting to look out for these kinds of things. 

    I'm playing MotoGP on and off still (terrible rider so online isn't much fun right now haha) and I note they're probably going to far the other way, riders going flying very often! But this is championed part of their AI so there is something there, like to see some middle ground. 

    Yea I would say it's a bit tricky to find the right balance. Atm even just random failures and penalties Ai had irritates me, but may be that's because it's an unfair situation since players are pretty much immune to those issues, it kinda made me feel like I'm cheating and they literally ruined many good races I had with Ai.

  10. 13 minutes ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    It is exceptionally rare and I'd say more of the accidents occur from player interactions (following them closely and forcing them to make a mistake or a late defensive movement when they're trying to overtake and forcing them to react in lower downforce) than from either self-inflicted loss of control or from AI vs AI incidents. It does happen occasionally on long straights like Vietnam, but rarely, and it's not been race-ending issues.  Of course, it's possible that things are happening to the AI when the player isn't directly around. For example, the player is at turn 1 and the AI are making their mistake at turn 12. You'd not see them making the actual mistake and wouldn't know it happened as they'd have recovered by the time you get there. 

    I've noticed that AI mistakes happen at higher AI's in comparison to lower ones.  That could just be my experience though and not representative of other peoples experiences. 

    They quite often spun out on that final flat-out turn on the main straight of Baku, touch the curb and lost control, then massive pile-up follows. Sometimes they hit the I'm Stupid corner and lost bits of their wings too. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Madmaz116 said:

    i hate games where the Ai are on rails , its so boring , tbh I like all the random failures etc , and the fact that it will now happen to the player in 2021 is even better. I want more Ai mistakes tbh , they dont seem to make any major mistakes like spinning off etc, just my opinon. i think its more realistic with those sorts of things happening.

    The Ai in F1 2020 could already make quite a fair bit amount of mistakes especially on city circuit and when they're under pressure. 

    The thing is, Ai in some games are either trying too hard pretending to be human that they drove like 10 years old in multiplayer, or that they were so cautious at trying to "race you clean" that they'll literally make way for you to pass them and they ended up being slow and uncompetitive. 

    To be honest, if you excluding practice where everyone is testing the limit, real life F1 driver don't really make much mistake on regular circuit anyways, they're literally on rail themselves most of the time. 

  12. 2 hours ago, FTBuzzard said:

    There was no flashback off the start.

    It looks more as if the drivers are passing something, first a small turn to the right, then pulling hard to the left, causing Gasly and Ricciardo to spin, but i wonder why is Vettel sinning as well?
    There was no collision at all.

    Did you use flashback to redo the first turn?

    This strange AI behavior where multiple cars suddenly swinging left and right violently pretty much only happens right at the moment you release the flashback, but only about once in a few flashbacks. It can happen on any tracks, but I've only seen they do this on the straight. 

    About the switcheroo move someone mentioned in this thread, that is caused by different circumstances. Usually just AI trying to make their move on one side but then the lead car close the cap and forced the car behind to switch side at the very last moment, it usually happens on long straight where the straight is not really a straight, Vietnam is one great example. 

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  13. 17 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    Where? I'd be surprised if a larger majority of those who post regularly here wouldn't be more interested in track improvements. I definitely would.

    I suspect the story mode development is more focused on enticing new players myself.

    On the grand scheme of things, the forum probably only represent less than 1% of the whole population of the game.

    I bet 90%+ of the players are unaware of the stuff we talked about like updating race tracks and other stuff in the forum as enthusiasts, so that alone is probably not as good as a selling point than having something "dramatic" like Breaking Point in the eyes of general public. 

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  14. Before preordering, I just wanna confirm whether or not the additional contents and bonuses would be available for other accounts within the group of my family library sharing on steam like F1 2020? I play my games with multiple accounts, so if it's restricted to just the one that purchased the game than I will have to consider which account I should use and stick with it.

  15. 1 hour ago, Eclipsium said:

    I believe the AI hasn't changed much, probably they have re-worked something but surely not revolutionary at all. Although I have seen the AI going wide in some corners especially in Baku (specifically Turn 15 I think) and breaking his front wing. But apart from what we already know from the 2020's AI, there's nothing much.

    Just saying for clarification.

    The Ai is obviously based on their F1 2020 counterpart but in a more refined package, which is a good thing since I haven't been having so much fun racing Ai in a decade until now. It's not perfect of course, but still miles ahead of pretty much all other racing games from recent years in my opinion. 

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  16. 1 hour ago, Madmaz116 said:

    Na PS4 , so I take it you cant ... good way to make me buy 2021 😂

    Yea...on PC you've quite a lot of freedom to shape the game into many ways you wanted. I highly recommend to invest on a good PC just for that purpose because it's well worth it, unless you're more focus on multiplayer.  

  17. 1 hour ago, Madmaz116 said:

    is there any way of slowing down the resource points in F1 2020 , I mean even if you skip all the practice sessions and dont do the activities that give you resource points you still get a ton in a weekly allowance. so once my car is maxed out i can just collect the weekly resource allowance and still have enough for virtually the whole upgrade process in the event of regulation changes. My Team becomes redundant.


    If you're on PC there's method to do that on both your gain and the Ai's gain, individually. 

  18. 5 hours ago, KNT2011 said:

    3 new tracks is so exciting I can't even tell you, when one of them is Imola as well :classic_love:

    And to keep hold of the excellent Zandvoort AND to get rid of the terrible Vietnam, perfection. 

    I guess Jeddah might be love it or hate it but the scenery should be immense at the very least. 

    I really can't wait for Imola, it's one hell of a ride and I really love how the whole track looks. Though I'll surely miss Vietnam, other than the fact that the backdrop and environments around the track were a bit mundane and the Ai seems to crash a lot there, it's not too bad of a track, that long straight really is quite spectacular. 

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  19. 54 minutes ago, CptBalloonhands said:

    The bus stop chicane in Spa. Yeah the track surface is too flat compared to its real-life counterpart. It wouldn't take very long to fix it, maybe a few days or so, maybe as little as a day even. I'm just estimating this based on the tools I know and work with, but they may have internal tools to speed up some of these processes. Based on what I saw in the Zandvoort making-of they do use 3Ds Max and use Substance Painter for texturing stuff like kerbs. I'm highly familiar with both so I think my estimates are somewhat accurate but there may be other stuff I'm missing.

    Not sure what you mean by Turn 11 in Spain being flat. It's certainly at an angle, and not flat. Flat means _______________ . A straight line. Anything other than that means a lot more work is involved in adjusting things that connect to the track surface, like kerbs, gravel etc.

    Speaking of elevations, I wonder what's going on with Eau Rouge (the bottom part of it).

    If you drive your MyTeam car through that section, doesn't matter what suspension setting you have, or if you run the highest ride height, or if you not touch the curb at all. You will ALWAYS lose big chunks of front wing (visual damage). 

    There're also lots of curbs on other race tracks, where they seemingly look flat (which should be), but when you drive on certain part of them (usually the outer edge of the curb), you'll notice both your floor and front wing will get lots of visual damages like bits of them fell off which are very noticeable.

  20. 19 minutes ago, CptBalloonhands said:

    Sure. First of all, when I say 2 weeks I mean ten 8-hour days. I would probably need a little bit less than that, but I would use the remaining time to polish my changes.

    Here is Turn 10 for reference.



    The new Turn 10 is a brand new corner, not just from the top, but in X, Y and Z dimensions as well, meaning there is a new & different elevation change throughout the turn, compared to the existing turn and the old, wider Turn 10 that was used as a run-off zone previously. This means I would have to basically completely rebuild the turn from scratch. Get rid of the old run-off zone, the kerbing, line decals, green concrete patches, gravel pit and then re-draw the corner from the top down with what is called the Spline Tool in 3Ds Max. You basically draw the shape of the corner as a line and then convert it into a 2D-plane (the asphalt). Then you need to match the exact shape of the turn in all 3 dimensions. Since no laser-scanning is available, this is done by hand (or by eye rather). This process can be quite time consuming. Also, keep in mind when I say "build the new turn" I mean you build the turn in isolation first, THEN attach it to the old geometry.

    Okay so let's say you finally have finished building your new turn. But now you need to connect it to the geometry where the old turn and old run-off used to be. This is where the fun begins. You now have the job of painfully stitching the new turn to the geo of the straight and to the remains of the old T10. You'll notice on the photo the kerbing on the old turn has been removed. When you delete the kerbs on the old turn, the information won't automatically fill in for you. You need to fill the hole with whatever it is they replaced the kerb with. Asphalt, grass, whatever it is, and then do proper surface transitions between the different materials. Oh and don't forget, since the elevation changed on the new turn 10, that means you will also have to update the elevation on the gravel pits and terrain surrounding the turn as well. This is again done by hand. and you need to manually stitch the gravel to the new geometry changes so that the new piece of track doesn't float above where the old gravel pit used to be. Everything needs to be seamless.

    Before I go any further, any significant change in geometry also means you need to re-UV your textures to the new geo. UV Mapping, also known as "unwrapping" means unfolding every single face or triangle into a flat 2D texture space and then packing that space and aligning it with your 2D textures. For stuff like gravel it's easier, because you'd be using a tileable texture. So you can basically select all the whole gravel pit, click a button, attach all the faces together quickly and then scale it to the right size. For stuff like kerbing, you'd have a texture that tiles horizontally only, so all your curved geo (such as the curved kerbing) would have to be unwrapped into a straight strip. Doing so can result in texture stretching which again would need to be manually fixed. Time-consuming. Honestly, UV mapping is the most annoying and time-consuming part of any of this probably. Check out some Youtube videos about UV Mapping in 3DS Max. Yeah. It's about as fun as it looks. I recommend a couple beers before you hit play.

    I think the changes to Turn 10 also resulted in a larger run-off area behind the turn, so the position of the tire barriers etc probably has changed as well. You'll want to update those too. Similar steps to above.

    Likewise, the tire marks that are visible through the turn... not sure how they did them, but I suspect floating decals. So you'll have to place those as well and make them follow the new curvature of the turn and UV map the planes individually. Speaking of UV Mapping. When you do this, you will need to scale each texture to assure the texel ratio is consistent across the track. Not very hard, but it's an added annoyance that, again, eats up some time in the process. 

    Okay so let's say you have successfully built the new turn, unwrapped all your new geometry, successfully attached it to the old track, removed kerbing on the old turn, placed new kerbing and unwrapped that as well, placed your tire mark decals, placed the new sponsoring on the new run-off zones, made sure your texel ratio is valid, adjusted track barriers, placed new paintlines following the updated geo... Now it's time for polish. You're obviously want material transitions where gravel pit meets asphalt, where grass meets gravel, where grass meets asphalt etc. Those are a separate textures with a transparent element in it that masks out the gravel at the edges. Masks for this likely can be re-used from other tracks but they would have to be unwrapped regardless. These would tile horizontally, so would have to be mapped into a straight strip once again. Ugh. Okay, let's assume you've done this for every part of the new turn, you can move on.

    You'll notice the grass in the game usually has some 3D elements to it as well to give it depth. These are separate assets that need to be hand-placed on top of the bare bones geometry. The geo for the grass is mostly just flat with a 2D texture that looks like grass. You place those '3D grass' objects onto the flat geo and if you do a good enough job at it you'll now have the illusion that the grass is volumetric and not just a painted surface.

    Ok so let's say you've done all that. Congrats, you're done. With the visual part. It's now time to update your collisions. A collision mesh is a lower density version of your visual mesh, it is lower density to save computing power and memory and usually would need to be done by hand if you want it to be fully optimized. Ok, so you can repeat all the steps I did above, except for the texturing and UV parts, and then manually delete edges throughout the geo to lower triangle density. If your collision is too high in detail you'll get yelled at and have your changes rejected. This will take some more time to finish.

    Once you've done all that, you've probably forgot to set logic materials for all the different surfaces (this is me basically all the time). So, just gotta go back in there and select all the different surfaces and set Asphalt to register as "Asphalt", "gravel" to "gravel", grass to "grass", etc. This will tell the game what physics and sound effects to apply when you interact with a specific surface.

    Now you're done and you submit your changes. You go on about your day and are happy you finally finished the new Turn 10. You start booking tickets for your next vacation. Just before 5PM on Friday afternoon you receive an email from a QA Tester that contains a list of previously unnoticed issues when you built the changes. Turns out, the cars now fall through the road when hitting the exit kerb. Oops, Guess you forgot to patch up all the holes in the collision mesh. Oh and there's another 5 issues you didn't foresee when you completed your task. You cancel your vacation and get back to work. The cries of F1 gaming fans echoing in your dreams as you fall asleep at night. 😄

    This is the (slightly over-dramatized) reality of a 3D Artist for video games. Hope it gave you some perspective. Thank you for attending my TED talk.


    It's something only those who work directly or something related to this area could understand. 

    Hundreds of hours worth of work, only to be seen & feel by the consumers for a split moment of experience, and your grand reward is people constantly calling you a lazy piece of pepperoni....the pain is real.

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  21. 6 minutes ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    That's quite interesting as I've never had anything unexpected like that. Generally drivers had their level and teams had their level. For example, Leclerc drove for Racing Point when they were top of the performance charts when I don't think he'd go there under normal circumstances (based on acclaim).

    I had noticed that beyond season 1, Hammy does seem to get done dirty.  There's a forum post about how Bottas is overpowered, and while looking at that, I noticed that post season 1 Lewis (in my saves) has only won 2/7 season battles across two different saves. 1/2 against Bottas, 0/1 against Vettel, 0/3 against Leclerc, 1/1 against Stroll.  In contrast, he's won 3/3 of the first seasons against Bottas. 


    Reverting back to the team/acclaim query. It's more than understandable to have a High Acclaim team sign a Low Acclaim driver but my initial assumption would be it'd be an anomaly where the driver lineup doesn't shake up too much and that's the only change. For example, Bottas retired and King came in and that was the best driver available who hadn't already signed for another team. You'd assume they'd only keep him for the one season. (I've never had a AI midseason driver change that wasn't a direct swap with my driver, so I assume that's the only time it'd happen)

    Actually, the funniest thing (or worst thing) during that season I had, was that Merc dropped Jordan King mid-season despite the fact that he was leading the championship. I had to use save & load to keep him in that team (because that was before I learned how to manipulate driver's market) or my save is pretty much ruin LOL.

    So high acclaim team will prefer higher acclaim driver is technically true, just not absolute because there're some other factors involved. 

  22. 16 hours ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    The general principle would probably be;

    Team Acclaim High - Driver Acclaim High  - They'd be able to sign the driver and the driver would be happy to go to the team - Like Mercedes getting Verstappen.

    Team Acclaim High - Driver Acclaim Medium - Unlikely to happen but an odd transfer if, say, someone retires and there's not many high acclaim drivers available. Red Bull signing Ocon for example. Generally not an expected transfer but possible. 

    Team Acclaim High - Driver Acclaim Low - Generally the team won't look at the driver at all. Like Mercedes getting an F2 driver.

    Team Acclaim Medium - Driver Acclaim High - Not really going to happen in a drivers prime. (Verstappen going to Alpine). However, can happen at the end of a career (Alonso/Vettel/Kimi going to Alpine/Aston/Alfa),  May also happen if there are high acclaim drivers who don't have a seat but will really stretch the budget of the team.

    Team Acclaim Medium - Driver Acclaim Medium - They'd be able to sign the driver and the driver would be happy to go to the team

    Team Acclaim Medium - Driver Acclaim Low - This can happen in unpredictable transfer windows but they'll generally stick to their level and sign existing F1 drivers and not the F2 ones.

    Team Acclaim Low - Driver Acclaim High - Not a chance on your nelly that they'll ever go there. 

    Team Acclaim Low - Driver Acclaim Medium - An unlikely scenario but more than possible if the facilities are okay and they have the money. Drivers would just be happy to have a seat, I guess. However, the team will just be a stepping stone. 

    Team Acclaim Low - Driver Acclaim Low - They'd be able to sign the driver and the driver would be happy to go to the team


    So by moving the sliders around, you increase the chances of one group having too many drivers (too many high acclaim teams and they'll hire lower acclaim drivers than their team acclaim out of necessity) or the inverse where you force the good drivers out of the sport as they'll refuse to accept any teams contracts as they're 'above them'. 

    About the part where teams with high acclaim not signing low acclaim drivers, it's actually not definite. 

    I've had one time where Bottas retired, Merc signed Jordan King without any of my interference (The method I had posted about manipulating driver's market). I think that's because they still need to enter audition with other teams, so if they lost all the bids they'll have to sign whoever is available.

    One funny thing out of topic, Jordan King in the Merc outperformed Hamilton regularly just like Bottas did, what's happening to Lewis in our game CM??

  23. 7 hours ago, DonBlanko said:

    But this problem, gaining to much RP, for too less upgrades, will be solved with the new settings you can adjust in f1 2021. I really like that little feature ! 

    Yes that's what I'm hoping too, though we still don't know the scale of the effects, and if it can be change mid-season (sessions) like difficulty settings. 

    I've had tested lowering the resource gain by 50% on PC and the gain was still quite a bit too quick during endgame for my personal liking 😝

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  24. 28 minutes ago, DonBlanko said:

    If it is like that, it would be great. I really hope we still can manage which part of the car we want to upgrade exactly and not only the category chassis, engine and downforce step by step. That would really kill the immersion, which the game already created in last years. Maybe a beta-tester could say more? 

    Personally, it's okay for me that they make the upgrade paths more linear or in other way of saying it, direct and to the point.

    Though my biggest criticism of the current system is how the tree is just too small for the amount of resources you can get late-game. Imo, they should do it like leveling up in some RPG games. Where at some point during the upgrade paths, it would enter the phrase of diminishing return, which in this game it could be an extra path (that's almost impossible to complete) after the final major upgrade of said department, and the upgrade within this path would be very pricey and takes a long time to develop each component, but the result is also that it only give you very minimal improvement on performance. It gives the hardcore players more things to chase after in late-game, pretty much just like refining the car to as perfect as possible. 

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