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  1. THIS RIGHT HERE, the simulate or accelerating time is just ridiculous! If you managed to accelerate time correctly at the right moment (when he's the only one in the hotlap), you could even put Russell and his Williams in top three when they're worst in R&D. To get the most realistic results, you need to run qualifying in real time (at least whenever there are cars doing hotlaps), so you should also be running last during the final run, because if you finished the final lap when there're still cars behind you with the timer at zero, the Ai will simulate the sectors that they have
  2. Yea I agree with the fictional drivers. There was this football club management series I played a long time ago that feature hundreds of fictional players alongside real ones, where everyone had their own face model, stats with unique growth pacing and potentials, and even with different personalities (One of eight types if I remember correctly). Personally I would prefer them to have a much smaller number of choices and focus on their quality (building up their character and background) instead of quantity, it wouldn't make sense to have so many people ready for F1 or super license anywa
  3. I understand what you mean, me too wanted a breathing world like you've described, even if it's a fantasy setting with drivers like Senna still being young in our generation racing modern cars. But I guess for this game's MyTeam mode to develop into a full-blown management game will definitely still take some time, since as we can see here, just a few old drivers added to the game could generate such divided opinions. Not to mention, I bet the game is also heavily influenced by FOM, CM probably could only do things that they allowed.
  4. Even the F2 drivers not hired by any team grow automatically. Mick is a free agent for 2 seasons in MyTeam mode, and his rating had increased from 62 to a whopping 70. And he's still a free agent now on my third season, just a reminder. About the driver pool, that's why atm we had the Iconic drivers in the new game, it's the first step to expand the mode and I'm sure if it's successful they'll push it further from player's demand.
  5. Let's be fair, the issues where player usually mentioned will most likely never ever to appear in any trailers since they're literally not a selling point. if you're worry just wait till the game is out and read reviews before buying it, that's how it should be done on our side, always. Not to mention the unrealistic icon drivers contents are only limited to Deluxe version (at least for now), just ignore that and you're good to go.
  6. Monaco is all about the flow, don't focus on getting fast lap time, just keep driving until you can consistently get clean laps. It's tricky on a few spots with controller, but totally manageable even with 110 Ai Also, you can try to run lower downforce, yes lower downforce, like 10-12 in total, I felt that max downforce made the car behave very weirdly in this game.
  7. I'm not sure if someone had ever mention this before, but I think I've figured out how to control AI drivers to sign whatever team you wanted them to sign in the MyTeam mode, at least to some extend because there're still some random elements which cannot be completely eliminated. First, a few concepts needs to be said before getting into the main part: This is only for MyTeam mode The method is about eliminating options Always backup your save file so you can try again if you did something wrong This is done on PC so I'm not sure if it'll work as well on console
  8. The funny thing is, I'm probably the one who suggested that idea and they listened LOL
  9. What a lovely cluster of messy nightmares, my brain would instantly melt if they make me operate that while driving šŸ˜¬
  10. 100 is the maximum number they could reach, I'll try to explain. For example, if the driver starts with stat like this: EXP 80 RAC 80 AWE 80 PAC 80 Once you upgraded your personnel facility to maximum, the game will show you this: EXP 80 +15 RAC 80 +15 AWE 80 +15 PAC 80 +15 (This + is permanent unless you shut down the facility) But overtime the driver will grow themselves and might become something like this overtime EXP 83 +15 RAC 83 +15 AWE 83 +15 PAC 83 +15 At this point the stats are all 98 in total, but
  11. Ignore the + stats, just look at the base numbers, those are the ones that will increase automatically overtime. The + are from team activities and personnel facility.
  12. Atm it's definitely too easy, literally the only time you need to worry is when the Safety Car is out because the AI ahead drive way too slow in some corners. Though I do think if they're gonna make the system more complex, there will need to be options for players to tune it down or else it might be too difficult for most people.
  13. Oops I didn't mean the resources for us to run the game, but the resources (like personnel, equipment and cost) for the developer to make the game. And I agree with you that our current systems could run the F1 games with no issue indeed, so some graphic improvements for the next game should still be expected, just may be not a complete overhaul.
  14. You've mistaken, the team activities only improve the driver's stats temporary (which is the extra "+" stats), the effect only last one race, while the base stats will increase automatically overtime. You can literally completely ignore the training activities and they'll still grow themselves. While the +5 + 10 +15 is based entirely on personnel facilities, those are tied to your facilities that means the driver will lose those effects if they switch team or if you shut the facility down.
  15. This. As much as I would love to see major improvement on graphics, expecting a annually-release series to had major breakthrough in this era is just a bit unrealistic. I've personally already had enough bad experiences from games series switching generations like Forza 4 -> Forza 5, or GT4 -> GT5 for examples. The situation there was basically trading better graphics at the cost of sacrificing contents and ends up with a half-baked product with a nice cover. Took years to create the graphics, then take more years to fix the game, and then who knows when the lost contents are
  16. If I'm not mistaken the F2 drivers do improve their stats overtime just like the F1 drivers.
  17. After quite many seasons playing the single player modes, I've been noticing having common issues of catching Ai on the straight in high downforce tracks (Monaco, Singapore, Hungary, etc.), while struggling to catch AI in corners on high speed tracks (Monza, Hanoi, etc.), and I've been using setups which people used in time trials. Then I started to set up my wing as close to the default 10-12 points (in total) for every race tracks for my new career save, and noticed a huge difference in terms of how both my car and the Ai performs. Now the racing is much closer because the car character
  18. The problem is they seems to run the exact same default car setup for every tracks, so whenever where maximum downforce is key they would be slow compare with players.
  19. CM's F1 definitely had found a good balance for being a simcade. Improvement on the physics model to chase for more realism is always a welcome. I wouldn't be too concern about the difficulty of playing it with a controller since even AC is fine using that, but at the same time, I think it's fine for F1 to stay the way it is now.
  20. I myself didn't encounter much crashing either (on PC), it was usually minor bugs like textures missing or getting blurry from time to time (and a restart usually fixed it). The game was far from any mess that I would deemed unplayable like Cyberpunk or even some NFS titles like Shift. The worst bug I've encountered was the game crashed after finishing a race which made me had to start all over, but I've only encountered it less than 5 times this whole year. Though being said, I only play MyTeam so may be other game modes had more issues?
  21. Fair enough, we certainly have different preferences on what we wanted to see improves in the game. For me, MyTeam is pretty much the only thing I care. Be it a more in depth management system or driver selections or better AI, as long as it enhance the gameplay of that mode it would be a plus for me. As for multiplayer, I've gotten tired of racing people who don't know what they're doing, and gave up that mode way before myself experiencing any bugs that ruin the gameplay LOL. In a negative way to look at it, no matter how much improvement they made to the multiplayer, you still ca
  22. Isn't having more selection in the driver's market an improvement to the game mode? or do you just want the exact same game as last year with only small tweaks but charges you full price? Wasn't that kind of business model what people hated about EA the most other than the microtransactions?
  23. We're talking about an option within the game, of course we all know not buying the Deluxe Edition is an option too but it has different meaning. The thing is, some people prefer to have an in-game option where they could switch it on-off whenever they like it. For example, I could have my first career save to be as realistic as possible, but then in my career save B I wanted a fantasy career where it's literally a different universe from real life. It's pretty convenient if you can have this as an option, I don't think it's a bad idea. You could say "just don't hire the historic dri
  24. I think what he meant was if it's possible to completely disable them from appearing in the driver's market so it doesn't ruin the immersion because it doesn't look realistic. Though we won't know until the game comes out, I personally do prefer them giving us that option.
  25. I would certainly hope it's possible to have a much bigger driver roster in the market with this idea. Though I'm not sure how CM did their character models, may be they take way too much time to create so just throwing a big fishing net to catch as many drivers as possible might not be a realistic idea. Anyways atm we'll be sticking with this list, if it turns out to be a brilliant idea I bet EA would do whatever they can to push it further (But CM please keep it under your control!)
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