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  1. 1.) If what you meant is starting an entirely new save in Driver's Career mode, your new career will be separated from your first, that means you can have both Career 1 & 2 (or more) to choose. 2.) MyTeam Career is separated from Driver's Career mode entirely, and the saves work exactly like Career mode, that means you can have multiple careers in you game simultaneously. Hope this helps mate 😁
  2. Exactly, what they should do is implementing a system where player could choose where they wanna be in the grid when starting a new team, doesn't matter if it's just a simple slider or an extensive system. If they want they could keep it locked until you finished your first season as a reward of completion (then you can use this feature on the next save or something).
  3. Ferrari's issue is that their whole package is just a mess, they lost the most performance out of all 3 Ferrari powered teams (even both Alfa & Haas could put up a fight against them). If they're actually gonna nerf Ferrari to reflect real life it can't be just the engine alone.
  4. Well, yes, it's still a nerf indeed. I just have a feeling that a lot of people probably think it's a perma-nerf without knowing all the engines are actually equal in their stock & ultimate-form, so I wanted to point it out.
  5. I don't think it should be called a nerf, they probably will just remove a few pre-installed manufacturer upgrades at the first season, but will eventually get them all back down the line and that means it won't affect any season after the first.
  6. Based on my understanding, in MyTeam mode, all 4 engines are actually identical in terms of performance when they're brand new (no manufacturer upgrade) and maxed out (all manufacturer upgrades applied). When you first starts out a new season, they already have some manufacturer upgrades pre-applied to them (probably to reflect how the real life engine rules haven't got any major change for a few years now, so they're all well-developed by this point). The reason why their performances differs is because they have different presets of manufacturer upgrades, for example: Honda has 6 m
  7. The thing is, Ai is Ai, unless the technology as a whole evolve or else they'll never behave exactly like humans. I used Extreme Damage Mod so I know the AI are especially stupid when they run into stationary cars, but that's pretty much about it. To be honest, the game wasn't designed and didn't intend to expect you to just stop your car in the middle of the track anyways. Though, I hardly ever had any issue with AI overtaking me. To me, it seems more like you didn't leave them enough space like you would when against human (I used to be like that too). I have more problem with the
  8. Seems like we're playing a completely different game...or may be you need to lower the difficulty a little.
  9. Speaking of scraping the ground, I've been thinking that the visual damages caused by driving on some of the curbs (not even particularly thick) are a bit much. Such as the outside curb of Albert Park's turn 12, or Zandvoort's turn 9 & 14. If you just ran a little deep on those curbs (like halfway to the middle), you frontwing, side pod, and floor will all get major visual damages, and it happens even when you're just in season 1 with very little downforce, and setting the ride height & suspension doesn't seems to help. Your frontwing also receive tons of chip damage just dri
  10. Personally I think it's more than enough atm, there aren't enough changes between seasons to keep things fresh. May be they should have a few different R&D trees for each department (that have different point requirements to progress and maxed-out stats are varies), then the game randomly pick one every time when there are rule changes. Or that when rule change happens the game allows you to tweak the rules in the settings before the season starts. For example: If there's engine rule change, there could be options for players to change the maximum KERS deployment per lap,
  11. If that's the case then it's absolutely amazing! I wanted Tsunoda so badly especially after knowing Honda is gonna abandon F1 (What a blow to F1 as a whole and his chance to join...sigh). But will they get rid of drivers that aren't participating 2020? Like Anthoine....
  12. Wait, they're gonna add new F2 drivers into the grid?
  13. Currently in my 4th season, I purposely nerfed my own progression by not only spreading out the spending on my R&D researches, but also not really upgrading the Resource Point Generation facilities until I really felt like being left behind (which didn't really impact me all that much until the 3 departments rule change at the end of season 3, which dropped my aero to dead-last because I went out of points) Having less resource points definitely made things more interesting because I'm constantly doing catch up, but, not in an annoying way because the speed of the generation is still
  14. More specifically, AI are especially fast on tracks with lots of mid-high speed winding corners, like Suzuka & Silverstone, but notoriously slow on low speed/tight 90 degrees turns such as Baku & Singapore (Especially when they avoid cutting pass the curb in these tracks like players usually do) They do make mistake quite a lot, quite often locking up brakes or lost traction at exit when you really start pushing them. My biggest issue is how they're so much faster on qualifying (especially when you speed it up), and how they could suddenly gain nearly a sec or even more at th
  15. Jeff in Alfa Romeo's Garage: "We've found a leak in the ice-cream machine..." 😬
  16. I believe people could adapt to new technologies very quickly if given enough support which is an area that's never short in modern F1 team, especially in this situation where the settings is obviously a fantasy, we could imagine these old pilots are at their young age and prime in our game, living the same age as us. It's similar to some soccer management game I've played long time ago where they had soccer stars from every generation available to scout and hire, but their ages are randomized so they're not following their real ages. Imagine being able to hire Senna for your team, o
  17. You're correct, like I said I also agreed that the system is flawed because it doesn't give you enough hints. At least in real life there're lots of ways that you could use to at least find some clues. The game is just not very polished in these kinda areas First, using cockpit view as an argument that if someone is not playing in the most authentic way possible then something else that's also supposed to be realistic shouldn't exist is an invalid point, because OP's problem here is a system lacks the option for players to choose how they wanna play. While cockpit mode is also b
  18. I have a feeling that, Jeff would be more interesting as a character if his voice lines make references to iconic radios from real life. I mean..unless CM is able to actually make an interesting character out of him, he's not terrible, but just very generic and dull, with an impression that said "I'm from a video game". It would be great if Jeff has some character development, it's obvious they want Jeff to sounds more human by giving him some attitude, but because it never really changes throughout the game, he ended up just sounding like a more annoying version of those machine-like rac
  19. I can understand your frustration, but getting sack by a team as a driver is just a common occurrence in F1 (just look at our poor Perez...). You could complain why there isn't an option to turn that feature off, or that the system is flawed because it doesn't have enough clear indication for the players to know, which I absolutely agree on both. Though at the end of the day, the game is CM's creation. They and their investors/licence holders are the only ones that have the final say on things, we're just buying the final product as a customer. We can suggest and make complaints, but are
  20. What I've noticed about AI difficulty is that, their pace seems to increase exponentially the higher their R&D have reached. On my season 1, my Honda powered car could comfortably keep up with teams 1-2 positions higher than me in R&D at around 103-104% for qualifying and 105-106% for race on most tracks (some tracks like Singapore and Austria I need to tune it up to 110%). Often finished the races around P10-P14 with my teammate Nobuharu in P18-20 most of the times. In season 2 there're regulation changes on Chassis & Durability, but the performance comparison between t
  21. Jeff: "Kimi, check you MFD for..." Kimi: "FOR WHAT??!!" Jeff: "Ice-cream selection, Kimi." Kimi: "Give me the steering wheel then!! Hey!! STEERING WHEEL!!!" Jeff: "Yes Kimi, we're putting the blanket on."
  22. The absurdly low damage sensitivity in even the Realistic setting is probably the culprit, I don't think it's a bug. I have installed the Realistic version of Extreme Damage Mod in my game (PC), and I get both VSC & SC throughout all of my careers consistently even after I've reinstalled both the game and mod through a few different hard drives, still almost at least one SC every race, sometimes a dozen of them which actually could get quite annoying 😖. Most of the SC happens when there're cars on track getting terminal damages, sometimes it's when cars getting engine failure, th
  23. In Racing Simulation 2: Monaco Grand Prix from Dreamcast, both front & rear wing including the nose cone can flew off separately. It also featured tire burst/punctures, twisted suspension when you went off track and hit the curb or bounced-off the gravel too hard (not just completely came off), could even slightly twists the monocoque and split the whole thing in half under heavy hit, with engine & gearbox rules implemented with the possibility of these components complete fail in the game as well. Oh, and the car collision model is not just a box compare to most games at that era or e
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