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  1. At the end of the day, the series has never advertised itself to be a full-simulator, but a game of F1. For something that's related to such a major global sport, its goal will always be aiming at reaching the widest audiences possible. Sim is great, but unfortunately it's too out of reach for majority of the people to really enjoy its full magic.
  2. I think most likely they didn't prioritize this change of the track as important and didn't want to waste extra resources & time for something that's probably going to get major overhaul in the near future (I remember the tracks in our game are not laser-scanned right?).
  3. About the slipstream, from what I've been observed visually, seems to be reducing the drag of cars from behind by about roughly 15-20% instead of 10% in the F1 2020 game. I also heard dirty air is slightly stronger but couldn't confirm because that has to be feel by first-hand experience, but I bet it's around 18% downforce reduction.
  4. An option to set the amount of credit you have from the start would be an absolute great addition to the gameplay, the more the MyTeam mode becoming like a sandbox game, the better imo.
  5. Everything is easy within our imaginations, until we start doing it ourselves, and then we question our life choices 😬.
  6. I dunno if it's because of language barrier or the huge diversity of cultural background of its players here or anything else, this forum in general seems to be lacking some basic social respect from its users. Everyone is so hostile towards just about anything, be it to the developer or other users, literally 70% of the posts here could turn into a warzone for no reason at all. Back to the topic, atm we're not sure if those Iconic Drivers are usable avatar or not. Though, I could see the reason why if it's not, because it creates conflicts within the game that some players might not pref
  7. At the moment seems like that's the exact case. Usually if something that's supposed to have a selling point value, but was never mention in these ads, then they're most likely not included in the game. Even though I personally don't really care about this feature in 2020, I do still hope they prove me wrong since it's still a great game option.
  8. LOL no worries it's interesting stuff to discuss anyways. To be honest I too was convinced when I first watched that video from Aarava, until I started digging into the files because I wasn't happy with the stats between each teams and compare with the MyTeam car. But you know what? Who knows if CM actually hided some extra stuff in there or not, it's just that I don't think they would go that far and atm nothing on my hands pointed at that direction.
  9. Oops I think I've mixed up the X controller with the PS5's adaptive trigger or whatever it's called. Well, I wonder if Sony would ever integrate that function for PC gaming?
  10. Ai makes a lot of tiny mistakes when you're right on their mirror. Tbh, unless Ai really could evolve into truly behaving like humans, I would rather have them driving like on rails and be consistent. Right now the Ai having random failures or grid penalties is already irritating me quite badly because of how artificial it felt.
  11. I strongly believe that that was misunderstood, because I couldn't find any evidence in the game files that suggests that, not to mention the R&D progress comparison table in the game shows nothing different when you answer that specific question differently.
  12. I'm not sure if the system Merc used in real life was as direct and simple as we thought, but I guess in the game, setting the front bias higher during the safety car and continually brake heavily could be on theory keep front tires temp up better than just doing in normally.
  13. Technically you could, just focus on a certain direction on the R&D tree. I've tried not adapting my rear-downforce upgrades and only took the front-downforce parts for a new season, and the first few race was an actual s🅱️inalla simulator it was hilarious (had to deliberately set my rear wing higher to balance things out).
  14. Yea when you started modding you slowly becoming more and more urges to get deeper into things, I'm one of those who prefer mods that literally try to be like they were intended for the game. For example, if I wanted a fantasy car livery to replace one from a certain team, I would want a full package mod where it replaces every outfit, garage liveries, numbers, and even the logo in the showroom. If it's just a car livery it usually is a no-go for me personally 😬, or if it's too good to be miss I'll probably go mod the rest myself LOL.
  15. The base & maximum performance values of the MyTeam car remains the exact same no matter what answer you took, it doesn't change the "philosophy" of the car because the values were set in stone in the game files. The only difference are the department related question where they'll pre-installed parts on the R&D tree which alter your progression, but that's not the issue here because those doesn't change what's already been set. And it's the same for the engine. Whichever you picked at the beginning is only affected by the manufacturer upgrades, the 4 engines are actually identica
  16. I'm not sure if anyone had brought up this topic, but the original Xbox one controller I've been using is close to the end of its life cycle, so I was thinking about replacing it with the new series X controller. But will it work with both 2020 and 2021 games just as well as the One controller? and will it even had its next gen capabilities when I'm using it for 2021?
  17. That's why usually I just remove the team brandings and leave the personal sponsors on when I'm modding those helmets (someone already had done that in RaceDepartment and I used them as templates to do some adjustments). In most cases the result is fine, but the biggest issues are always the Reb Bull related ones, where when you remove the Redbull/Alphatauri brandings it left a huge void on the design and just look awkward.
  18. It's literally game breaking for me LOL, the first moment I found out Max is still wearing RBR helmet when he moved to Mercedes I was like hell no, the game is finished 🤢 And that's how I started modding the hell out of the game
  19. It's rare but not impossible to see Ai DNF from crashing, Canada, Monaco, Baku, Hanoi are prime examples, be it from practice, or qualifying, or the race, they still did and it was hilarious. The real issue is the suspension damage sensitivity is way too low in the vanilla game.
  20. From a person who're still playing the MyTeam mode religiously after almost a full year, the Ai is definitely an another major step-up from 2020. One of the major criticisms I had with the 2020 Ai was that, unless the speed difference at the given moment between Ai & Ai car is significant, they won't make any attempt to overtake and just stuck in the train even if the gap between cars are less than a car length. But then when they're side-by-side, in most cases they would adjust their speed so deliberately to stay in that position, that they literally become a mobile road block for h
  21. I would say if it's possible to give every driver a sponsor-less version of their own helmet and make them use it when they switched team it would be good enough. Seems like the Iconic drivers will be just like that. I've been using (or modding myself) helmet mods on PC to do just that, but I feel bad for the console players who can't have that freedom.
  22. Or, unless they're willing (or allowed by FOM) to make team specific helmet (or non-team specific ones) for every driver, then even the most bonkers of driver transfer would still be believable 😜. It always break the immersion when you saw someone with a Redbull helmet driving for Ferrari or something else not related to RB for example.
  23. Tbh, instead of updating racetracks, I would rather they include racetracks they had in past games (like Nurburgring) or alternate variations of existed track F1 used to race (Bahrain Endurance/Sakhir GP) if FOM allows it...which is unlikely to happen 😔.
  24. Yea in 2020 most Ai loves to get stuck in the trains in the middle and outside lane on the first few corners, but then there's always one Ai that DIVE BOMB half the field into the inside lane and cause massive chaos.
  25. The option should be at least something unlockable after completing certain challenges such as finishing a season or whatever.
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