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  1. I'm not sure if anyone had brought up this topic, but the original Xbox one controller I've been using is close to the end of its life cycle, so I was thinking about replacing it with the new series X controller. But will it work with both 2020 and 2021 games just as well as the One controller? and will it even had its next gen capabilities when I'm using it for 2021?

  2. 11 minutes ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    I'm the complete opposite. Generic helmets (like the Schumacher, Senna and Prost ones) really don't do it for me.  I'd much rather have him in his Red Bull helmet in a Mercedes than have him in a non-descript bland looking helmet that vaguely fits a Mercedes colour scheme.

    If there was a way to get genuine looking helmets for every driver in the game corresponding to every team, (for example Schumacher's Alpha Tauri Helmet would be the Alpha logo on the side, mainly the green colour with the pattern on top and the German flag on the back) then i'm all in as that would be an amazing feature. However, that'll never be done for every driver as it's a waste of resource. So i'd rather he kept his Haas one as it looks like an actual helmet and not a bland paintjob (where it's blue on the sides, green on top and just yellow, black and red behind).

    It would be good as an option for those on console, maybe. However, i'd be less inclined to play the game if it takes takes a step back graphically with generic helmets. 

    That's why usually I just remove the team brandings and leave the personal sponsors on when I'm modding those helmets (someone already had done that in RaceDepartment and I used them as templates to do some adjustments). In most cases the result is fine, but the biggest issues are always the Reb Bull related ones, where when you remove the Redbull/Alphatauri brandings it left a huge void on the design and just look awkward. 

  3. 57 minutes ago, petro1319 said:

    exactly.  I don't see helmets or livery's as an issue with driver transfers.  While it is a bit annoying say if you created your team in My Team mode and your car is green and you hire Stroll and he comes over in a pink and white helmet, it's not a game breaker to me.   The fact that you see Stroll leave racing point in career mode and go back to Williams quite often is something I see as mode breaking though.  Seeing Max leaving Redbull for Ferrari or Racing Point in career/my team mode is also mode breaking to me more than a helmet.

    However to resolve the helmet issue if that's what people really want just have them run their own helmets wherever they go like they do now, or create just a generic helmet for each team based on their color schemes of the livery and have transferred drivers wear that.   No branding/licensing issues with conflicting sponsors; helmets match the car livery.   I don't think its necessary, but that could be a solution.

    First and foremost though; I think they need to give the player the full control of the career/my team modes when it comes to drivers/ratings.

    It's literally game breaking for me LOL, the first moment I found out Max is still wearing RBR helmet when he moved to Mercedes I was like hell no, the game is finished 🤢

    And that's how I started modding the hell out of the game

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Naxlr said:

    The issue with the ai is complete lack of any kind of varied racing with the expectation last year of the weird drs open spin on straight occasionally and the rare spin on the Bahrain auto spin kerb . They are complete robots same line every lap, every corner , every race, every season. .Wet or dry never miss a apex, never lock up and go over the grass / in to barriers, never make mistake in qualifying and miss going through to next session for example just complete on rails. Seems to just be were the technology for car racing game ai Is at because even simulator games like asseto Corsa comp has the same thing .Least the motorcycle genre tries to implement some variation with ai. But car racing all just have Gran Turismo levels of ai on rails and for me at least it just got so boring now racing against pure bots. Strangely 18 actually had some variation ai got occasional punctures, they lock up and miss corner, go on grass , spin whilst battling each other but all that disappeared in 19 and 20 and probably 21 to . Strange they had a base to build from and just removed the variation side of thing's completely.

    It's rare but not impossible to see Ai DNF from crashing, Canada, Monaco, Baku, Hanoi are prime examples, be it from practice, or qualifying, or the race, they still did and it was hilarious.

    The real issue is the suspension damage sensitivity is way too low in the vanilla game.

  5. 1 hour ago, LEWISt17KIMI said:

    So what exactly are the AI's doing, in these videos, that is so different from the ones in F1 2020. 

    From a person who're still playing the MyTeam mode religiously after almost a full year, the Ai is definitely an another major step-up from 2020. 

    One of the major criticisms I had with the 2020 Ai was that, unless the speed difference at the given moment between Ai & Ai car is significant, they won't make any attempt to overtake and just stuck in the train even if the gap between cars are less than a car length. But then when they're side-by-side, in most cases they would adjust their speed so deliberately to stay in that position, that they literally become a mobile road block for half the track and make little to no effort to finish the overtaking attempt. 

    So far in the videos I've watched on 2021, I've already noticed that they've pretty much fixed these issues which are quite a big impact to the gameplay. The Ai now are actually fighting for position, even when they're put into a tight spot they no longer just back-off instantly and willingly staying in the fight. At the beginning of the race when traffic is heavy, they're even actively looking for space to squeeze in and not stuck in the 2-lane trains like they commonly did in 2020.

    Another refinement is that they don't make that many awkward sudden moments (quick left and right) anymore, they even improve the animation when cars are entering/leaving pitbox, it's so much more realistic now.

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  6. 5 hours ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    This is a very common functional request.  Different driver helmets for real-life drivers and changing liveries for teams (for example 10 different Ferrari designs that they change between seasons). I'm less keen on the second one as that sounds like a tricky business to get teams to consent to that but when you look at some PC Mods, there's some really good ideas for designs that you wish were included for console versions too.

    I think it'd be an interesting idea for CM to contact the drivers and get them to put forward team-specific helmet designs. However, I think it would affect branding rights when you have drivers like Hamilton wearing a Red Bull helmet while Monster are his real-life thing. I suspect there'll be some issues there. 

    I think the easiest way to do it would be to have more control over who goes where but that'd not fix your helmet issue as Alpha drivers would only ever be able to drive for that one team. 

    I would say if it's possible to give every driver a sponsor-less version of their own helmet and make them use it when they switched team it would be good enough. Seems like the Iconic drivers will be just like that. 

    I've been using (or modding myself) helmet mods on PC to do just that, but I feel bad for the console players who can't have that freedom. 

  7. 2 hours ago, petro1319 said:

    Just give the player a notification of driver changes, and have the player acknowledge whether to accept it or not.   In any other sports game you can control CPU/AI trades of players; so why not just give us the control to approve/deny it, or simply change the driver roster at will.  Very common practice in every other sports game with a franchise/season mode along with editing ratings as well.  If I see that F1 2021 is going to cause me to abandon career mode after career mode again because of driver transfers that make no sense again I may just throw in the towel on the series until it's fixed.   Give us the option to control all driver moves if we wanted, let the occur naturally according to the game's programming, but let the player override it if they want.  In Driver Career mode give us the option to pick a teammate.  I understand that it's not "realistic" that a driver joins a team and gets to decide who says/who goes, but at the end of the day this is a video game and it has a mode that should serve the player and make the player want to play through a 10 year career.

    Or, unless they're willing (or allowed by FOM) to make team specific helmet (or non-team specific ones) for every driver, then even the most bonkers of driver transfer would still be believable 😜. It always break the immersion when you saw someone with a Redbull helmet driving for Ferrari or something else not related to RB for example. 

  8. 1 hour ago, KNT2011 said:

    2 player career, offline HUD for full race replays, ability to save full race replays, 3 new tracks to come, new rain model and I would assume more graphical touches to go along with it.. 

    I get your desired improvement wasn't made but it's a solid bundle for a yearly update. 

    Tbh, instead of updating racetracks, I would rather they include racetracks they had in past games (like Nurburgring) or alternate variations of existed track F1 used to race (Bahrain Endurance/Sakhir GP) if FOM allows it...which is unlikely to happen 😔.  

  9. 47 minutes ago, Neomo said:

    Dont forget to stupid AI especially at first laps. And if u play without flashbacks you can easily retire most of race bcs of rear wing damage

    Yea in 2020 most Ai loves to get stuck in the trains in the middle and outside lane on the first few corners, but then there's always one Ai that DIVE BOMB half the field into the inside lane and cause massive chaos. 

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  10. 32 minutes ago, Wynterdust said:

    It's not really a definitive setting for how often they move though. The higher the acclaim, the more likely a better team will hire them sure but it doesn't really affect how many will actually take place.


    There should be a setting like Aoi says that relates to how often they move.

    Personally hoping there'll be options for how much cash you start the myteam mode with as well. Will be a bit annoyed paying out extra for the icon drivers and not actually being able to use them straight away.

    The option should be at least something unlockable after completing certain challenges such as finishing a season or whatever. 

  11. 4 hours ago, Schneehase said:

    I would not have a problem if the livery changed depending on the track - but noone will demand that much realism from the devs, will we?

    Well, people have been demanding WAY more stuff than that LOL

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  12. 5 hours ago, Schneehase said:

    You know, one could solve this in several ways. I cant fathom that Ferrari themselves want as little sponsor reference on their in game cars as possible. Why not have a green area, or green stripes, or whatever at the proper spot and this would be so much more immersive? Counts for McLaren als well, even having a white bar in that place would look better (or make LOVE not VELO^^).

    MW logo not on the Ferrari is more immersive than using green stripes as replacement, because that logo won't be on their car on every track anyways. And, tbh, using random stripes would make an already ugly livery even worse LOL

  13. 3 hours ago, kalamazoo123 said:

    But again... exactly my point! That was race over for the alfa, no doubt. In the gameplay vids I’ve seen, the damage to the McLaren in the picture about gives you a performance disadvantage. Just totally unrealistic!

    Yea it's a very odd choice of damage too, getting hit from the nose of the car behind, instead of getting diffuser damage, you get bits of rear wing bitten away lol.

    Imo, if they can't get the rear wing to completely fell off, might as well abandon it and just focus on getting diffuser damages (both visual & performance), I think it would make way more sense with the current damage model of how it affect the car performance, in real life if the rear wing is damage it's pretty much an instant DNF. 

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  14. 6 hours ago, KNT2011 said:

    While I appreciate the issue for single championship, grand prix or very early career modes, if you're multiple seasons in you don't have this issue, sorry, you have to allow for how the drivers develop over time. Hamilton may win for the next 7/8 seasons, but the game isn't going to shake out like that the majority of the time. By that point you''re well into fictional future land and Bottas may be well capable of dominating at that time. 

    I've been through many different MyTeam careers with many seasons each, and Bottas had been overpowered in every single one of them, in every season. He could consistently out qualified Hamilton and even finished races miles ahead of Hamilton by pure pace. He literally could win pretty much every championship if it wasn't the players getting in his way. 

    I don't hate Valtteri and would like to see him succeeds, but...the game is a bit too far from the truth, either Hamilton is too weak or he's too strong, I wouldn't even consider Hamilton competitive here. 

  15. 12 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    I don't think there are Heineken adverts in F1 2020 but I have a vague recollection that there may have been in the beta version that YouTubers were playing this time last year? 

    I can't remember if the game had Heineken boards, but one possibility is that he had mod installed (the realistic sponsors mod or something, I have them)

  16. 47 minutes ago, Krisperfectline said:

    One thing that is also OP: Alpha Tauri in a straightline. Their car is 3rd best on the power unit, whilst I am 9th, and their car is 6th best on the aerodynamics, while I am 3rd. However, Kyvat and Gasly appear to just overtake everyone with ease, including the Mercedes drivers. 

    Not exactly sure if it's the case, but AlphaTauri is actually still using the Renault engine (with its upgrade multiplier values) in the game based on the files. 

  17. 26 minutes ago, KNT2011 said:

    The counter argument would be MotoGP allows customisation to a very similiar level to GTS, but perhaps their brand and companies involved aren't in such a strong position where locking out these kind of things is viable. 

    At the very least I do hope for some more tools to come to MyTeam / Multiplayer livery design. Rather than just a handful of specific spots, to be able to go nuts with the colours, design and sizing of premade (if it has to be that way) sponsor designs would be a big step up. Including on suits and helmets as well. Those are still bugged now tbh. 

    One possibility is that, they would lose an opportunity to monetize if players could freely create liveries to the level of games like Forza or GTS, not to mention creating that system probably requires more sophisticated programming which might be a lot of work but with very little reward from the developer perspective. 

  18. 27 minutes ago, USPBauer24 said:

    The tracks all look bright and colourful - and still don't appear to have been updated or made to look more realistic. 

    I played Assetto Corsa Comp today and the tracks are raw and gritty and you feel like you really are on concrete - you can feel the road.

    The floaty handling nature of F1 2020 still seems to exist in this new game. 

    I still think F1 2017 had the best physics. The car felt heavy and real. 

    Simply undated the UI and splashing bright colours everywhere doesn't improve the game.

    Disappointing so far. 

    There're already some comparison videos out there that shows the different between the two games, there're quite some changes when you compare them side-by-side. The real criticism is that the tracks are still not laser scanned, but for a yearly release I think it's unrealistic to expect them to have any real breakthroughs on the track model, especially when there're some new track that're gonna be added to the game.

    Also, please don't forget one thing, the world in real life had always been colorful. What we commonly saw on TV was never truly representative, be it the settings from the camera that captured the visuals, or the quality of our TV.

  19. 8 hours ago, petro1319 said:

    Wow, must have taken a ton of time and experimenting for you to figure this out.  Thank you for sharing these details.   As much as I'd love to do this I'm not sure I have the patience for it especially since I play on Xbox.  Saving game files isn't exactly a smooth process on the consoles.   I've found when I get to end of year negotiations I'll exit the mode before I negotiate so it saves.  Then I go to settings form the main menu, turn off auto save, then I go back in to try and negotiate with drivers.  So I guess that's kind of what console players would need to do here.  Everytime you get a desireable outcome though you have to exit the mode, go back to settings and turn auto save on.  Then enter my team again and it should pick up right where you left off, then exit again and it should then force save it.  It's a real pain; wish there was just a way to save the file like most normal games and have as many save files with as many names as you want/need.

    I really hope the folks at Codies here take note of the extensive work around we have to find to get desirable outcomes in these modes.  It really should signal to them that their current strategy for implementing  driver moves isn't what we want or need.  EA taking over gives me a bit of hope that will change down the road as their franchise/career modes has normal game save systems and provide customization options for teams/players etc.  It would be nice to have control over all teams/drivers and even team/driver ratings like we do in almost every other sports title within the career modes.  I understand that takes away from the "realism" of just being a driver in career mode, or owning your team (and driving for it) in my team mode.  However, lets be serious here.  At the end of the day this is a video game.  We've already created our own fictional driver and fictional team potentially as well if playing My Team mode.  So what if there's further option there to customize it outside of the control a driver would have in the real world.   Franchise modes in sports titles should be living and breathing.  Not poorly scripted to simply pick a driver based on acclaim rating; always forcing yourself as #1 driver in Career mode to replace the existing #1 driver and having unrealistic driver moves.   Just give the player the option.  For those who don't want that control they don't have to use it; same way you can just simply turn off driver moves all together.

    While I'm thankful for your post and detailed instructions and I certainly may try it in F1 2021 if the modes don't change they way they handle this, but for F12020 I'm just not motivated enough to try and salvage the 3 My Team modes and 2 driver career modes I've had to abandon due to odd driver moves with the new game coming out so soon.  I really hope the folks in charge here take note though of the tremendous efforts we have to undertake to play the game in our own way within the 10 year "franchise" modes and simply provide the customization options, more driver options (even if fictional characters) because the mode has an awesome foundation, it just kills itself with execution though by the time you hit year 4 or 5 and it then is in desperate need of customization options at that point IMO.  I've lost interest in ALL of my 3 My Team modes and 2 driver career modes because of the driver moves.  I know; "just turn them off"... but why would I want to race against the 2020 drivers grid in 2028?   For the player to keep interest in the mode past year 4 or 5 it has to stay alive; R&D changes allow that to happen as the grid can shuffle, but I've gone 2 years in one mode with no regulation changes; I'm maxed out.  With about 20k r&D points saved up.  If I got a regulation change now, I'd still be top of the grid because I have the R&D points to reinvest and not be penalized; so even that system is flawed and leaves the mode stagnant after a while. 

    I really hope a focus of this year was improving the My Team and Career modes; but it doesn't seem that way thus far based on what we know of F1-2021 so I guess my only hope here is to try this workaround when the new game comes.

    Exactly the issues that I faced with my old save(s), so many ridiculous driver moves that made me smash my desk like Toto, they were all ruined and I literally started over countless times just trying to get the perfect save (which couldn't until recently).

    I at first only used save & load method to try getting the game to shuffle to the way I wanted. Until with a recent save where I hit a rock with Riccardo always signing with Ferrari after Vettel retired. And then out of desperation and curiosity, I went in and negotiate with him which he rejected me because I didn't met his demand, feeling hopeless and hit progress in the calendar and the next thing I know is, he's stayed at Renault for some mysterious reasons. That was how I figured out such a method could be possible after numerous further testing which brought the same desirable results (Still took me a year to figure that out though 😅)

    I had made some suggestions about having the ability to control the driver market and Ai team progression in one of my posts, hope they saw it and would consider this as a good idea for the new game 😁 

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  20. 14 minutes ago, DanielGrigg said:

    Thanks for the reply. Definitely agree with the latter point. When Hamilton retired he was replaced by Stroll which made me seriously consider starting the Career from scratch, in the end I adopted the mindset that Daddy Warbucks must have bought Daimler... It was the only explanation.



    8 minutes ago, petro1319 said:

    Agreed.  I've quit/restarted several career/my team modes because of the odd driver move choices.   In my current one George Russel left Williams and went to Alfa Romeo.   Really?   Sainz and Ricardo are at Redbull.  Max is with Racing Point (at the bottom of the midfield based on team performance).   Ferrari has Perez and Bottas, and Mercedes has Hamilton and Giovinazzi. 

    I mean... who really wants to proceed through a career mode like that?  However that's a different discussion that seems to fall on deaf ears too.

    It's a bit out of the original topic, but I've made a guide to manipulate Ai drivers to sign with specific team you wanted:


    It's not as complicated as it sounds, especially when the effort is totally worth it if you want a less ridiculous driver shuffle on the grid.

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  21. 56 minutes ago, Nythial said:

    So whats the deal with this track ? 


    No matter what i try or do i just cannot make good laps on this track , down the main straight the AI just fly past me as if im standing still and i know i make horrible turns around those weird loopy rounabout like corners , i need some explanation and guidance how to do this track properly because its the one track that completly makes me hate this game.

    The Ai are for some reason very strong coming out of the turn 3 - 4 into that first DRS zone, they just go flat out with both DRS and KERS fully wide open with ridiculous consistency. The situation is especially worse for the players in their first season when the MyTeam car still has terrible chassis and aero which made riding the curb very difficult, because with the high drag you can't really run higher downforce or else they'll just fly pass you down the long straight. 

    The Ai is quite weak in the final section though.

  22. On 5/30/2021 at 5:13 AM, Schneehase said:

    On lap #4, he even looses it in the hairpin since he seemed to have "jumped" well outside the track (index 28.55 minutes and on), and I pass him, one corner later he appears in front of me. Just as I catch up on him still, he jumps straight another 200 meters, ***?

    As if he had a button to leap forward. If anyone from Codemasters @BarryBL sees this, please give me a feedback if this is know / can be prevented for F1 2021 / can ban these players somehow. I suppose the game should be able to detect that kind of "driving", no?

    On that specific incident, it was just lag.

    Very common thing to happen in multiplayer racing when players are from all over the world with different network speeds, saw those million of times from my experience playing GT and Forza with Aussies/Asian players lol

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  23. 1 hour ago, Henricus12 said:

    I don't know, I think it will be more likely to break the physical disc version, I don't think the digital version can actually be broken as it is untangible. 

    Don't ever underestimate EA...they might not be able to break the fabric of the digital dimension, but they can still break our heart 😬

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  24. 24 minutes ago, Krisperfectline said:

    Oh ***********.... Those Alpha Tauris are massively quick in a straightline LOL I have struggled to overtake Kyvat and Gasly in a straightline even with drs. 

    Well, technically the AlphaTauri is still running the Renault engine (with Honda noise) based on the files, so...LOL

  25. 2 hours ago, DonBlanko said:

    But don't you get automatically a lot of money after 2-3 seasons ? I often read that the players didn't know what to buy after some time. 

    I don't know yet, because I never finished 2. Season 😄

    We do, there's literally nothing to spend on after season 3-4 (depends on when you reached lvl 20 team acclaim), I literally needs to purposely slow down my progression in my new save to keep things interesting. So unless if players wants a weaker teammate, always spend more on driver to purposely increase your expenses.

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