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  1. 1 hour ago, morpheus47 said:

    If you exit to to menu then you lose progress confirmed? SO always do mid session save.


    Yes, if you don't do the mid-session save you'll lose all progress of that session and need to start over. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, morpheus47 said:

    It says on the screen this will overwrite any existing data meaning will i loose my progress?

    You'll only lose the progression that you made after the moment you saved mid-session.

    When you return to the game next time you'll start at the moment you last saved. 

  3. 14 minutes ago, neiluk03 said:

    No, it was two seperate careers, me and Bottas in a Mercedes won the Championship at AI 88. Then in the latest patch version I started a career with Williams aiming to build the car up to the top. Now in Season 5 but from season 1 had to go to AI 83 to be competitive.

    It seems to me that the AI levels have been tweaked, not a bad thing if true. 

    I'm not exactly sure if CM did anything specific to the Ai behaviors throughout the year, but based on my personal experience, there wasn't any specific change in difficulties.

    Though, the car performances between each team might've played a part in that discrepancy on your experience. The teams don't just started out with different performances at the beginning of a career, when they're all maxed out there're still major differences. For example, a maxed out Williams's aero & chassis is still way worse than Mercedes when they're only at about 80-90% progression in R&D. 

    In your situation, it may be something just as simple as the Ai Russell was adapting to the Williams better than you did, their car is definitely less forgiving than the Mercedes. 

  4. 10 minutes ago, Bhawk67 said:

    Not gonna lie but when I used a controller I would pause right before eau rouge and raidillon at Spa otherwise it was 50-50 I’de eat S especially in the rain. 😂

    Gotta let LandoBOT takes over the stressful moments.

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  5. 39 minutes ago, neiluk03 said:

    Thanks, but to your first point, I played the game exactly the same was like I said before so accelerating time doesn't change anything, I accelerated time with Mercedes as well. The second point also isn't valid because I am comparing myself to Russell as he develops and the Williams develops. Even in season 1 with AI level 88 he was out qualifying me, whereas at the same stage in the previous career (and previous versions) Bottas wasn't out qualifying me at AI 88. I am comparing the situations with exactly the same conditions. Comparing against the team mate in the same car

    Well oops, sorry I didn't read your post properly.

    Have you try comparing yourself with Bottas now at 88 difficulty settings? And, did you meant Russell in the Williams was out qualifying your Mercedes? 

  6. 16 minutes ago, neiluk03 said:

    Thanks, but to your first point, I played the game exactly the same was like I said before so accelerating time doesn't change anything, I accelerated time with Mercedes as well. The second point also isn't valid because I am comparing myself to Russell as he develops and the Williams develops. Even in season 1 with AI level 88 he was out qualifying me, whereas at the same stage in the previous career (and previous versions) Bottas wasn't out qualifying me at AI 88. I am comparing the situations with exactly the same conditions. Comparing against the team mate in the same car

    From my experience, depends on how much the rule changes for R&D, in general, the AI are about 1-2 difficulties higher than your 1st season if you're running 100+ AI on your 2nd or 3rd season (so about 2-4 difficulties higher if your difficulty setting is below 100).

    Though, I still need to confirm, how do you use the accelerating function in qualifying? Because, for example, if Bottas is on his hotlap while you're in the garage, if you press the time accelerate during that, Botta's on track speed will literally fast forward (not just the timer), and it'll make the AI's lap time really inaccurate.

    Another situation is, if the Ai are doing their final run at the end of qualifying while you're still in the garage, the qualifying will ends immediately when the timer reached zero and the game will simply auto-generate the unfinished Ai's laptimes because they would not be able to do the full lap in real time. The auto-generated laptimes are typically much faster than what they should capable of doing for some reason, which is very inaccurate. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, SidioManeKONATE said:
    I'm afraid EA will break F1 2021.

    As always, if you're skeptical about a product, don't pre-order it, wait for reviews and then see if it's worth it. 

    EA is complete dog poo poo, but CM isn't, imo. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, neiluk03 said:

    All these answers are fine and I have no doubt there is merit but they don't answer the original query. I was playing the game exactly the same way when I was in Mercedes beating Bottas to the title at AI 88 that I was when playing as Williams now at AI 83. Simulating about 50 to 60% of the races , always do full qualifying but I accelerate time when in the garage. So while these answers about faster AI times when simulating are no doubt valid they don't answer the query of whether the AI has been tweaked

    First, like we've mentioned before, accelerating time in garage will make them much faster if they are on track doing hotlaps.

    Second, most AI drivers slowly improve themselves throughout the seasons, it's part of their growth in stats, not to mention their team's R&D progression make a huge difference in terms of their performance. The difficulty is significantly higher during late game. 


  9. 10 hours ago, morpheus47 said:

    I got a issue with interviews in the last three weekends in a row no interviews. I even bought a interviews upgrade. Anyone else perhaps had this problem? I been doing good to 1st season i got interviewed all the time 2nd season 3 weekends in a row NOT ONE! please excuse my english and typos ) 

    It's not uncommon for that to happens if your results were either not particularly good or bad. 

  10. 2 hours ago, FTBuzzard said:

    codemasters could at least add the f2 drivers correctly in myteam, because the f2 drivers from 2020 are still not integrated in myteam.

    That's one thing that is still making me scratching my head too, it's definitely a missed opportunity to make the MyTeam mode fresh again, and I doubt the new game would features 2019 or 2021 F2 lineup, so we're probably gonna stuck with the 2020 lineup just like how we did before. 

  11. 3 hours ago, Krisperfectline said:

    Straight away... never simulate sessions, because the ai seem to set crazy lap and sector times. Unless you want to explore like Aarava. I just finished Monaco my team today in season 2. I tried to accelerate time in Q1, and Verstappen set a 17.6 first sector in Q1 on 105 difficulty, which is 4 tenths faster than anyone else did in the entirety of Q1, Q2 and Q3 and 7 tenths faster than what I managed in any session. However, I stopped accelerating time when he started the second sector, and he did a 33.9 in that sector, which was close to Hamilton, Bottas and myself, as all 4 of us were in the fight for pole position. Verstappen then finished the lap with a 1:09.5 in the first qualifying session. 

    In Q3, when me, the two Mercedes and Verstappen were fighting for pole, without simulating or accelerating time, I started with a 1:09.3, then Bottas and Verstappen set laps in the same bracket as me, but Verstappen was 0.050 faster than me. 

    Never simulate or accelerate time in sessions, especially in later seasons of my team, as crazy lap times, or even unrealistic lap times occur. 

    THIS RIGHT HERE, the simulate or accelerating time is just ridiculous!

    If you managed to accelerate time correctly at the right moment (when he's the only one in the hotlap), you could even put Russell and his Williams in top three when they're worst in R&D.

    To get the most realistic results, you need to run qualifying in real time (at least whenever there are cars doing hotlaps), so you should also be running last during the final run, because if you finished the final lap when there're still cars behind you with the timer at zero, the Ai will simulate the sectors that they haven't finish and get ridiculous lap time. 

  12. 1 hour ago, petro1319 said:

    Yeah; I hope EA takes a look at the series and says we can build upon this and provide customization for players.   I understand that with licensing issues that's why we likely only have the F2 drivers and we don't have guys like Hulkenberg and Albon currently because while they're test drivers, they aren't active and likely arent covered by the current licensing issues.  That's fine; but then in year 2 or three or something start injecting some fictional drivers into the pool.  Or let you create your own young drivers program to recruit and train/upgrade young talent.  Long ways off for the mode only being 1 year old; I get that but I just hope they're paying attention to these things.

    The only promising thing to me of EA getting involved here is they hopefully will be able to take the "franchise" modes to the next level here.  Licensing rights to things seem to be no issue for them as big as they are.  If anyone can get the FIA & FOM etc. to realize they need to let go of some control over these things to expand the reach of this game and therefore increase revenues it's going to be the folks at EA I'd guess.

    Yea I agree with the fictional drivers.

    There was this football club management series I played a long time ago that feature hundreds of fictional players alongside real ones, where everyone had their own face model, stats with unique growth pacing and potentials, and even with different personalities (One of eight types if I remember correctly). Personally I would prefer them to have a much smaller number of choices and focus on their quality (building up their character and background) instead of quantity, it wouldn't make sense to have so many people ready for F1 or super license anyways LOL

    It would be really cool if both us and AI teams can at least hire those characters from the F2 Story mode.  

  13. 3 hours ago, petro1319 said:

    That's odd; because he's not progressed in mine.  None of them have unless I hire them and then they get the benefits of my facility upgrades and such.

    I just dont see how adding iconic drivers helps.  Only the player can hire them apparently (which is a good thing IMO) but it still brings about the question for me of why I want to hire a guy who raced many many years ago into my current team starting the 2021 season.   I just personally don't see the appeal of it.   Want to run the icons in Career mode as them; or in the grand prix / season modes; yeah, I get that.  I'll use them there if I can.  In my career mode though; no thanks.  I don't want a nostalgic career for ONE team only.  I want a mode that lives and breathes as it's own world, not that has a random driver that's long retired in it with stagnant never changing drivers.

    I understand what you mean, me too wanted a breathing world like you've described, even if it's a fantasy setting with drivers like Senna still being young in our generation racing modern cars. But I guess for this game's MyTeam mode to develop into a full-blown management game will definitely still take some time, since as we can see here, just a few old drivers added to the game could generate such divided opinions.

    Not to mention, I bet the game is also heavily influenced by FOM, CM probably could only do things that they allowed. 

  14. On 5/22/2021 at 10:22 PM, petro1319 said:

    I'm not talking about the stats of the teammate you hire.  I'm talking about the ones for the guys unhired, still in the driver pool.  They don't progress through the career mode.  So what incentive is there to sign them to grow your team and actually play the mode.  As it sits the mode is basically adding a team to driver career mode, using your character as the driver, hiring another driver, and buying a few facility upgrades.     The actual world your MY TEAM mode exists in over a 10 year period doesn't change.  That's the problem.   You can only ever hire a 2019 F2 driver, or a driver from another F1 2020 team; even in year 5, or 8, or 9 of the mode.  It just kills all immersion, its just like playing driver career mode over and over and over again but with your own livery after you max things out in year 3 or so.  The mode needs a living, breathing world for your 10 year career.  Not be stuck in 2019 F2 and 2020F1.

    Even the F2 drivers not hired by any team grow automatically.

    Mick is a free agent for 2 seasons in MyTeam mode, and his rating had increased from 62 to a whopping 70. And he's still a free agent now on my third season, just a reminder.

    About the driver pool, that's why atm we had the Iconic drivers in the new game, it's the first step to expand the mode and I'm sure if it's successful they'll push it further from player's demand. 

  15. 21 minutes ago, Shark2Racing said:

    It would be already a big step forward to fix all current issues that are known to the community.

    If would because great step forward to fix the tracks, provide the tracks to reflect the name of the gam ( F1 2020 ?🤪)

    A Great step forward to fix all the discussed MP issues.

    Instead new story mode ???

    instead classic drivers - driving on tracks they never drove 

    Why not concentrate on the core of F1 And the competition a race Game asks for ?

    Instead - story mode ? My Team - and Team Mode ??

    Aftet 4 session in my Team I was able to beat the times off E-Sports professionals in Time Trials - with all assists on ???? balancing / cheating ??

    I enyjoy very much the Grand Prix Mode of the Game - here you could challenge yourself by changing AI and or Team. And that is the main reason for buying it still.

    I hope that some of the issues will be addressed and fixed - especially the MP part with cheaters driving just through you without damage or rammers that get away with their behavior -

    and hopefully not again the sentence - and now to some questions……….



    Let's be fair, the issues where player usually mentioned will most likely never ever to appear in any trailers since they're literally not a selling point. if you're worry just wait till the game is out and read reviews before buying it, that's how it should be done on our side, always. 

    Not to mention the unrealistic icon drivers contents are only limited to Deluxe version (at least for now), just ignore that and you're good to go. 

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  16. 6 minutes ago, Scoggins said:

    Seeing as the most recent F1 race has been Monaco, can anyone get round this circuit in one piece using a controller/pad?

    I generally don't participate in races at this track because :-

    1) I just can't get around the circuit without crashing.....and

    2) On the few occasions that I do get round unscathed, I take the circuit so slowly that my lap time is around 30 seconds off the pace.

    Monaco is all about the flow, don't focus on getting fast lap time, just keep driving until you can consistently get clean laps. 

    It's tricky on a few spots with controller, but totally manageable even with 110 Ai

    Also, you can try to run lower downforce, yes lower downforce, like 10-12 in total, I felt that max downforce made the car behave very weirdly in this game. 

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  17. I'm not sure if someone had ever mention this before, but I think I've figured out how to control AI drivers to sign whatever team you wanted them to sign in the MyTeam mode, at least to some extend because there're still some random elements which cannot be completely eliminated.

    First, a few concepts needs to be said before getting into the main part:

    • This is only for MyTeam mode
    • The method is about eliminating options
    • Always backup your save file so you can try again if you did something wrong
    • This is done on PC so I'm not sure if it'll work as well on console since I dunno if backing up and recovering save file would be as convenient as PC (Also on PC you can use Cheat Engine to make things simpler, it's optional but I'll explain why it helps below)

    So, what we're going to do is, we are basically here to eliminate the options each AI team has in the market in order to limit and control who they can sign. How we're gonna do that then you might ask? The simple answer is that we'll try to purposely FAIL the negotiation with drivers that we wanted them to STAY in their own team. I will explain what's happening here.

    Each season we get a total of 8 days to negotiate with drivers, and each day we get to negotiate 3 times so a total of 24 chances, but let's keep things simple first and focus on the End-of-Year negotiation (Because the mid season negotiation is pretty much the same thing but with less flexibility since no one will retires).

    Usually on your first few seasons, at least one driver will retire (Kimi is the most likely one, Vettel follows). Now you have one to two seats available and it will shake up the market randomly, which sometimes will ends up with not so desirable and ridiculous driver shuffles like Stroll abandoning his dad and signing back into Williams or Latifi going to Haas or whatever (Some people might like that but I personally don't). What can we do to get rid of situations like this then? As I've mentioned above, we'll make drivers stay in their team.

    When we try to recruit a F1 drivers, usually only their own team would try to negotiate with us, this will keep things very simple but there will be rare occasions where multiple teams try to sign the same drivers which complicated things, so you should always backup your save file first. Though, lets stick with 1 v 1 negotiations, because, the instant you started the negotiation and confirm only their team is trying to fight you, you've already got the job done! Just purposely fail the bid and the driver will stay in their own team, one option is now eliminated from the market

    However, there're a few catches here. You might've already notice that, since there're only 4 days with 3 opportunities each, at maximum you only get to negotiate with 11 drivers (Not 12 because you still need one opportunity to negotiate with your own driver), then what about the rest? Well, if your current team's statistics still have NOT reach what the drivers demand, the negotiation will instantly fail BUT the game will NOT count it as one opportunity lost. That means, for example, if you're on the first day with 3 opportunities left in your bag, you made a call with Lewis and he rejected the offer right away, you'll still have 3 opportunities left! While right after the rejection Lewis will 100% and instantly sign with Mercedes (That's just how the game works), which means, another option in the market - eliminated! (Here is where Cheat Engine would helps, just modified your current amount of credit to below any of the driver's salary, they'll all reject negotiation instantly, but remember to at least have enough credit for your own driver or else they will immediately sign to other teams without telling you and you'll be stuck with a reserve driver.)

    One scenario I have here is, Vettel and Kimi both retired on my first season, now there're 2 vacant seats available, and I wanted Giovinazzi to take that vacant Ferrari seat while only F2 drivers take the two Alfa seats.

    So what I did was keep using the above methods, and made all the drivers signed with their own team except Giovinazzi. Then at the final day of contract negotiation, we'll sign the driver we wanted. In my case I just re-negotiated with my own driver Matsushita to keep things less complicated (It'll add more random elements into our method if you sign other drivers, especially with drivers that were already in a team. Unless, if there are no one retiring in that season you can sign whoever you want).

    The more "famous" the team is, the more they will demand from the drivers, so they'll always prefer drivers with the highest acclaim possible. In this scenario, Giovinazzi is the only F1 driver (with much higher acclaim than any F2 drivers) available in the market, Ferrari will almost certainly take Giovinazzi over the F2 drivers.

    Here's another catch, remember I said earlier there are some random elements involved with this method? 

    The now 2 vacant seats in Alfa Romeo. In our current situation, Alfa will take the next available candidate with the highest acclaim, so they will certainly take Nick de Friez first. But for the next contract there are more than one options for them because there're multiple F2 drivers with the same amount of acclaims, this is where you'll need to use the save & load method to get the desirable result because it's random and we have no control over this (I tried until Ilott was signed to Alfa). 

    But remember one thing, let's just say...you're on your final day of negotiation, you have a back up save of this day, done all the things above but on the final steps failed to get Alfa to sign the driver you wanted and now you had to use the save & load method to try again. Once you've done that, the game will put you back to the beginning of that final day, that means whatever you've done on the final day, now you'll have to do them all-over-again, just keep that in mind and backup save everyday in the calendar, it's inconvenient but we'll have to make do because the game only saves when there's progression in the calendar.

    If you've encounter a season where no one is retiring but you still wanted a certain driver to switch into specific team, you can still force it to happen by creating a vacant seat at that team. Let's say you wanted Checo to goes to Red Bull, just follow the same method from above, eliminating all the options RBR has except Checo & Albon, then you sign Albon into your team, job done! Unless you already had a teammate with higher acclaim than Checo, RBR will for certain take Checo over any other drivers, while your original teammate or other F2 drivers will take the now vacant Racing Point seat. 

    One of the major flaws of this is it's hard to make drivers from the top teams to sign into lower teams, but it's not entirely impossible. I've had a situation once where Alfa Romeo was able to take Charles away from Ferrari when Kimi retired. 

    One final tip.

    If you're like me, who find the Ai teams developing too slowly compare with the players, then during the negotiations, you can try to force the Ai team to pay for higher salary to the drivers by putting higher bid yourself during the negotiation, and then purposely fail the auction once the bid is high enough. The extra credit the driver earns will be put into their own perks. You can easily made them buy multiple perks with this method within just half the season, just use save & load if you accidentally signed the driver. 

    Also, for some reason, if you press the button to put higher bet twice in quick succession every time you put a bet during the negotiation, the AI team will more likely to keep going to put higher bid on the driver, it's kinda funny LOL.

    Thanks for reading through my poor writing lol, and good luck making a dream season!

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  18. On 5/21/2021 at 3:42 AM, TIHG said:

    To be honest, I just think it's really disappointing. There are all sorts of features players have been asking to be added to My Team. Heck, there's even an entire forum set up by Codies for game suggestions. And what do we get? Completely unrealistic drivers, literally (in one case) brought back from the dead (and don't get me started on how disrespectful that is). Feels like a wasted opportunity.

    The funny thing is, I'm probably the one who suggested that idea and they listened LOL

  19. 58 minutes ago, cpayne32 said:

    I thought the stat changes were permenant. I’ve done 4 seasons and once at 100 for me and my teammate for all stats, I never do the activities and the stats remain the same

    100 is the maximum number they could reach, I'll try to explain.

    For example, if the driver starts with stat like this:

    EXP 80

    RAC 80

    AWE 80

    PAC 80

    Once you upgraded your personnel facility to maximum, the game will show you this:

    EXP 80 +15

    RAC 80 +15

    AWE 80 +15

    PAC 80 +15

    (This + is permanent unless you shut down the facility)

    But overtime the driver will grow themselves and might become something like this overtime

    EXP 83 +15

    RAC 83 +15

    AWE 83 +15

    PAC 83 +15

    At this point the stats are all 98 in total, but then if you do training activities that give another +5 on PAC, it'll become like this:

    EXP 83 +15

    RAC 83 +15

    AWE 83 +15

    PAC 83 +17 

    You might ask why is it not +20 PAC in total, because 100 is the maximum stat they could reach, the game won't let you go over it. This kinda situation are more likely to happen with F1 drivers because their base stats are already so high, if you use F2 drivers you'll understand this more easily. 

    One last thing, after one race, the activity effect will disappear, and become back to this:

    EXP 83 +15

    RAC 83 +15

    AWE 83 +15

    PAC 83 +15

    And the activities has no effect on the base stat's growth, so you can literally ignore them.

    If the driver's PAC continue the grow, the game might at some point shows you this:

    EXP 83 +15

    RAC 83 +15

    AWE 83 +15

    PAC 90 +10

    Hope you get what's the meaning of this and good luck racing!

  20. 40 minutes ago, cpayne32 said:

    I thought the stat changes were permenant. I’ve done 4 seasons and once at 100 for me and my teammate for all stats, I never do the activities and the stats remain the same

    Ignore the + stats, just look at the base numbers, those are the ones that will increase automatically overtime. The + are from team activities and personnel facility. 

  21. 10 minutes ago, DonBlanko said:

    When I am watching F1 in TV the tire temp is one of the most discussed topics in terms of driving the best laps and having less tyre wear. F1 2020 made massive progress in my opinion with the effect of the different tyre pressures. 

    But normally I drive with less tire pressures for having more grip. But the tire temperature were rarely to low. 

    Sometimes a I think it is to easy to get the car in the window of 90-100 degrees tire temp, which are AFAIK the best temps.  I don't have to make a lot for that. But in real life some teams like to make more warm up laps or have to change Setup etc. For getting good tire temps (f.e. Monaco) . I never had to drive two outlaps for getting good tire temps. I really would like to work more for the best setups, which fits best to the car and the tyres. 

    Do you think the game is to easy in that case (in simulation mode for tyres)? What are your experiences?

    By the way, I drive on 101 with breaking ads on medium. 

    Atm it's definitely too easy, literally the only time you need to worry is when the Safety Car is out because the AI ahead drive way too slow in some corners. Though I do think if they're gonna make the system more complex, there will need to be options for players to tune it down or else it might be too difficult for most people. 

  22. 6 minutes ago, ParadoxAMG53 said:

    I dont know if you play on PC, but if you compare the minimum requiriments for this year game with the last year, theire improve the minimum graphics card by 319%, it's a huge difference, and I agree with you about the last generation taking too much resources, but with those news consoles and the new margin at theyre are cappable, probably CodeMasters are already working on a new Engine, probably on Ego Engine v5.0, or higher, so, im expecting a "major" graphics updates for this year. 

    Oops I didn't mean the resources for us to run the game, but the resources (like personnel, equipment and cost) for the developer to make the game. 

    And I agree with you that our current systems could run the F1 games with no issue indeed, so some graphic improvements for the next game should still be expected, just may be not a complete overhaul. 

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  23. 24 minutes ago, cpayne32 said:

    The stats do improve through the activities. I think it was glitched this year where the stats did update, but only in a +xx amount next to the figure

    You've mistaken, the team activities only improve the driver's stats temporary (which is the extra "+" stats), the effect only last one race, while the base stats will increase automatically overtime. You can literally completely ignore the training activities and they'll still grow themselves.

    While the +5 + 10 +15 is based entirely on personnel facilities, those are tied to your facilities that means the driver will lose those effects if they switch team or if you shut the facility down.

  24. On 5/20/2021 at 5:27 AM, Ultra3142 said:

    Firstly have a read of this:


    The F1 games develop year-on-year just like other annual sports games do, and this isn't inherently a bad thing. Bear in mind that entirely new games built from scratch take many years to produce.


    As much as I would love to see major improvement on graphics, expecting a annually-release series to had major breakthrough in this era is just a bit unrealistic.

    I've personally already had enough bad experiences from games series switching generations like Forza 4 -> Forza 5, or GT4 -> GT5 for examples. The situation there was basically trading better graphics at the cost of sacrificing contents and ends up with a half-baked product with a nice cover. Took years to create the graphics, then take more years to fix the game, and then who knows when the lost contents are actually coming back after that, let alone new contents. 

    Games in the last generation already took way too long and too much resources to make, can't image what it's like now. 

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