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  1. I've discovered one thing just last night though, apparently the AI drivers could still sign with other teams even if you use the "purposely failing the demand method". The situation seems to be either scripted or decided before the season starts, that "other team" will always be there during that negotiation period, looking at signing that specific driver and try to outbid the original team. But the outcome itself is random, so you can keep trying until they fail to sign him (if you're stuck with the same outcome, try changing the orders of your action because it will make the game reac
  2. Instead of a proper pizza, Jeff decided to give me one with pineapple toppings. Our relationship had not been the same since.
  3. If you want a controlled driver's market in MyTeam, try this: I've already tested this in F1 2021, pretty much work the exact same way. Except you can skip the backup save part, because if you wanna reverse a decision, don't hit progress in the calendar (because it auto-save if you do), and just quit the game. When you restart, the game will put you back to the beginning of the day and you can re-negotiate again, so no need to use backup save files at all, unless you accidentally hit the progress botton. I probably will put up a screenshot later in the day to show you my curre
  4. Yea there's a huge difference, a significant fps drop across the board when it's on.
  5. (Just saw Russell in P2) Honestly, where did this man managed to drag out so much speed from that Williams??
  6. If you like attacking the kerbs, that is. This year's physics is definitely designed to try to eliminate the E-Sport line.
  7. The trick is to lift the throttle the moment right before the front tire touches the kerbs. The game seems to benefit the kinda driving style Riccardo uses, "roll the speed into the corner", instead of aggressively rotating the car by doing hard late braking.
  8. Can't say I prefer it, but I enjoyed both handlings just as much, in different ways. Funny how after getting used to this year's handling, I went back to 2020 and realized just how much easier that game was, and drove at a level I've never been able to do so before. It was fascinating.
  9. Honestly, implementing the new floor downforce feature is probably the worst decision they've made so far. I get it that they probably wanted to use this year's game as a testing ground for the upcoming ground effect car downforce model, but even though I personally don't really have much issue with the current driving physics, I still think they shouldn't have change what's been working so well last year and just fine-tune it to perfection. What's happening now is that most people seem to hate the new physic model, and the new model is much more problematic, and now they needed to
  10. Haven't gotten that far myself since I've already migrated back to F1 2020, I'm just a bit tired of the current inferior calendar. But based on some personal experience in 2020, some F2 drivers are actually quite competitive despite their stats shown onscreen were no where near the F1 drivers. One example was Jordan King in Mercedes after Lewis retired, he literally made Super-Bottas wiped the floor in his first season despite the past 3 seasons was completely dominated by the Flying Finn. I'm not entirely sure what was the cause of it, but it probably shows just how unreliable and m
  11. Whoops, sorry I should've said it clearer, it was just 2 simple clicks down on the setting. So for example if it was 110 on 1st season then it become 108 in season 2 (If the cars are improving too fast). But if the original setting is below 100 then it should be 3-4 clicks down, because based on my personal and some other players' testing, when it's 100 or above, every +1 on the difficulty will make the AI about 0.15-0.25 sec faster, while for below 100, it'll be just about roughly 0.05-0.1 sec difference for every click. Of course nothing here is absolute, 2 clicks was just my pers
  12. Yea I think I was one of the most vocal here that mentioned about that issue with AI improving exponentially the faster their car had become. Atm my way to "fix" it is either lower the difficulty by 2% for each season if the cars are improving too quickly, and run qualifying in real time to nullify their ridiculous fake lap times during late game.
  13. If you ever noticed the game developer trying to evade mentioning about certain update or inclusion of whatever feature wanted by players, then the said contents are more than likely either no where near finish or won't even be included at all. Pretty much all the games I had play the last 10 years were exactly like this. That's why I've long stopped about joining the hype train of any games before their releases, and simply pretend I didn't know anything or what's to come in their life cycle. It's just the curse of modern games, at the very least, things will most likely be fix eventuall
  14. If you find qualifying difficulty seems to be too quick, one trick is to run the session in real time and don't skip or fast forward while the Ai are on their flying lap. I actually found the difficulty setting more balance between qualifying & race in this year's game. Last year I had to drop 2% just to match their speed in quali, but now I can set it to the same as the race setting or sometimes even higher by 1%.
  15. It's a real shame that the silver section is unpaintable (CM wth are you doing lol?), or else it could have a lot of potentials for great color combinations. But you've done a wonderful job with the limitation, and even used it to your advantage 👍
  16. Almost feels like this "bug" is now working as an experiment for CM to collect feedbacks in order to change the driver stat system's structure, I mean...the stats now are now working better than the vanilla game LOL
  17. Atm the driver stats system is probably just broken, wait for them to patch it because EXP stat always goes up over time in last year's game.
  18. Which seems to be the reason why currently the AI drivers are finally performing similar to their real life counterpart (except for Riccardo).
  19. Don't you worry, it'll still be there even if you start everything over 🤪
  20. To be fair that's kinda realistic LOL, still much better than having Bottas did the same thing in 10 out of 10 different careers in my games.
  21. I think I understand what you're saying now, the "min" and "max" shown on the menu is quite confusing. If I wasn't mistaken all along, then -3.50 is supposed to be the "maximum" negative camber setting, while -2.50 is the "minimum" negative camber.
  22. If I remember correctly, there's only negative camber setting in the game, it's either more negative angle or less.
  23. BREAKING NEWS Due to the complete destruction of the Jeddah race track, FOM had confirm the Death Star Grand Prix will be replacing it on the 2021 calendar. "We're very happy to announced our cooperation with the Galactic Empire and host our first ever Death Star Grand Prix in 2021, Empire united over all, we race as one." Fans reaction: "Will it be included in the F1 2021 game 😍?" "Didn't the Death Star already modelled from other games?? Should be easy to implement it straight into the F1 game then!🤬" "Is it gonna be design by Tilke again? 🤢"
  24. Well I've made a couple of them works for me so far, it's about the same as last year, where some are just too weird or too restrictive to work on, but other had quite a lot of potentials if you put enough thoughts on them. My biggest criticism is always the unpaintable area of some liveries, they just suck the soul out of me.
  25. Have anyone had this issue of seeing some weird red reflection on the carbon fiber parts of the car (bargeboard, suspension, etc)? I've noticed that they usually appear on every car during the race intro where Crofty is doing the introduction, and also only on the MyTeam car whenever you look at them from a far distance (both race & replay). I've everything graphic settings set the max except ray tracings are off, but the same issue is still present when they were on. I actually had this issue since the early release.
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