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  1. 35 minutes ago, petro1319 said:

    Absolutely it is time to add the reserve/test drivers into the My Team mode driver pool.   It's also time they add fictional drivers into the pool as the mode develops so that in year 4, 7, or 9 you're not still stuck using the 2020 F2 drivers.   It's also time those young drivers in the pool age and progress their OVR ratings as well rather than just sitting on their same OVR ratings through the entire 10 year career mode.   There's so many advancements they can make to enhance Career and My Team modes when it comes to the driver pool.  7 Iconic drivers are relatively useless IMO.  Why would I want to hire a driver that retired many years ago?  I want REAL current drivers and/or some fictional drivers, and I want them to progress on their own as well and constantly refresh through the mode.

    If I'm not mistaken the F2 drivers do improve their stats overtime just like the F1 drivers. 

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  2. 18 hours ago, ParadoxAMG53 said:

    I heard that before and i don't think is that kind hard to make the AI better and use the right setup for each track, at least force they use a right setup for Monaco for example.

    @BarryBLCan you confirm this? The AI use the same setup for every track? Hope you can give us some good news about AI in a couple of days.

    After quite many seasons playing the single player modes, I've been noticing having common issues of catching Ai on the straight in high downforce tracks (Monaco, Singapore, Hungary, etc.), while struggling to catch AI in corners on high speed tracks (Monza, Hanoi, etc.), and I've been using setups which people used in time trials.

    Then I started to set up my wing as close to the default 10-12 points (in total) for every race tracks for my new career save, and noticed a huge difference in terms of how both my car and the Ai performs. Now the racing is much closer because the car characteristic are very similar between myself and the Ai (so you don't see Ai rocket pass you on long straight or vice-versa for example) which ends up making the race more fair and enjoyable. And that's how I came up with the conclusion of Ai using the default setup for every race. 

    I even ran wet tracks with the same default dry track wing setup, and it worked wonderfully even when the track turns dry, because before I tried this the Ai became extremely fast on high speed section if you use high downforce + high ride height wet setups. So this probably proofed they at the very least used the same wing settings even on different weather. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, ParadoxAMG53 said:

    Agree, they have the option to make an beast AI and give a challenge for the player to have fun, an AI pushing you behinde or you trying to following someone it's pretty cool and necessary, makes you faster and precise, they need to step up the AI, like, we have 0-120 steps, make another 20 steps of difficult, i notice the AI is fast on tracks where straight line speed is the key, they are so slow on tracks who demands downforce, they really need to change this, cus the AI from Codemasters it's fine and they can make then some much faster, some eSports drivers complains about the 110 AI being so slow, even George Russel said it before, maybe they are adding something for this year game, lets just wait and hope for a better and faster AI. 

    The problem is they seems to run the exact same default car setup for every tracks, so whenever where maximum downforce is key they would be slow compare with players.

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  4. 55 minutes ago, sirio994 said:

    I would also say that on consoles it is probably the second/third game in terms of realism: Assetto Corsa first (ACC/AC1), Dirt Rally (1/2.0) second and F1 or PC2 third.

    Dirt Rally belongs to a different genre so...

    Personally I'd take F1 over PC2 any day of the week. F1 is simcade but in terms of realism on consoles is up there. Context and standards change a lot between PC and consoles...

    CM's F1 definitely had found a good balance for being a simcade.

    Improvement on the physics model to chase for more realism is always a welcome. I wouldn't be too concern about the difficulty of playing it with a controller since even AC is fine using that, but at the same time, I think it's fine for F1 to stay the way it is now. 

  5. 5 hours ago, stephensmattlee said:

    I definitely don’t remember it being that bad on release? Hardly cyberpunk levels of buggy or unplayable, maybe a few teething issues that were fixed pretty quickly but the game was definitely playable from what I remember. 

    I wouldn’t worry too much, there’s definitely builds of the game out there that the developers have been running, plus the beta is on the way as well. If they’d announced there wasn’t a beta this year and we’d not seen any footage at all then I might have been more concerned.

    I’m sure gameplay footage will come soon enough, last year the main gameplay trailer came on 12th May and 2019s trailer on 20th May, around 7 weeks before 2020s release plus almost 5 weeks before 2019s release, granted last year we did get a few other short hotlap videos prior to that but I get your concern we’ve not had that this year.  Either way we definitely must be due another trailer very soon if we go by the pattern of last year and the year before. Could potentially see something later this afternoon potentially with it being the 20th plus the Monaco GP weekend. Guess we’ll see. 

    I myself didn't encounter much crashing either (on PC), it was usually minor bugs like textures missing or getting blurry from time to time (and a restart usually fixed it). The game was far from any mess that I would deemed unplayable like Cyberpunk or even some NFS titles like Shift. The worst bug I've encountered was the game crashed after finishing a race which made me had to start all over, but I've only encountered it less than 5 times this whole year. 

    Though being said, I only play MyTeam so may be other game modes had more issues?

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  6. 1 hour ago, stuffedpenguin said:


    No, this is not the way.  Get serious about F1.  Have F2 and F3 ready to go at release.  Work out the bugs on multiplayer. Develop the AI such that they don't drive like robots half the time.  I don't care much for the My Team but do enjoy Driver Career.  But the multiplayer is atrocious and with their focus on Esports, why this is not getting more attention baffles me. 


    All that said, I hope I am proven wrong because I love Codies and want this to go well for them.

    Fair enough, we certainly have different preferences on what we wanted to see improves in the game. 

    For me, MyTeam is pretty much the only thing I care. Be it a more in depth management system or driver selections or better AI, as long as it enhance the gameplay of that mode it would be a plus for me. As for multiplayer, I've gotten tired of racing people who don't know what they're doing, and gave up that mode way before myself experiencing any bugs that ruin the gameplay LOL.

    In a negative way to look at it, no matter how much improvement they made to the multiplayer, you still can't change the people who played it. Might as well focus on the single player modes which seems to be what made the series so special. 


  7. 1 hour ago, stuffedpenguin said:

    Having the iconic drivers is EA's decision and I just disagree with it.  Games have to be developed.  This took away precious development time from certain people who could be tuning / reworking the parts of the game that were obviously lacking / bugs last year.  And maybe we will have it all and everyone will be happy happy.   But here we are less than 2 months from release and we haven't seen one second of gameplay footage.

    Isn't having more selection in the driver's market an improvement to the game mode? or do you just want the exact same game as last year with only small tweaks but charges you full price? Wasn't that kind of business model what people hated about EA the most other than the microtransactions?

  8. 2 hours ago, Sector4 said:

    Yes, there is.

    Don't buy the deluxe edition. Then you won't have the classic drivers in the game. That's the only way.

    If you DO buy the deluxe edition, the classic drivers WILL show up in the driver market inside MyTeam. But only the player can hire them, so what's the big deal? 

    The other teams can't hire any of the classic drivers at any point so there is no way for unrealistic stuff to happen unless the player actively wants it.

    We're talking about an option within the game, of course we all know not buying the Deluxe Edition is an option too but it has different meaning. The thing is, some people prefer to have an in-game option where they could switch it on-off whenever they like it. For example, I could have my first career save to be as realistic as possible, but then in my career save B I wanted a fantasy career where it's literally a different universe from real life.

    It's pretty convenient if you can have this as an option, I don't think it's a bad idea.

    You could say "just don't hire the historic drivers", which is correct, but it's not the same if you're nitpicky LOL


  9. 40 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    As I said above, the player has control since only they can hire the iconic drivers. 

    I think what he meant was if it's possible to completely disable them from appearing in the driver's market so it doesn't ruin the immersion because it doesn't look realistic. Though we won't know until the game comes out, I personally do prefer them giving us that option. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Schneehase said:

    Apart from the iconic / not iconic discussion: I wrote this before somewhere else, but concerning myteam driver choices, wouldnt it be possible to simply provide the drivers who have an active super license by the time the 2021 season was started? AFAIK it is nowadays not too easy to claim a super license, so its not too many drivers who have one and are not retired or inactive in the other hand. Maybe someone has data, how many drivers would be eligible to jump into an F1 car at once = who has an active super license? I have googled that, but only found this outdated article about it:



    I would certainly hope it's possible to have a much bigger driver roster in the market with this idea. Though I'm not sure how CM did their character models, may be they take way too much time to create so just throwing a big fishing net to catch as many drivers as possible might not be a realistic idea.

    Anyways atm we'll be sticking with this list, if it turns out to be a brilliant idea I bet EA would do whatever they can to push it further (But CM please keep it under your control!)

  11. 50 minutes ago, stuffedpenguin said:

    Not to be a downer about this but it feels odd to me to have some of these drivers included as being able to drive for your team in a current F1 season. And if this is what they are touting as additions/improvements then it makes me feel question if they have improved anything else. I know it’s not flashy to say “updated damage model!” Or things like that but I was really hoping they would focus on developing multiplayer. Adding these drivers is just a typical EA marketing gimmick to me. 

    Not trying to defend EA or something, but the idea of hiring historical players in management games that are either retired or even passed away was not a new idea at all. I've had played some Japanese-made football management games during the Dreamcast era that features this exact ability, the series started all the way back in Sega Saturn which I bet had this feature as well because it had been a staple of the series.  

  12. 19 hours ago, Sector4 said:

    Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Button, Rosberg... Sure, why not, of course.

    Coulthard? Massa? Those two stick out as odd choices. 

    In the 4 page prediction thread exactly 1 poster mentioned Coulthard and none of them mentioned Massa. 

    I understand them not giving us Mika or Nigel, though, because they haven't officially retired yet. 

    There could be many reasons behind the scenes of why the list is the way it is now...be it a valid reason or malicious intent. 

    First few things that came in mind are how time is always limited and the agreements (or disagreement) on allowing the game to use the image of certain drivers. The idea of implementing historic drivers could be confirmed too late in the development schedule which limited how many models they could create. Certain drivers could also be quite anal with their terms on how they should be represent in games and such which made things difficult.

    And then there's the design aspect of the gameplay. I could see the dev didn't want to waterdown the game with an enormous list of best (or most popular) drivers. I mean...first it could very easily upset people on the balancing side of things if they do it in one-go, second it certainly would make them individually feel less special since "Everyone of them is the best"...

    It also left the possibility open to add some second-line drivers like Hulk because the list is never meant to only contain the best of the bests.

    On the malicious side, the dev could always wanted to hold contents up for future DLC purposes...businesses wise it made sense with the current trend of game-making. Though, as long as they aren't too pricey or fell into the EA gambling ******** I'm fine with it, just look at it as an extra support for the dev we loved. 



  13. 54 minutes ago, Cathal P said:

    This is just something I struggle with, (S means sector) in S1 Australia, S2 Australia and S1 Spain, I can compete with AI @102% but in S3, Spain and Australia, where the slower corners are, I lose almost one second. I believe the AI can just get a mega good drive out of slower, traction limited zones, that the player is just unable to match. I'd be interested to see if anyone else is losing time in the slower sectors, or if this is a personal issue I have.

    AI can control tires in really unrealistic way.

    I've tried making the tires to wear 20 times faster, and while my own tires popped right at the moment I touched the throttle, the AI were still able to drive around at a much slower but still reasonable pace and then pit at the end of lap 1. 

  14. 2 hours ago, PaulLynch said:

    Been able to adjust base performance . And rnd speed is a brilliant idea . . Even just the rnd speed . Could make it a lot more interesting and you.could shape the grid which ever way you want . But then saying that ain't the fetching some type of developing token system out next year . So going to be interesting how that's pit into the game 

    I also think the current R&D development pace needs some adjustment.

    The tree should be reverse, where Major or Ultimate upgrades should be much earlier in the development stage (major breakthrough should be done way before you start perfecting every details), and as your facilities and progress goes on, the late stages upgrades will become less and less significate because you're at this stage of "diminishing return".

    This "diminishing return" stage can then be expend to such extend that even with multiple seasons without rule change you still won't be able to reach the end of the tree (yet the cost of these upgrades should remain high). Of course the effects of these late upgrades has to be so insignificant that it won't make the car handles unrealistically, but the accumulation of them will still make a difference. 

  15. One thing for everyone going to test to be aware of is that, make sure you run qualifying in real time:

    1. Doing out/In-Lap manually.
    2.  Never use fast forward when AI is doing their fast lap (doing so during In-out lap is fine, but you have to time it properly so it doesn't affect their fast lap)
    3.  And stay out on the track until you know everyone has done their final run.

    By doing these you get the most accurate AI lap times, they're almost always slightly faster in their final run. But if you use fast forward not only the timer is speed-up, their cars are also speed-up, they can easily shave a second or more off in this scenario it's ridiculous. 

    Skipping back to garage while AI are still doing their fast lap or the session ended before they finish their final run also might boost their lap time significantly, but it's inconsistent and I haven't figure out what triggers it exactly.

  16. 19 minutes ago, Scrogs said:

    OK. I've been playing F1 2019 and now F1 2020 for 5 months. Assists on.....assists off.....automatic gears on....have a go at manual gears....fail.....back to auto gears and assists. Drive races with all the assists that I can get my hands on.....have a decent race and finish wherever those parameters deem that I should finish. In retrospect a dull and shallow way do drive F1 cars.

    So.......I've decided to stop shilly shallying. Play the game in its purest form. No assists.....manual gearbox....steep learning curve. F1 driving (for me) is going to get difficult....and messy.

    But it's something that I believe that I need to do now. Now is the time to break away from assisted driving. 

    Wish me luck everyone. I'm going to need it.

    It's totally worth it.

    I almost dropped the game after test driving around in an AlphaTauri in Melbourne, kept spinning out and couldn't point the car to anywhere I wanted. Was deciding whether I should turn on the assists at one point but I persisted of not doing so.

    Best decision ever.

    The satisfaction that came from being able to handle these cars and drive competitively is absolutely addicting.

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  17. 8 hours ago, NinjaElmo said:

    Hey all,

    Thanks to everyone who has left feedback, particularly those that covered all the tracks and used the calculator properly. Unfortunately I had to exclude a few results from people that didn't seem to set the calculator up properly (if your AI is too fast/slow at Spain, the whole calculator will not function correctly). It looks like lots of people have been using this calculator daily, so I feel like I have a bit of a resposnsibility to make the recommendations accurate.

    I've updated the calculator following the v1.12 update. Changes listed below:

    - Used top 10% time trial leaderboard times instead of WR times for some tracks. Thanks to @Gonira for the suggestion. This 'fixed' the suggestions for Singapore.

    - More accurately determined the base difficulty change from 100 - 101 (This should make everything more accurate, specifically Bahrain and Monaco)

    - Added weights based on survey feedback. Of note, the AI on Austria and Bahrain were identified as TOO SLOW, and the AI on Japan, Britain, and USA were identified as TOO FAST. The new calculator recommendations should reflect this feedback. I only changed these a small amount, so please leave further feedback so I can keep update and refine.

    - Survey feedback was inconclusive on Mexico and Singapore, where some users thought the AI was far too fast, some far too slow.

    - Cleaned up the formatting and deleted uneccessary stuff.

    Below is a table roughly showing the old recommendations, and the new recommendations (DO NOT USE THESE SPECIFICALLY - USE THE CALCULATOR FOR A MORE ACCURATE RESULT):

    Track OLD NEW
    Australia +4 +2
    Bahrain -7 -3
    Vietnam +1 0
    China +2 +1
    Netherlands +2 +3
    Spain 0 0
    Monaco +17 +7
    Azerbaijan +1 +2
    Canada 0 +2
    France +1 -1
    Austria +4 +8
    Britain -7 -9
    Hungary +11 +9
    Belgium -5 -5
    Italy -1 +1
    Singapore +17 +7
    Russia -3 -1
    Japan -2 -4
    USA -2 -4
    Mexico +5 +2
    Brazil 0 +3
    Abu Dhabi +4 +4

    DO NOT USE THESE - PLEASE USE THE CALCULATOR. Note: The changes here reflect multiple different changes in the calculator. Please leave feedback if you find a track is not accurate.

    Singapore is heavily affected by how you drive. I noticed if you resist to drop to 2nd gear in slower turns your lap time will gets major improvement. Even at 110% I find the AI there to be too slow.

  18. 20 hours ago, Nuvolarix said:

    Absolutely agree, it's just incredible how the AI is working good here :classic_cool:
    It's true that I'm away from racing sim since 20 years (it was running MGPRS2 :classic_rolleyes:), so I have not recent comparisons but I'm having so great fun with F1 2020 :classic_smile:

    Just by comparing our current AI with the ones in F1 2010...that was the last F1 game I played and thought it was decent based on my memories, but I recently watched some video of it and just....WOW, never thought it was so bad.

  19. 12 minutes ago, GlassHalfFull10 said:

    I have this difficulty calculator I use. You use Barcelona as your test track. Do qualifying there. Select any number 2 driver (number 1 driver if you want it a little easier). And run a short qualifying. Or one shot. I did on shot. And run you’re best lap. Flashback of you need to till you hit the corner the best way you can at that moment. And compare time to teammate. If you’re with in 1-2 tenths go with it. Type that into your base difficulty and it calculates what you’re level at every track would be. And you can go back every so often and do it again as your improve. 

    If you’re interested I can give you the link to the calculator 

    I've tried similar method as well as taking other players' recommended settings for each track as references. Can't say it's perfect now but I've been refining my difficulty list from going through 7 full seasons (50% distance) across different saves with different progressions.

    AI get progressively stronger the further you're into the career, the grippier car benefited by their R&D progression amplified their advantage of very consistent throttle control off traction corners.

    I'll probably release my list sometime in the close future once I'm really satisfy with it. 

  20. 21 minutes ago, GlassHalfFull10 said:

    You’re spot on. I’m having a great experience with the AI. I’m on 95 difficulty. But putting it up to 100 next race. 

    And to be honest, I feel the ones that actively complain and go on and on with the AI about this and that aren’t very good at the game and don’t want to admit it because it’s not alpha and cool to admit you’re not super fast. Who cares. I’ve seen people play on 40 difficulty and get great races and it’s a perfect setting for them. Who cares what level you’re on. Once you find the perfect level the races are a blast. And actually sometimes better then racing humans. The open lobbies more times than not the other guys do crazy stuff and ruin the race for everyone like almost never Brake for turn 1 or are super crazy overly aggressive at every corner the whole race. At least with the AI you get the predictability but at the same time you can still be overtaken and race wheel to wheel and know they won’t run you off the road 100% of the time. 

    Of course if you get an online race with friends and people you know or often race with then yes online becomes even more of a blast. 

    I do understand why some having frustrations with the AI, their performance from track to track & from season to season can be quite drastically different which made finding the right difficulty setting quite tricky.

    Though after so many years in racing games, I think this is the one where I think is closest to racing actual humans. When you get the difficulty settings right, the kind of close wheel-to-wheel racing you get is almost impossible to replicate even with racing against experienced human players.

    The more you're able to perform in close battles, the more they repay you with the same.

    The AI here are not only very competitive in terms of pace (which is already very rare in sim/simcade racers), but they actually defend or attack and respect your space while giving you a proper fight if you do the same to them, it's bloody great.

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  21. 1 hour ago, maderr said:

    Whatever the difficulty is, everything is artificial, they don't react as a real pilot would... Even the cars don't behave as yours is.

    Try this :


    1. In a straight, be next an AI opponent and push his car with yours till his wheels are on the grass, what does happen ? Nothing, he doesn't loose adherence, he doesn't loose control, he doesn't loose speed. 😃

    2. During the start, don't move your car, nothing, you just stay in place at the start of the race. AI will crash into you

    As simple as that, AI can't behave properly when you don't move, how can you expect it to behave properly when you move and take some last second decisions ? Yes, it can't. AI doesn't respect your trajectory (when behind you) even though it's obvious that you have to take that trajectory as it's the best one. Nope, AI will bump into you and push you away from the track.

    Ai will never change its trajectory taking your in account. When you are the one behind, ok, it's fair but when you are the one in front and the AI car is licking your ass, the AI has to drive clean and break if it cannot pass you without any collision risk.

    Only way to have a proper race ? To play with an AI that is way lower than your driving level. Players that outplay AI 110 are players that for exemple have a 1:02.xxx hot lap on Red Bull Ring while the AI at this level is around 1:04.xxx/1:05.xxx.

    It's broken and it was exactly the same 10 years ago.

    Is there any difference between PC and Console AI ?

    PS : never had any problem driving against either high level kart driver nor low level drivers in the same race. Never had any crash or trajectory problem. When i know i was in a good position to overtake without "blocking" the opponent, i overtake and keep my line, when i know i'm not in a good position to do it (not enough speed or needing to force it in a corner), i don't overtake, i stay behind and wait the next occasion to do it properly...

    The thing is, Ai is Ai, unless the technology as a whole evolve or else they'll never behave exactly like humans.

    I used Extreme Damage Mod so I know the AI are especially stupid when they run into stationary cars, but that's pretty much about it. To be honest, the game wasn't designed and didn't intend to expect you to just stop your car in the middle of the track anyways. 

    Though, I hardly ever had any issue with AI overtaking me. To me, it seems more like you didn't leave them enough space like you would when against human (I used to be like that too). I have more problem with them not being aggressive enough, they were too nice and just back out when I was barely squeezing them when defending. Sometime they overshot their braking too, so I anticipate them like human and adjust my line accordingly which worked very well.

    Speaking of straight line speed:

    • Were you using a Honda engine? In your first season?
    • How far were you in your engine R&D?
    • Were you actively playing with fuel-mix like you're suppose to?
    • Was your engine overheating?
    • Components wore-out?
    • KERS running out?
    • or didn't get a good corner exit?
    • Too much fuel to weight your car down?
    • Chassis too heavy?
    • Didn't upgrade drag reduction?
    • Running too much downforce?

    There're so many things that could affect this. I had these problems too when I first started out the game, but I figured it's heavily impacted by you R&D and your familiarity of the system, because the issue eventually just disappeared when my progression actually caught up with them. 

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  22. 16 minutes ago, maderr said:

    Amazing ? Really ?

    I haven't played a F1 game since 2009 or something, "nothing" has changed since then... And you call this a great AI while you are playing with full assist...

    Go play the game at AI 100+ without assist and you will see how bad it is :

    - Other pilots go faster than you in staight line no matter what

    - Other pilots exit corners faster than you even if they have a really bad placement

    - At the start of the race, even if in the 1st/2nd and 3rd gear you are faster than them with 100% accelerator, suddenly they go faster than you

    - In corners, they have super duper mega traction/adhesions

    - Other pilots that are behind you don't care and will push you out of the circuit or cut your trajectory; they don't break if it's needed to avoid a crash

    Difficulty is artificial and not actual AI taking the right decision to overtake or to stay behind and adapting its way of driving depending its position on the track.

    I don't know if you guys have already driven IRL (karting for exemple) but it's not how it works IRL : you have to respect your opponent trajectory if he is in front of you, period.

    Well, everything is a joke. And yes, i won't speak about physics cause it's even worst... And what i see is some players appauding how improved it is. Believed the press and some forum posts, won't do it anymore.

    Now i know why simracers avoid this serie.


    Seems like we're playing a completely different game...or may be you need to lower the difficulty a little.

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  23. 5 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    I'm already noticing this in Season 2; I'm scraping the road everywhere 😄 

    Speaking of scraping the ground, I've been thinking that the visual damages caused by driving on some of the curbs (not even particularly thick) are a bit much.

    Such as the outside curb of Albert Park's turn 12, or Zandvoort's turn 9 & 14. If you just ran a little deep on those curbs (like halfway to the middle), you frontwing, side pod, and floor will all get major visual damages, and it happens even when you're just in season 1 with very little downforce, and setting the ride height & suspension doesn't seems to help.

    Your frontwing also receive tons of chip damage just driving through the lowest point of Eau Rouge (without touching any curb).

  24. 38 minutes ago, FTBuzzard said:

    i think 10 seassons are not enough 😄

    Personally I think it's more than enough atm, there aren't enough changes between seasons to keep things fresh.

    May be they should have a few different R&D trees for each department (that have different point requirements to progress and maxed-out stats are varies), then the game randomly pick one every time when there are rule changes.

    Or that when rule change happens the game allows you to tweak the rules in the settings before the season starts. For example:

    • If there's engine rule change, there could be options for players to change the maximum KERS deployment per lap, or maximum engine power and etc.
    • If aero is what affected, it could be options to adjust the base value of drag or downforce or slimpstream/dirty air effectiveness and such.

    Or at least just let us edit the full calendar after season one.  

    Or even better, let us adjust each AI team's base performance & potential progression speed at the start of new season.

    So on and so on...


  25. 2 hours ago, KrazyLurt said:

    Excellent post, this very valuable to know! 👍

    I did 4 seasons before seeing that the AI start getting extremely fast and lost a bit of interest, but 4 seasons was good entertainment. I signed only slow unknown drivers to midigate the fact that the team progressed faster than the competition. Much better than Career Mode whereby you cant choose a team mate and control the shortcomings of the game mode.

    Currently in my 4th season, I purposely nerfed my own progression by not only spreading out the spending on my R&D researches, but also not really upgrading the Resource Point Generation facilities until I really felt like being left behind (which didn't really impact me all that much until the 3 departments rule change at the end of season 3, which dropped my aero to dead-last because I went out of points)

    Having less resource points definitely made things more interesting because I'm constantly doing catch up, but, not in an annoying way because the speed of the generation is still fast enough, you just need to do a bit more planning.

    I also only hire F2 drivers to balance things out, the buffs from the personnel facilities are simply too OP if they were applied on the F1 drivers with very high base stats.

    And I absolutely agree on the fact that AI's pace increased exponentially the more progress their teams made in the R&D departments, I could barely catch them up without lowering the difficulty settings by 3-5% (From around 104-107% on average in my first 2 seasons). Especially during qualifying they're simply monsters, unrealistically so, if you use fast-forward it made things even worse.

    Thank you for going through all that hassles for us, I was worrying about the slower teams never being able to catch up with others in R&D, it's good to see Williams being not too far behind.


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