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  1. This could be it. Though even it's tricky, it's still possible to have the green and pink/blue to work well together, it just needs clever placements and a mix of some other colors to balance things out (Not just slap a huge Pink/Blue section right on top of the Green background, that's a crime imo LOL)
  2. Well, it's only difficult with the livery editor and the kinda paintjobs we have LOL
  3. As much as I would like to see a F1 rocking a classy British racing green livery, I'm not sure how it would work if it's sponsored by BWT, which their main theme were usually a light pink. The problem is, green and pink (or any color similar to red) is a bit of a tricky combination. It's very easy to make the car looks like an oddly shaped watermelon or a Christmas tree, which imo it's a bit unpleasant for a race car. For lime green, I've a feeling it might work with the pink if it's balanced right alongside with the blue BWT logo. It would definitely stand out since we'll no longer
  4. Think of it as playing the Mclaren Honda simulator šŸ˜¬, where you absolutely struggle but keep pushing to try to develop the car to catch others. The thing is, in the game you could actually match other's pace if you put enough effort into it, unlike in real life where it's just a hole that you'll never know how deep it is. The only stat that has actual significant difference between each team when maxed out is Aero, the rest are either almost or absolutely identical.
  5. The only track where I had a very noticeable disadvantage on straight line speed is Singapore, because I ran 10-11 on that track. But I think you're correct, AI seems to just stick with the same mid-low downforce setup across all tracks and so they look to be always faster down the straight unless you do the same.
  6. 270km/h is indeed excessively low. From my experience, when I first started the game without knowing all the basic mechanics, my Honda PU at one point could barely reach a painful 295km/h down the straight on Hanoi, but that was still much higher than 270.
  7. How's the wear rate of your ICE and turbo? Did you increase your fuel-flow and used the overtake button down the straight? If so, were you running out of ERS and engine is overheating by using them too much? There's also a limit of how much ERS you could deploy in a lap. What about your car setting? Were you running a bit too much downforce or toe-angle? May be ride-height is too high? btw, Williams (& RP/Merc) has the most powerful engine from the start post patch, even if they have the highest drag, they can still accelerate and reach their top speed much faster than you
  8. In qualifying the car is run at MAX fuel flow. Ferrari engine had received a nerf after 1.12 patch, they're now slightly worse than Renault's PU if you don't count the 4 manufacturer upgrades at the start (but will catch back up after upgrades). I'm not sure what the Haas R&D trees look like, but try to focus on reducing drag because if I remember correctly, Haas had the 3rd highest drag in the field (Williams 1st, post patched Ferrari 2nd).
  9. It's totally worth it. I almost dropped the game after test driving around in an AlphaTauri in Melbourne, kept spinning out and couldn't point the car to anywhere I wanted. Was deciding whether I should turn on the assists at one point but I persisted of not doing so. Best decision ever. The satisfaction that came from being able to handle these cars and drive competitively is absolutely addicting.
  10. But wasn't that only said they're not gonna be in our current game? The OP was asking about the next game. Though, to the OP, your guess is as good as anyone's guess.
  11. Do you play on PC? If so I highly recommend you to install the Extreme Damage Mod to drastically increase the likelihood of AI retiring from terminal damage. I'm almost certain the reason why SC seems so rare to happen is because AI hardly ever receive terminal damages naturally in the vanilla game, only when they have engine failure in specific spot of the track then there's a chance that could trigger the Safety Car. For driver transfer, based on my experience in MyTeam mode, you're MUCH more likely to see drivers switching around if you hire a driver from the current F1 grid, ret
  12. DRTApophis


    Because if you use fast forward in Qualifying the AI will cheat, their laptimes are scripted unless you run in real-time, it's the same for all tracks.
  13. I think the amount of AI mistakes are quite well balanced atm. I've seen many locking up their brakes, spinning while touching wheels, getting loose and losing momentum on corner exit, etc. I would imagine implementing the kinda major human-like mistakes described by OP are probably a little difficult and complicated to get right, as of now even the occasional engine failure of AI got me frustrated because of how scripted they felt, as well as it made me feel dirty to win in such way.
  14. That's very weird, did you try to apply the new one yet? May be it's a bug.
  15. Mostly likely it's some players never noticed the last driver's stat update and just left the mail there until now.
  16. Singapore is heavily affected by how you drive. I noticed if you resist to drop to 2nd gear in slower turns your lap time will gets major improvement. Even at 110% I find the AI there to be too slow.
  17. Just by comparing our current AI with the ones in F1 2010...that was the last F1 game I played and thought it was decent based on my memories, but I recently watched some video of it and just....WOW, never thought it was so bad.
  18. I've tried similar method as well as taking other players' recommended settings for each track as references. Can't say it's perfect now but I've been refining my difficulty list from going through 7 full seasons (50% distance) across different saves with different progressions. AI get progressively stronger the further you're into the career, the grippier car benefited by their R&D progression amplified their advantage of very consistent throttle control off traction corners. I'll probably release my list sometime in the close future once I'm really satisfy with it.
  19. I do understand why some having frustrations with the AI, their performance from track to track & from season to season can be quite drastically different which made finding the right difficulty setting quite tricky. Though after so many years in racing games, I think this is the one where I think is closest to racing actual humans. When you get the difficulty settings right, the kind of close wheel-to-wheel racing you get is almost impossible to replicate even with racing against experienced human players. The more you're able to perform in close battles, the more they repay you
  20. The thing is, Ai is Ai, unless the technology as a whole evolve or else they'll never behave exactly like humans. I used Extreme Damage Mod so I know the AI are especially stupid when they run into stationary cars, but that's pretty much about it. To be honest, the game wasn't designed and didn't intend to expect you to just stop your car in the middle of the track anyways. Though, I hardly ever had any issue with AI overtaking me. To me, it seems more like you didn't leave them enough space like you would when against human (I used to be like that too). I have more problem with the
  21. Seems like we're playing a completely different game...or may be you need to lower the difficulty a little.
  22. Speaking of scraping the ground, I've been thinking that the visual damages caused by driving on some of the curbs (not even particularly thick) are a bit much. Such as the outside curb of Albert Park's turn 12, or Zandvoort's turn 9 & 14. If you just ran a little deep on those curbs (like halfway to the middle), you frontwing, side pod, and floor will all get major visual damages, and it happens even when you're just in season 1 with very little downforce, and setting the ride height & suspension doesn't seems to help. Your frontwing also receive tons of chip damage just dri
  23. Personally I think it's more than enough atm, there aren't enough changes between seasons to keep things fresh. May be they should have a few different R&D trees for each department (that have different point requirements to progress and maxed-out stats are varies), then the game randomly pick one every time when there are rule changes. Or that when rule change happens the game allows you to tweak the rules in the settings before the season starts. For example: If there's engine rule change, there could be options for players to change the maximum KERS deployment per lap,
  24. Currently in my 4th season, I purposely nerfed my own progression by not only spreading out the spending on my R&D researches, but also not really upgrading the Resource Point Generation facilities until I really felt like being left behind (which didn't really impact me all that much until the 3 departments rule change at the end of season 3, which dropped my aero to dead-last because I went out of points) Having less resource points definitely made things more interesting because I'm constantly doing catch up, but, not in an annoying way because the speed of the generation is still
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