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  1. On 9/5/2021 at 4:16 AM, svensenk86 said:

    The AI this year is pretty solid, i can nearly go all season long with 90 set, there are just couple of tracks where you need to adjust. Do Training session before to adjust it properly for qualy.then you have 3 chances before q3 to find your balance. Write it down and your are good until f1 2022 is released.

    The thing is, with the loading screen option we can change difficulty setting freely by just quitting to the menu and jump back in. Atm once the session is started there's no way out, you're stuck with the difficulty settings until you finish it. 

    To put it simply, there's no reason to remove such a convenient function, there'll always be a moment where you would like to adjust the settings, either because of mistake or just want the option. Unless you're one of those monsters who could lap the 110 Ai in a Williams. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, rally36738289 said:

    How to Russell in Mercedes & Bottas in Alfa Romeo?

    It depends on the situation.

    Let's start with Russell to Mercedes.

    If any of the Mercedes drivers decided to retire, then it's very simple. Just lock everyone in their own team with the "purposely failing the demand method" except Russell, and then after you've sign your own driver, Mercedes will most likely pick the driver with the highest acclaim that is still available (which is Russell).

    If they don't retire though, then it gets quite tricky or even near impossible. I'm on PC so what I've been experimenting is that I nerfed every team except Williams, so Russell could always overperform and gain acclaim extremely quickly. By the time of season 5 he's already on the top 4 in terms of acclaim level, but I still couldn't get Mercedes to take him over Bottas even though Bottas had already plummeted to almost the bottom of the screen. And then on season 6 Lewis retire, so I gave up this method and just use the method above to get Merc to sign Russell.

    For Bottas to Alfa or other backmarker teams, which I've just tried at the end of season 6, had so far been not successful even with drivers retiring from those teams. It's probably because the drivers with high acclaim level had gotten way too expensive for those teams to hire, or may be because I didn't prepared any drivers with higher acclaim from the lower team that interested Merc. 

    Hopefully if I could get past season 7 then I'll try again. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Inverarity said:

    This is super helpful and I just wanted to drop in here and say THANK YOU! I am in the latter half of my first season and while some changes are going to be fun, I do want to keep some semblance of reality. Cheers!

    I've discovered one thing just last night though, apparently the AI drivers could still sign with other teams even if you use the "purposely failing the demand method". 

    The situation seems to be either scripted or decided before the season starts, that "other team" will always be there during that negotiation period, looking at signing that specific driver and try to outbid the original team. But the outcome itself is random, so you can keep trying until they fail to sign him (if you're stuck with the same outcome, try changing the orders of your action because it will make the game react differently, which might then give you different results).

    Though this is actually quite a rare occasion, it had only happened once so far in my 7th season using this method in 2020, and I assume it'll be exactly the same in 2021. The good thing is that you can get around this issue quite easily.

    Also, just one huge reminder, I recommend you to NOT backup any save in 2021, because the last time I tried it (before they fixed the general save corruption bug), the action corrupted both of my original & backup save, and I haven't try that again since I don't know whether they fix this specific issue yet or not. 

    Good luck racing!

  4. 13 hours ago, petro1319 said:

    All they need to do is give us control of transfers.  I get it; it's not "realistic" that we can control it, but at least give an option if that's what the player wants because what's happening now isn't anywhere near realistic either.   Stroll at RedBull in your screenshots is comical as well.  You really can't make a move in My Team, or Driver Career without a complete disaster happening on the rest of the grid.  Its been this way ever since driver transfers came into the series.

    If you want a controlled driver's market in MyTeam, try this:

    I've already tested this in F1 2021, pretty much work the exact same way. 

    Except you can skip the backup save part, because if you wanna reverse a decision, don't hit progress in the calendar (because it auto-save if you do), and just quit the game. When you restart, the game will put you back to the beginning of the day and you can re-negotiate again, so no need to use backup save files at all, unless you accidentally hit the progress botton.

    I probably will put up a screenshot later in the day to show you my current season 6's grid in F1 2020 using this method (yes I kinda migrated back there already, still waiting for the new tracks in F1 2021). It's literally the dream F1 grid I could think of. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, LocoVarrido said:

    So... I have to drive like Ricciardo to play the game without spinning?

    If you like attacking the kerbs, that is. 

    This year's physics is definitely designed to try to eliminate the E-Sport line.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Ialyrn said:

    I acutally ride those kerbs in game 🤣

    The trick is to lift the throttle the moment right before the front tire touches the kerbs.

    The game seems to benefit the kinda driving style Riccardo uses, "roll the speed into the corner", instead of aggressively rotating the car by doing hard late braking.

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  7. 55 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    I really don't think this is true. Both on this forum and elsewhere I've seen a lot of people praising the handling this year as an improvement over last year.

    From my own low-skill perspective, I prefer it.

    Can't say I prefer it, but I enjoyed both handlings just as much, in different ways. 

    Funny how after getting used to this year's handling, I went back to 2020 and realized just how much easier that game was, and drove at a level I've never been able to do so before. It was fascinating.

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  8. Honestly, implementing the new floor downforce feature is probably the worst decision they've made so far. 

    I get it that they probably wanted to use this year's game as a testing ground for the upcoming ground effect car downforce model, but even though I personally don't really have much issue with the current driving physics, I still think they shouldn't have change what's been working so well last year and just fine-tune it to perfection. 

    What's happening now is that most people seem to hate the new physic model, and the new model is much more problematic, and now they needed to waste precious time and resources to sort it out, which originally could be use to improve the features or fixing other bugs of the game instead.

    Right now it's just a lose-lose situation for almost everyone, bad move. 

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  9. 6 hours ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    I know most people won't have got that far by now but i'm two races from the end of Season 10.  (i'm just simming every race to show how 10 seasons of 100% races would pan out while waiting for the game to be at the level for starting a proper MyTeam... Spoiler alert, Mercedes dominate still until year 10).

    Now, I thought i'd have a look at the driver market to see how drivers are getting on as I noticed Alonso was getting trounced by Italian ***** at McLaren every race. His pace stat was only 75 so there is decline in there, as well as Hamilton still being at Merc (still the best team) and being a midfield driver.  So I like that. I mean, it sucks to be those drivers as they decline as soon as you start MyTeam so they won't win anything unless they're Lewis.

    However at this point 198 races in, Aitken is rated 82 which is the highest of the F2 drivers. Drugovich is second with 76.   This would be okay but Aitken has completed zero races and Drugo has done 18.

    Armstrong has done 198 races and hasn't grown. Markelov, Shwartzman, Ticktum, Lundgaard, Piquet... all drivers who been there for years and I think they've grown by 3 OVR at most.

    F1 drivers, on the other hand, all of them are late 90's. Max made it to 96EXP, 99PAC, 100RCR, 97AWA and 98OVR to be the best there has ever been but he retired after the most dominant period in F1 history.  Norris is currently the best but he's been trapped in Alfa Romeo hell since season 2/3 so never really got any points despite being second best statistically every year.  Giovinazzi is our current world champion-in-waiting and he's in the 90/91s. I think Schumacher is 92 rated despite never being anywhere near a challenge in a Red Bull. 

    Basically, this is all leading to something needing to be done about F2 growth. All the F1 drivers are mid 90's and the F2 drivers are early 70's so the gulf in performance is far too big, especially after 10 seasons. Teams that have two F2 drivers are doomed, no matter how good the car. Teams that have two F1 drivers are near the front, even if the car is a dog. Teams that have 1 F1 driver and 1 F2 driver have one driver on 160-odd points and the other on 0. 

    I can provide pictures when i'm back home to demonstrate this phenomenon, if necessary.  Just seeing if anyone has had similar issues if they've progressed a decent way into the game?

    Haven't gotten that far myself since I've already migrated back to F1 2020, I'm just a bit tired of the current inferior calendar.

    But based on some personal experience in 2020, some F2 drivers are actually quite competitive despite their stats shown onscreen were no where near the F1 drivers. One example was Jordan King in Mercedes after Lewis retired, he literally made Super-Bottas wiped the floor in his first season despite the past 3 seasons was completely dominated by the Flying Finn.

    I'm not entirely sure what was the cause of it, but it probably shows just how unreliable and meaningless those numbers really are.

  10. 7 hours ago, DonBlanko said:

    Good to read, that some made other expierences! I hope we can get more posts from other people, who finished already season 1 and more and noticed any increasing pace of the AI overall in Qualifying. 

    Basic for noticing this is, that the AI Difficulty settings is not too low in season 1. Means, that the players time fits to their car perfomance. So if your car is around haas and williams in case of performance, your lap times should be around there. I know that some Players like to fight for pole already in season one, which does not fit the car performance, when you set the AI level to low. 

    Is this the case in your careers  @ScaredDuckand @thatdc?

    Thats a good tip. Do you mean 2% of the difficulty level of season 1 (in my case it is 95, so 2% of 95 are 1,9 --> 95 - 1,9 = ca 93 AI Level. Right?) And do you lower this only in Qualifying or in Race too? So you do this in the beginning of season 2 f.e. and then it fits for the overall season? 

    Whoops, sorry I should've said it clearer, it was just 2 simple clicks down on the setting. So for example if it was 110 on 1st season then it become 108 in season 2 (If the cars are improving too fast).

    But if the original setting is below 100 then it should be 3-4 clicks down, because based on my personal and some other players' testing, when it's 100 or above, every +1 on the difficulty will make the AI about 0.15-0.25 sec faster, while for below 100, it'll be just about roughly 0.05-0.1 sec difference for every click. 

    Of course nothing here is absolute, 2 clicks was just my personal experience from going through many seasons + resets, which have been working very well last year for myself to adapt to the increasingly difficult AI (One example is I had to drop a whopping 5 clicks from 105 on Catalunya during season 3 just to barely keep up).  

    You'll still need to take your own rate of improvement into consideration, just don't hesitate to be flexible on the settings. 

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  11. 1 minute ago, DonBlanko said:

    I know the problem you are talking about and agree with this. But the problem I am talking about is that it seems that the AI overall seems to become stronger the better the car become too. Difficult to explain. When we develop the car, the car become automatically faster, but not ourselves. But it seems that the driver performance increases too (I don't mean the stats).

    So this problem is only in (coop) career / my team. I noticed it last year. Since I watched the video from DaveGaming I noticed that the problem seema to be still there. I am not that far in our career that I have own experiences in this case. 

    How about the rest ? Did you have to change AI difficulty after one season or two because AI become stronger in qualifying?

    Yea I think I was one of the most vocal here that mentioned about that issue with AI improving exponentially the faster their car had become. Atm my way to "fix" it is either lower the difficulty by 2% for each season if the cars are improving too quickly, and run qualifying in real time to nullify their ridiculous fake lap times during late game.

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  12. On 8/2/2021 at 10:39 AM, SmokyAtom07 said:

    They've always been very vocal that they're coming but they've simultaneously been very evasive about a date when they come.  They definitely have never stated it will arrive in July and the expected arrival date is under much dispute.

    Some say it'll be much further towards the end of the year from late October to Early January window. 

    Others say that 2 of them will arrive before long and Jeddah will be later. 


    Basically we have no information on when they will arrive, just that they will at some point. Probably with a short amount of notice. 

    Regarding whether it's fair to make people pay for an 'unfinished game'. That's a can of worms that has been opened up a fair amount of times in recent posts regarding a whole range of different topics. However, the promise that they'll deliver the tracks isn't one they've broken. At least, not yet in any case. 

    If you ever noticed the game developer trying to evade mentioning about certain update or inclusion of whatever feature wanted by players, then the said contents are more than likely either no where near finish or won't even be included at all.

    Pretty much all the games I had play the last 10 years were exactly like this. That's why I've long stopped about joining the hype train of any games before their releases, and simply pretend I didn't know anything or what's to come in their life cycle. It's just the curse of modern games, at the very least, things will most likely be fix eventually, unlike back then when online update wasn't even a thing yet.  

    No expectation = no disappointment = very effective 👌

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  13. 7 hours ago, DonBlanko said:

    Yesterday I watched a video from the youtuber Dave Gaming (German), who is in my opion a very fast driver. In the video he was in his 3rd season in Myteam and had the 3rd best team. In Hungary he just was able to get P16, while his teammate was in top 3 I think (in Qualifying). In the comments of the video someone asked, why he is startgrid ist often that bad, while his laps are very good and his race pace is quiet normal for his car perfomance. DaveGaming answered that it is the balancing in the career mode. The more you develop your car the more the driver increase their perfomance too. Mostly in Qualifying I think. With more and more developing Qualifying seems to get out of balance in career. By the way in race he was able to become 3rd, with a bit luck and good strategy. 

    Have you noticed this too? In my coop career I have the feeling, that it is harder to reach the aim, where we should be in case of car perfomance in Qualifying, than in One-Lap Qualifying in GP mode. 

    I remember that we had this problem in F1 2020 too. The first season was okay, but inseason 2 my team perfomance was in the top midfield and I changed the driver from a F2 Driver to Albon. He outperfomed me in Qualifying and I still fought about getting into Q2, while I normally should fight about Q3. This was a game breaker. 

    How are your expierences in this game? Is this Problem still in the game? And when you had this problem, how did you "solve" it? I mean it is possible to reduce AI for Qualifying but the question is how much.. To hit the right balance without knowing how fast the AI is in the end of Q3 is quiet difficult. 

    If you find qualifying difficulty seems to be too quick, one trick is to run the session in real time and don't skip or fast forward while the Ai are on their flying lap.

    I actually found the difficulty setting more balance between qualifying & race in this year's game. Last year I had to drop 2% just to match their speed in quali, but now I can set it to the same as the race setting or sometimes even higher by 1%. 

  14. 20 hours ago, TwistedWays said:


    It's a real shame that the silver section is unpaintable (CM wth are you doing lol?), or else it could have a lot of potentials for great color combinations.

    But you've done a wonderful job with the limitation, and even used it to your advantage 👍 

  15. 8 hours ago, s00zster said:

    Something's definitely changed for me since the patch / stat update. Immediately after updating, Hamilton has now since been winning and getting poles non-stop in my Driver Career, Bottas consistently second.

    No idea what the deal is seeing as Codies are saying nothing's happened, but for the first time since F1 2020, HAM and BOT are now performing realistically. For me, anyway.

    Bizarre, and still no news on what happened. 😶

    Almost feels like this "bug" is now working as an experiment for CM to collect feedbacks in order to change the driver stat system's structure, I mean...the stats now are now working better than the vanilla game LOL

  16. 11 minutes ago, greenmind73 said:

    I would like 4 there stats 2 change as they grow or deteriorate as time goes by. I’ve got George Russell as my #2. His experience stat was 58 when I started & it’s still 58 2 seasons later. So y has he not gained any experience? He has 2 have done something the last 2 yrs. I know he has won a race & had 2 podiums in my my team seasons, so is that not enough experience 2 at least go up 2 60?! Seems it should 2 me. 

    Atm the driver stats system is probably just broken, wait for them to patch it because EXP stat always goes up over time in last year's game.

  17. 42 minutes ago, greenmind73 said:

    Right now, I’ve noticed nobody is receiving those bonuses. Not in my team or on driver career mode. I’ve been checking the messages & nobody seems 2b talking about it. I was beginning 2 think it was just my game. I’m on season 2 w/ Haas & Mick was moving up w/ them. Now he’s back 2 standard. It all started w/ the new patch 4 me. I’m also n yr 2 w/ my team 2 & Russell has none even though I’m on level 2 personal. 

    Which seems to be the reason why currently the AI drivers are finally performing similar to their real life counterpart (except for Riccardo).

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  18. 21 minutes ago, kenzieretro64 said:

    Do i seriously have to start my team to get rid of this email that comes up all day everyday

    Don't you worry, it'll still be there even if you start everything over 🤪

  19. 6 minutes ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    1 My only real passion is for control over driver transfers. Ever since my first MyTeam got ruined by one of the classic drivers going Mercedes, I’m cautious that will happen again and lose passion in a save I’d gone further in. 
    2. Ability to control driver stats. Not too fussed about editing car stats as they’d be changing based on R&D anyway but that would be okay too. Driver stats aren’t great and I’d like to be able to fix that. 
    3. Fix Super-Hamilton.  It’s even worse than Bottas is supposed to be. 



    To be fair that's kinda realistic LOL, still much better than having Bottas did the same thing in 10 out of 10 different careers in my games. 

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  20. Just now, ShelbyUSA said:

    Oh no... I hope I didn't create a tangent response. 
    The graphic I created above is just an over exaggerated visual of my question.

    In other words, more camber = 2.50? 

    I think I understand what you're saying now, the "min" and "max" shown on the menu is quite confusing. 

    If I wasn't mistaken all along, then -3.50 is supposed to be the "maximum" negative camber setting, while -2.50 is the "minimum" negative camber. 

  21. 10 hours ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Didn’t Jeddah get blown up by the Death Star in rogue one


    Due to the complete destruction of the Jeddah race track, FOM had confirm the Death Star Grand Prix will be replacing it on the 2021 calendar.

    "We're very happy to announced our cooperation with the Galactic Empire and host our first ever Death Star Grand Prix in 2021, Empire united over all, we race as one."

    Fans reaction:

    "Will it be included in the F1 2021 game 😍?"

    "Didn't the Death Star already modelled from other games?? Should be easy to implement it straight into the F1 game then!🤬"

    "Is it gonna be design by Tilke again? 🤢"

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