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  1. 28 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    For info the colours have changed for F1 2021 actually, going by the published gameplay videos.

    Yea there are definitely lots of little touch-ups and update around the edges of tracks and run off areas (at least from so far of what's being shown). To be honest, for an annual release I don't expect any major overhaul of racetracks unless they're gonna go full-sim which I don't think will ever happen...at least the new tracks would probably be better quality though. 

  2. 59 minutes ago, ChromexReaper said:

    I think I remember seeing a scroll ability, and yes it is linear, but, to my memory, there's different linear paths, e.g. path for front downforce, path for rear downforce, path for drag reduction. So I assume it'd be the same for every r&d category

    So instead of branching paths where players would need to invest on other components first before starting to develop what they wanted, now it's all separated and individual paths? Can't say my opinion on this yet, would need to try it myself, but it would sure be convenient to just go straight for the path you wanna focus, just hope it isn't too convenient though, that would be a bit too one-dimension. 

  3. 4 hours ago, DonBlanko said:

    In f1 2020 we had a upgrade system, which was based kind of a tree diagramm. We had the possibility to choose which aspect exactly we want to upgrade of the car. When you think, your downforce of your rearwing is a weakness of your car, you were able to invest there. If you think your car reacts to  sedate / portly (was the right word?), you were able to invest in weight of the car. I really liked that system. 

    In f1 2021 (what I have seen so far) it seems to be much more linear. You still can choose which part/category of the car you want to upgrade but it seems you are not able to choose what part of f.e. Chassis exactly you want to upgrade. 

    The new design is great but am not sure if the system is. Am I right with my observatios? Can someone confirm what I noticed? What are your opinions ? 

    Especially for the coop career the f1 2020 / 19 system would fitted much more, because you would have been able to decide more together. 

    I haven't really dig into the new R&D system yet because there aren't enough footage for me to observe it thoroughly, but I would question the reasons behind making the system more linear if it's really the case. The tree system works just fine, itself only needs some readjustment on the pacing of progression, at the very least it gave players just enough options to vary their gameplay of choice. 

  4. To be honest, I've a feeling that those driver stats we saw in the game actually doesn't mean anything, there's probably some other values hidden behind the files that actually determine the driver's ability. Or else I just don't understand how 2nd drivers in this game could in most cases out performing their supposedly faster teammate, massively.

  5. 22 hours ago, s00zster said:

    NASCAR Heat series has this.

    Personally speaking, I've always wanted a detailed driver editor like that in the F1 Games.

    It's sucks to be an eastern Asian F1 fan, there's only one male option for us in the whole selection and it wasn't even a decent looking one (sorry to the person who that's modelled after but still...😟).

  6. 16 hours ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    Some salient points in here, yeah. 
    I think F1 being an elitist sport is a very important factor… just in the opposite way you’re implying.  The fact that the Average Joe cannot be a formula one driver in real life is negated that, due to the game, they can pretend to be. That’s part of the appeal.   Making it a full sim (or close to) takes that away from them if they aren’t competent in a sim format. 
    I agree with your derision towards the podium pass items. 90-95% of them weren’t anything that remotely appealed to me. However, I wouldn’t want to take them away from the people that did like them as there’s no need for me to be selfish about something like that. 
    If money is the issue then it’s just how much you’re willing to spend. Codemasters want the money, you want the game to be more realistic.  If they’ve alienated the casual part of their fanbase then equalling that out by charging their sim fanbase more means everyone wins.. except the kids with no money. 
    I get your points and they’re valid. I just think the aim of the game should be about bringing such a unique sport to the masses and giving people an opportunity to step into a world they never normally would.  Ostracising them for not being comfortable with Sim racing is the antithesis of the business model. 

    I'm one of those who enjoy the contents in the podium pass, of course there's no way anyone would like all the liveries there but isn't that just normal? We do that all the time window-shopping in real life, right? 

    The real issue is how the livery system works, its function is too bare-boned, decals not having outline option is the biggest issue here because the liveries often had sections that cross through where the sponsor decals located, it really limited the color you could use without making the decal blending into the livery and disappeared. 

    With outline for decals I'm confident to make even the most ridiculous looking livery we've right now to becoming something cool and believable in real life, the choices really are not as bad as most people think.

  7. 35 minutes ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    Well I think you're

    • With an F2 team in 2019,
    • Racing Point / Alpha Tauri / Williams / Alfa Romeo / Haas in 2020
    • Aston Martin / Alpha Tauri / Williams / Alfa Romeo / Haas in 2021

    No offence to any of those teams, but you're not going to be challenging for an F1 title. 

    I guess;

    • 2019 - F2 Title Battle
    • 2020 - Maybe Rookie of the Year storyline
    • 2021 - Battling for a contract at one of the bigger teams. 


    It'll most likely be scenario based. Where you'll do a race then it'll skip 2-3 races, give you some objectives to pass at race 4. ("finish ahead of Devon at Austria") You pass those and then it jumps another 2-3 races and you get another objective ("recover from incident to finish on the podium").   I think the story will be okay, the cutscenes will look amazing but the general reaction will be divisive like marmite. 

    Personally I doubt I would even touch the mode unless it's the key to unlock some other contents like liveries in the game, hope it's more than just a glorified version of the F2 driver's career story in 2019 or else it will sure feels like a waste of resources that could've been use to make a better rear-wing damage model 🤪

  8. 4 hours ago, Exasperated said:

    Absolutely , I've said it before and I'll say it again, this game could be AMZAZING but it is being held back by a bunch of people who should be playing Grid or some other Fun little racerboy title , their one foot in one foot out stance is making the game a Joke, but that's how it is and until some developer decides to go all in and choose serious over 'doing it for the kids' then the code masters version of the game will be the only Official choice and due to the established customer base will  always be an Arcade style game , Its ok and looks good but its such a shame because its so close to being there that to have it like it is just seems such a waste. As you said its a little depressing really. If you go back to older titles and play minus the  Elton John , Liberace content  ' Ive had an idea' days It feels great and you can imagine a world that doesn't so closely resemble hell. It hasn't happened to Dirt Rally yet but it will be interesting to see the outcome of that if some one starts interfering with that title with some xxxxxxy little story about Devons butlers brother Cornwall. Anyway what can you do , the general consensus is usually the compromised option that's the way it rolls ..........https://youtu.be/P8Wdn4hM4UI

    At the end of the day, the series has never advertised itself to be a full-simulator, but a game of F1.

    For something that's related to such a major global sport, its goal will always be aiming at reaching the widest audiences possible. Sim is great, but unfortunately it's too out of reach for majority of the people to really enjoy its full magic.

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  9. 1 hour ago, CptBalloonhands said:

    I don't know their pipeline and workflows and stuff but Turn 10 in Spain would take me about 2 weeks (ish) in terms of pure modelling and texturing changes. I am a Sr. Environment Artist at Ubisoft.

    The Australia changes would take a lot more time because the track work hasn't even been completed yet and they would have to work off of blueprints (not necessarily reflective of the final result). Also almost every corner on the track is undergoing some kind of change. So for Australia I agree it makes sense to update it in the next game.

    I don't understand not doing the changes to T10 in Barcelona at all, but I suspect it could lead to issues with Save Games or time trial ghosts, leaderboard, etc. if they were to change the track layout post release. That's the only thing that could explain it in my opinion.

    I think most likely they didn't prioritize this change of the track as important and didn't want to waste extra resources & time for something that's probably going to get major overhaul in the near future (I remember the tracks in our game are not laser-scanned right?). 

  10. About the slipstream, from what I've been observed visually, seems to be reducing the drag of cars from behind by about roughly 15-20% instead of 10% in the F1 2020 game. I also heard dirty air is slightly stronger but couldn't confirm because that has to be feel by first-hand experience, but I bet it's around 18% downforce reduction.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Wynterdust said:

    I am yeah, I normally only buy physical copies so if I didnt get the digital deluxe I'd just get the disc instead to save money. Only considering the digital for the icon drivers but dont feel good about spending anything extra to not even get to use them straight away or not have the freedom to use their customisation items. 

    If theres options where you can start My Team with enough to hire any, or at the very least, the cheapest four, then I'd be happy getting this version.

    An option to set the amount of credit you have from the start would be an absolute great addition to the gameplay, the more the MyTeam mode becoming like a sandbox game, the better imo. 

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  12. 3 hours ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    I always think the exact same thing as you. 

    You'd have to configure weather, ai racing patterns, racing lines, kerb behaviour, tyre wear, fuel usage, impact models, etc. All of that stuff, plus undoing the previous layout and making it obsolete, is bound to introduce bugs. It's definitely not a few hours work. 

    I know it's a highly skilled team but they'd be the first to get the complaints if they divert resource to that and a different part of the game is underdeveloped.

    Everything is easy within our imaginations, until we start doing it ourselves, and then we question our life choices 😬

  13. 1 hour ago, Eclipsium said:

    This thread is a pure roller-coaster 😅

    Of course not driving as a clsssic avatar, or having the name audio or whatever could be worse for those looking to drive as their idol but personally it isn't a big deal. Of course it makes the Deluxe Edition have a worse image of itself considering it's price but if you don't want it then go for the standard. 

    At the same time this kind of attitude was not needed considering its just a video game, and while it's something that Codemasters should have done, it is no reason at all to start cursing or get mad. 

    I'm not trying to offend or make anyone angry, it's just my point of view. By the way, I'm a bit lost or confused on this thread, so pretty much I said something wrong or didn't fully understand. 

    I dunno if it's because of language barrier or the huge diversity of cultural background of its players here or anything else, this forum in general seems to be lacking some basic social respect from its users. Everyone is so hostile towards just about anything, be it to the developer or other users, literally 70% of the posts here could turn into a warzone for no reason at all.

    Back to the topic, atm we're not sure if those Iconic Drivers are usable avatar or not. Though, I could see the reason why if it's not, because it creates conflicts within the game that some players might not prefer, but at the same time, I think they should let the players have their own freedom to decide whether or avoid to use those avatars alongside the actual Ai drivers. It seems like a wasted opportunity to create some really interesting scenarios just because "it didn't make sense". 

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  14. At the moment seems like that's the exact case.

    Usually if something that's supposed to have a selling point value, but was never mention in these ads, then they're most likely not included in the game. Even though I personally don't really care about this feature in 2020, I do still hope they prove me wrong since it's still a great game option. 

  15. 5 hours ago, Monzie83 said:

    Apologies if not true - am not trying to spread misinformation. 

    LOL no worries it's interesting stuff to discuss anyways. To be honest I too was convinced when I first watched that video from Aarava, until I started digging into the files because I wasn't happy with the stats between each teams and compare with the MyTeam car. But you know what? Who knows if CM actually hided some extra stuff in there or not, it's just that I don't think they would go that far and atm nothing on my hands pointed at that direction. 

  16. 5 hours ago, Nightfire1964 said:

    You should be fine not sure what you mean by the controllers next gen abilities but it should work on both games really any game I believe 

    Oops I think I've mixed up the X controller with the PS5's adaptive trigger or whatever it's called. Well, I wonder if Sony would ever integrate that function for PC gaming?

  17. 14 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    I'm mostly thinking back to threads with some people saying they never saw AI mistakes of any kind vs others that saw plenty, and differing AI levels appeared to be one possible explanation. Whatever the speed, a mistake slows a car relative to others and is noticeable.

    On the other hand it may be that people racing against higher level AI will, on average, play the game rather more than those playing against lower level AI, and this is turn may bias perception.

    As a player rather than a developer I think it's very hard to be sure about this sort of stuff.

    Ai makes a lot of tiny mistakes when you're right on their mirror. Tbh, unless Ai really could evolve into truly behaving like humans, I would rather have them driving like on rails and be consistent. Right now the Ai having random failures or grid penalties is already irritating me quite badly because of how artificial it felt.  

  18. 6 minutes ago, Monzie83 said:

    IIRC, I think there was a video by Aarava that confirms this. When the reporter asks which team you consider your rival, your answer will put your car performance close to that team.

    I strongly believe that that was misunderstood, because I couldn't find any evidence in the game files that suggests that, not to mention the R&D progress comparison table in the game shows nothing different when you answer that specific question differently. 

  19. 12 minutes ago, Jam95XO said:

    So it appears that the reason Hamilton locked up at T1 is because he had a switch on which essentially increases the front brake bias to 70/80ish % (I think)

    Does anyone know if this works on the game too? Is it easier to keep tyre temp ups under a SC/Formation lap if you increase the front brake bias to the numbers posted above? (Obviously having to then turn the number right back down before the race resumes. 

    I'm not sure if the system Merc used in real life was as direct and simple as we thought, but I guess in the game, setting the front bias higher during the safety car and continually brake heavily could be on theory keep front tires temp up better than just doing in normally.  

  20. 46 minutes ago, CS21 said:

    Yeah nearly Impossible to actually Test that and find evidence. 

    It was after all a feeling and a theory.

    Would be cool though to give your car a "philosophy" of sorts.

    Technically you could, just focus on a certain direction on the R&D tree.

    I've tried not adapting my rear-downforce upgrades and only took the front-downforce parts for a new season, and the first few race was an actual s🅱️inalla simulator it was hilarious (had to deliberately set my rear wing higher to balance things out). 

  21. 51 minutes ago, petro1319 said:

    I guess that's the beauty of playing on PC over console... Mods.   I guess it just doesn't bother me much because I'm not really one for watching back race replays to actually see the helmets in the different cars.  While driving my race I typically just see the back wings and front wings (in my mirrors) and the helmets aren't seen much.  I'm sure if I looked it it more closely it would bug me, but I've always just written that one off as I can't help that.  It's licensed probably, so unlikely to change. 

    Yea when you started modding you slowly becoming more and more urges to get deeper into things, I'm one of those who prefer mods that literally try to be like they were intended for the game. For example, if I wanted a fantasy car livery to replace one from a certain team, I would want a full package mod where it replaces every outfit, garage liveries, numbers, and even the logo in the showroom. If it's just a car livery it usually is a no-go for me personally 😬, or if it's too good to be miss I'll probably go mod the rest myself LOL.

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  22. 4 hours ago, CS21 said:

    I'm currently now in the middle of Season 7 of myTeam (PS4, Controller, 100% Races, AI difficulty 82). My car is maxed out ofr 3 years now and is only slightly the best on track (Red Bull second, Ferrari third, Mercedes, Reneault and then Mclaren). Since this has been for years, I assume the others are maxed out as well.


    But what I want to know is...

    I have the feeling that the answers you give in the interview before the first season do not only affect your position in the field and how far your sections are pre developed. It also effects the behaviour of the car in a way not seen on the screen.

    I got nothing to prove this but there are a few examples why I think this might be true. Before I started Myteam, I answered in favour of focus on engine and needing Top Speed to overtake. I then felt that even though I had not the best car, It's been always easy for me on the straits. (I started with the Renault Engine). And though I found myself around P10, P11 and P12 in the first Races, I was suddenly winning Baku and Montraeal. Both of these Tracks I consider high speed. After that it was to back to P10 Now in season 7, I am still the fastest car on the straights in the field even though all engine suppliers are having the same stats and the cars are basically of the same performance.

    Another thing is that I always felt that my Car was struggling a bit while breaking before corners. And when I started another career out of curiousity, I favoured Chassis and found it much easier to get into corners and out.

    My theory is that whatever answere you choose, this willeffect the all in all behaviour of the car beyond what you see on stats on screen. It could be learning curve, Patches, misconception or anything else though

    Can anybody confirm this or made simliar experiences? Or maybe I am wrong and someone can debunk this.


    The base & maximum performance values of the MyTeam car remains the exact same no matter what answer you took, it doesn't change the "philosophy" of the car because the values were set in stone in the game files. The only difference are the department related question where they'll pre-installed parts on the R&D tree which alter your progression, but that's not the issue here because those doesn't change what's already been set.

    And it's the same for the engine. Whichever you picked at the beginning is only affected by the manufacturer upgrades, the 4 engines are actually identical without those unique upgrades, but once those parts are all installed later in the season, those 4 engines actually became the same again with absolutely no difference because their performance value are identical. 

  23. I'm not sure if anyone had brought up this topic, but the original Xbox one controller I've been using is close to the end of its life cycle, so I was thinking about replacing it with the new series X controller. But will it work with both 2020 and 2021 games just as well as the One controller? and will it even had its next gen capabilities when I'm using it for 2021?

  24. 11 minutes ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    I'm the complete opposite. Generic helmets (like the Schumacher, Senna and Prost ones) really don't do it for me.  I'd much rather have him in his Red Bull helmet in a Mercedes than have him in a non-descript bland looking helmet that vaguely fits a Mercedes colour scheme.

    If there was a way to get genuine looking helmets for every driver in the game corresponding to every team, (for example Schumacher's Alpha Tauri Helmet would be the Alpha logo on the side, mainly the green colour with the pattern on top and the German flag on the back) then i'm all in as that would be an amazing feature. However, that'll never be done for every driver as it's a waste of resource. So i'd rather he kept his Haas one as it looks like an actual helmet and not a bland paintjob (where it's blue on the sides, green on top and just yellow, black and red behind).

    It would be good as an option for those on console, maybe. However, i'd be less inclined to play the game if it takes takes a step back graphically with generic helmets. 

    That's why usually I just remove the team brandings and leave the personal sponsors on when I'm modding those helmets (someone already had done that in RaceDepartment and I used them as templates to do some adjustments). In most cases the result is fine, but the biggest issues are always the Reb Bull related ones, where when you remove the Redbull/Alphatauri brandings it left a huge void on the design and just look awkward. 

  25. 57 minutes ago, petro1319 said:

    exactly.  I don't see helmets or livery's as an issue with driver transfers.  While it is a bit annoying say if you created your team in My Team mode and your car is green and you hire Stroll and he comes over in a pink and white helmet, it's not a game breaker to me.   The fact that you see Stroll leave racing point in career mode and go back to Williams quite often is something I see as mode breaking though.  Seeing Max leaving Redbull for Ferrari or Racing Point in career/my team mode is also mode breaking to me more than a helmet.

    However to resolve the helmet issue if that's what people really want just have them run their own helmets wherever they go like they do now, or create just a generic helmet for each team based on their color schemes of the livery and have transferred drivers wear that.   No branding/licensing issues with conflicting sponsors; helmets match the car livery.   I don't think its necessary, but that could be a solution.

    First and foremost though; I think they need to give the player the full control of the career/my team modes when it comes to drivers/ratings.

    It's literally game breaking for me LOL, the first moment I found out Max is still wearing RBR helmet when he moved to Mercedes I was like hell no, the game is finished 🤢

    And that's how I started modding the hell out of the game

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