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  1. CM's F1 definitely had found a good balance for being a simcade. Improvement on the physics model to chase for more realism is always a welcome. I wouldn't be too concern about the difficulty of playing it with a controller since even AC is fine using that, but at the same time, I think it's fine for F1 to stay the way it is now.
  2. I myself didn't encounter much crashing either (on PC), it was usually minor bugs like textures missing or getting blurry from time to time (and a restart usually fixed it). The game was far from any mess that I would deemed unplayable like Cyberpunk or even some NFS titles like Shift. The worst bug I've encountered was the game crashed after finishing a race which made me had to start all over, but I've only encountered it less than 5 times this whole year. Though being said, I only play MyTeam so may be other game modes had more issues?
  3. Fair enough, we certainly have different preferences on what we wanted to see improves in the game. For me, MyTeam is pretty much the only thing I care. Be it a more in depth management system or driver selections or better AI, as long as it enhance the gameplay of that mode it would be a plus for me. As for multiplayer, I've gotten tired of racing people who don't know what they're doing, and gave up that mode way before myself experiencing any bugs that ruin the gameplay LOL. In a negative way to look at it, no matter how much improvement they made to the multiplayer, you still ca
  4. Isn't having more selection in the driver's market an improvement to the game mode? or do you just want the exact same game as last year with only small tweaks but charges you full price? Wasn't that kind of business model what people hated about EA the most other than the microtransactions?
  5. We're talking about an option within the game, of course we all know not buying the Deluxe Edition is an option too but it has different meaning. The thing is, some people prefer to have an in-game option where they could switch it on-off whenever they like it. For example, I could have my first career save to be as realistic as possible, but then in my career save B I wanted a fantasy career where it's literally a different universe from real life. It's pretty convenient if you can have this as an option, I don't think it's a bad idea. You could say "just don't hire the historic dri
  6. I think what he meant was if it's possible to completely disable them from appearing in the driver's market so it doesn't ruin the immersion because it doesn't look realistic. Though we won't know until the game comes out, I personally do prefer them giving us that option.
  7. I would certainly hope it's possible to have a much bigger driver roster in the market with this idea. Though I'm not sure how CM did their character models, may be they take way too much time to create so just throwing a big fishing net to catch as many drivers as possible might not be a realistic idea. Anyways atm we'll be sticking with this list, if it turns out to be a brilliant idea I bet EA would do whatever they can to push it further (But CM please keep it under your control!)
  8. Not trying to defend EA or something, but the idea of hiring historical players in management games that are either retired or even passed away was not a new idea at all. I've had played some Japanese-made football management games during the Dreamcast era that features this exact ability, the series started all the way back in Sega Saturn which I bet had this feature as well because it had been a staple of the series.
  9. There could be many reasons behind the scenes of why the list is the way it is now...be it a valid reason or malicious intent. First few things that came in mind are how time is always limited and the agreements (or disagreement) on allowing the game to use the image of certain drivers. The idea of implementing historic drivers could be confirmed too late in the development schedule which limited how many models they could create. Certain drivers could also be quite anal with their terms on how they should be represent in games and such which made things difficult. And then there's
  10. AI can control tires in really unrealistic way. I've tried making the tires to wear 20 times faster, and while my own tires popped right at the moment I touched the throttle, the AI were still able to drive around at a much slower but still reasonable pace and then pit at the end of lap 1.
  11. I also think the current R&D development pace needs some adjustment. The tree should be reverse, where Major or Ultimate upgrades should be much earlier in the development stage (major breakthrough should be done way before you start perfecting every details), and as your facilities and progress goes on, the late stages upgrades will become less and less significate because you're at this stage of "diminishing return". This "diminishing return" stage can then be expend to such extend that even with multiple seasons without rule change you still won't be able to reach the end of t
  12. Exactly this, a toggle in the option would solve every debates between the causals and hardcore fans. Or even better, make it so that engine failures for both AI & players are no longer scripted before the race, so that a simple rewind would be able to cancel-out the failure. The few F1 games I've played from 17, 18 & 22 years ago all featured random engine failures if you turned the damage option on. Really not sure why it's an issue to have it nowadays, did our minds really had becoming that weak to just face some unfortunate but fictional drama?
  13. I just had a really close race in Hanoi chasing down Gasly with everything I've got for 1st place. He was leading by about a bit more than a second for more than 10 laps, but I finally managed to get DRS and cut down to about 4 tenths, expecting to have an epic run down the long straight with him on the last lap. Then his car broke down right before we hit final lap. I felt so dirty that I immediately took a shower afterward 🤮
  14. One thing for everyone going to test to be aware of is that, make sure you run qualifying in real time: Doing out/In-Lap manually. Never use fast forward when AI is doing their fast lap (doing so during In-out lap is fine, but you have to time it properly so it doesn't affect their fast lap) And stay out on the track until you know everyone has done their final run. By doing these you get the most accurate AI lap times, they're almost always slightly faster in their final run. But if you use fast forward not only the timer is speed-up, their cars are also speed-up,
  15. I downloaded this mod too, sadly the color combination just didn't work well for me even after awhile so I reverted back to vanilla. If there're some white and black mixed it I can see this combination to work, though I heard modding existing team's livery has very limited freedom for the modder so may be this is the best they could do. Still an impressive amount of effort nonetheless. Peter's Lavazza Williams livery's color combination is very pleasing to the eye and fits in the grid perfectly, can't wait for his McDonalds Haas because that one is another looker.
  16. This could be it. Though even it's tricky, it's still possible to have the green and pink/blue to work well together, it just needs clever placements and a mix of some other colors to balance things out (Not just slap a huge Pink/Blue section right on top of the Green background, that's a crime imo LOL)
  17. Well, it's only difficult with the livery editor and the kinda paintjobs we have LOL
  18. As much as I would like to see a F1 rocking a classy British racing green livery, I'm not sure how it would work if it's sponsored by BWT, which their main theme were usually a light pink. The problem is, green and pink (or any color similar to red) is a bit of a tricky combination. It's very easy to make the car looks like an oddly shaped watermelon or a Christmas tree, which imo it's a bit unpleasant for a race car. For lime green, I've a feeling it might work with the pink if it's balanced right alongside with the blue BWT logo. It would definitely stand out since we'll no longer
  19. It's totally worth it. I almost dropped the game after test driving around in an AlphaTauri in Melbourne, kept spinning out and couldn't point the car to anywhere I wanted. Was deciding whether I should turn on the assists at one point but I persisted of not doing so. Best decision ever. The satisfaction that came from being able to handle these cars and drive competitively is absolutely addicting.
  20. Singapore is heavily affected by how you drive. I noticed if you resist to drop to 2nd gear in slower turns your lap time will gets major improvement. Even at 110% I find the AI there to be too slow.
  21. Just by comparing our current AI with the ones in F1 2010...that was the last F1 game I played and thought it was decent based on my memories, but I recently watched some video of it and just....WOW, never thought it was so bad.
  22. I've tried similar method as well as taking other players' recommended settings for each track as references. Can't say it's perfect now but I've been refining my difficulty list from going through 7 full seasons (50% distance) across different saves with different progressions. AI get progressively stronger the further you're into the career, the grippier car benefited by their R&D progression amplified their advantage of very consistent throttle control off traction corners. I'll probably release my list sometime in the close future once I'm really satisfy with it.
  23. I do understand why some having frustrations with the AI, their performance from track to track & from season to season can be quite drastically different which made finding the right difficulty setting quite tricky. Though after so many years in racing games, I think this is the one where I think is closest to racing actual humans. When you get the difficulty settings right, the kind of close wheel-to-wheel racing you get is almost impossible to replicate even with racing against experienced human players. The more you're able to perform in close battles, the more they repay you
  24. The thing is, Ai is Ai, unless the technology as a whole evolve or else they'll never behave exactly like humans. I used Extreme Damage Mod so I know the AI are especially stupid when they run into stationary cars, but that's pretty much about it. To be honest, the game wasn't designed and didn't intend to expect you to just stop your car in the middle of the track anyways. Though, I hardly ever had any issue with AI overtaking me. To me, it seems more like you didn't leave them enough space like you would when against human (I used to be like that too). I have more problem with the
  25. Seems like we're playing a completely different game...or may be you need to lower the difficulty a little.
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