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  1. 5 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    I'm already noticing this in Season 2; I'm scraping the road everywhere ūüėĄ¬†

    Speaking of scraping the ground, I've been thinking that the visual damages caused by driving on some of the curbs (not even particularly thick) are a bit much.

    Such as the outside curb of Albert Park's turn 12, or Zandvoort's turn 9 & 14. If you just ran a little deep on those curbs (like halfway to the middle), you frontwing, side pod, and floor will all get major visual damages, and it happens even when you're just in season 1 with very little downforce, and setting the ride height & suspension doesn't seems to help.

    Your frontwing also receive tons of chip damage just driving through the lowest point of Eau Rouge (without touching any curb).

  2. 38 minutes ago, FTBuzzard said:

    i think 10 seassons are not enough ūüėĄ

    Personally I think it's more than enough atm, there aren't enough changes between seasons to keep things fresh.

    May be they should have a few different R&D trees for each department (that have different point requirements to progress and maxed-out stats are varies), then the game randomly pick one every time when there are rule changes.

    Or that when rule change happens the game allows you to tweak the rules in the settings before the season starts. For example:

    • If there's engine rule change, there could be options for players to change the maximum KERS deployment per lap, or maximum engine power and etc.
    • If aero is what affected, it could be options to adjust the base value of drag or downforce or slimpstream/dirty air effectiveness and such.

    Or at least just let us edit the full calendar after season one.  

    Or even better, let us adjust each AI team's base performance & potential progression speed at the start of new season.

    So on and so on...


  3. 2 hours ago, KrazyLurt said:

    Excellent post, this very valuable to know! ūüĎć

    I did 4 seasons before seeing that the AI start getting extremely fast and lost a bit of interest, but 4 seasons was good entertainment. I signed only slow unknown drivers to midigate the fact that the team progressed faster than the competition. Much better than Career Mode whereby you cant choose a team mate and control the shortcomings of the game mode.

    Currently in my 4th season, I purposely nerfed my own progression by not only spreading out the spending on my R&D researches, but also not really upgrading the Resource Point Generation facilities until I really felt like being left behind (which didn't really impact me all that much until the 3 departments rule change at the end of season 3, which dropped my aero to dead-last because I went out of points)

    Having less resource points definitely made things more interesting because I'm constantly doing catch up, but, not in an annoying way because the speed of the generation is still fast enough, you just need to do a bit more planning.

    I also only hire F2 drivers to balance things out, the buffs from the personnel facilities are simply too OP if they were applied on the F1 drivers with very high base stats.

    And I absolutely agree on the fact that AI's pace increased exponentially the more progress their teams made in the R&D departments, I could barely catch them up without lowering the difficulty settings by 3-5% (From around 104-107% on average in my first 2 seasons). Especially during qualifying they're simply monsters, unrealistically so, if you use fast-forward it made things even worse.

    Thank you for going through all that hassles for us, I was worrying about the slower teams never being able to catch up with others in R&D, it's good to see Williams being not too far behind.


  4. The absurdly low damage sensitivity in even the Realistic setting is probably the culprit, I don't think it's a bug.

    I have installed the Realistic version of Extreme Damage Mod in my game (PC), and I get¬†both VSC & SC throughout all of my careers consistently even after I've reinstalled both the game and mod through a few different hard drives, still almost at least one SC every race, sometimes a dozen of them which actually could get quite annoying ūüėĖ.

    Most of the SC happens when there're cars on track getting terminal damages, sometimes it's when cars getting engine failure, though both are not guaranteed. It probably has something to do with where the incident happens, which, with the vanilla game I don't think it matters because accident just doesn't happens often enough.


  5. 8 minutes ago, Theseus said:

    I think all video games should include as many slider/difficulty adjustments for as many features as possible. There’s such a broad range of skill level and preferences that it makes sense to give the user as many options as possible. If I don’t want any driver transfers in MY Team and really difficult R&D/Facilities but normal Acclaim I could adjust the settings to that. If I want crazy driver transfers and super easy R&D because I picked the crazy paint livery and i want to go yolo I could do that also. 


    Depends, for games such as the Soulborne series where the whole design of their games revolves around the challenging→sense of accomplishment aspects, I don't think any blatant difficulty setting would integrate well into them.

    In our case though, having difficulty settings made sense because simcade/sim racing games in general have very steep learning curve in comparison, the range of target audiences is much wider as well. 

  6. If the overall system is not gonna see major change and stay as it is, then I felt the areas that needed to be address are:

    • Player's R&D needs to be re-balance, some upgrades are simply too OP too earlier on and cost literally nothing for the amount of performances they give.
    • Some benefits of the¬†R&D facilities give players too much advantage, unless the AI teams are upgrading their own facilities roughly as quick as the players, or else we're able to hit to ceiling of performance like 10 times quicker than anyone else.

    Even if you try to put yourself in a disadvantage:

    • Started as a Honda team.
    • With only Durability buff at the beginning (Will's interview)
    • Mod yourself so you have 0 R&D point to start with.
    • Only sign sponsors that give¬†relatively low money (Equinos, Zigzag, Duotone, Novus, etc)
    • Completely ignore the Engine R&D tree.
    • and never upgrade any of the R&D facilities to Tier 2 before season two (But max out the tier 1 facility upgrades).

    By the end of season one, you'll still be able to nearly max out all the tier 1 upgrades of both Chassis and Aero departments unless you do Reliability as well (Also depends on you luck of course). All these might put you nearly at the bottom of the R&D index with Williams below you, but, if I start to upgrade my facilities to tier 2, and also invest on Engine in season two (with all the money I'm able to save up from season one), I'm sure by mid-season two my team will already be at least the top midfield team or even challenging the top three.

    I think in order to slow me down to a balance rate, I've to leave the Fabrication upgrade at lvl 0 so I can only research one part per department at a time.


  7. Is Bahrain really that bad? I've heard pretty much everyone said that the AI there is super op...but I've found that their only strong corners are turn 8 & 10, and I still often get decent result on my first season with 105% setting in race, 103% for qualifying.

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