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    To Fast

    I believe the team itself is more British than German though, since Mercedes (Daimler AG) is more of just a shareholder than actually being the one running the team which was based in UK. The current performance chart preference is based on last year, with most of the changes being on adapting the new floor-generated downforce mechanics, and on the engine performances to "sorta" match real life. Only Alpine/Renault & RBR got some noticeable nerf on their drag value.
  2. DRTApophis

    To Fast

    Because their cars are simply faster in the game. Mercedes in the game this year has better drag, better engine, and only marginally worse rear downforce than Red Bull (but in career their rear downforce will eventually become much better than RBR through upgrades). The drag advantage is about 2kp/h over RBR on the top-end, but their acceleration is better because of the engine advantage. While McLaren is still using last year's drag value which was designed to compensate the lack of power from the Renault PU, this year they have the best PU so they simply became too fast on the
  3. 1. I want Super Bottas 2. I want Super-Ultra Bottas 3. I want James, it's Valtteri **F1 theme plays**
  4. They're just either Silver or Gold badges (that can be use in MyTeam as well), but the design of each of the badge is slightly different from one another.
  5. No because We Race As One, it's the best location you know 🙃?
  6. I've been wondering whether this is made by CM or not, the graphics, animation, and physics certainly did look like it was from our game:
  7. Just treat this game like the Souls series, with each installment, I always complained about how unfair the bosses felt when I first encountered them. But just after some getting used to the mechanics and practice, all of them are literally walk in the park. I felt exactly the same way when I first jumped into F1 2021 from 2020, why the car felt like it had so much understeer yet so easy to spin out on exit, and the kerbs are so brutal, why the setup didn't work anymore, etc. Now though, with the new understanding to the car handling and physics, I can just tell you, I've never driven so
  8. Based on what I've been seeing from last year's game, I believe Ai's engine failures and driver's career retirements are scripted from the moment you started the career, but probably more or less randomized for each career. I'm not sure how many things are scripted for Qualify and Race if you simulate them, but at the very least, the results will be genuine if you physically run through the whole session, so destroying their car before they could cross the finish line would definitely prevent them from getting scripted results 😈
  9. I was in Q2 of Monaco where it was having light rain at the beginning but then turn dry near the end (so their first run was always on Inters and not optimal) While AI are getting out on Soft tires for the final run, I decided to be a naughty boy and tried to block Bottas's final flying lap on my outlap (I left the garage last but still had enough time to do my run). I successfully ruined Bottas's lap (by quite a big margin because at one point even Tsunoda was able to set the fastest lap after we crossed the finish line (The start of my flying lap / the end of Bottas's flying lap).
  10. I seriously don't understand why these're not included for the online car, it's so inconvenient when I wanna test out how the MyTeam car could look with different sponsors, well I couldn't even test it because the decals are simply not there.
  11. Oh you're right, damn I didn't pay attention to the acclaim level. Wait what's happening here??
  12. If I wasn't misunderstanding the discussion, I think I can just clear up the confusions here. The stats we saw in marioho's game are just the natural growth or decline of all the drivers throughout the seasons in this game. There're a few players out there who had done research on this in last year's game and recorded the fluctuations of the stats from most drivers (both F1 & F2) throughout the 10 years season. Just remember one thing, the training we did for our teammates in MyTeam does not affect their growth, those are all just temporary boost for one race, their natural growt
  13. Hmm I wonder what's going on, I just tried applying the new stats to my careers but nothing has changed, anyone is having the same issue?
  14. May be, I personally think the difficulty setting plays a larger part on them making mistakes. You'll be surprised by how bad they are at handling hairy situations, and the faster the pace, the more likely things are gonna happen in a sudden manner with very little room for both you & AI to correct and avoid, which likely contributed to causing more SC. Though, of course, nothing is guaranteed, SC happening is still all by chance.
  15. I'm on PC, so I'm not sure if there's any actual difference on consoles.
  16. Last year was around 105-110 (First season), 102-110 (2nd season onward). For this year I'm currently at 95-104, slowly trying to increase the difficulty setting. But have already seen numerous times where AI losing control on the straight overtaking someone, crashing into cars causing chaos in turn one, or SC caused by just minor incident like an engine failures.
  17. May be the AI difficulty? I'm not sure if the higher average speed made them more prone to having accidents, not the scripted ones, like actually went too fast and kisses the wall of champion or I'm stupid corner in Baku for example. I mean, sometimes they even lost control when overtaking someone and even caused huge pile-up in my game, usually these incidents will caused a full course SC unless I keep using rewind to intentionally try to cancel it (sometimes it worked). At some point I even got annoyed of having too many safety car in last year's game.
  18. What I did last year was using CT to lower resource gain of both myself and AI teams by 75% when rule changes were announced. Then with limited resources, I only adapt upgrades that are either at the end of the tree or in the middle and never the early upgrades, which mixed up the upgrade routes and made things a bit more interesting. I also sometimes only upgrade one side of the tree to purposely make the car imbalance in certain ways, to imitate real life where teams not getting the right aero philosophy and struggle at the beginning of the season. Though, with this year's unbelievably
  19. It's all by chance, if the AI stayed off the wall or not crash into each other then of course there won't really be any safety car just like in real life. In my case I've had at least one safety car almost every race, it happens more often on city tracks, and longer race.
  20. Might as well just give him over 9000 awareness, my man Bottas had such extreme level of situation awareness that he could pinpoint the exact location of every rival before reaching the first corner.
  21. I wonder if they had BUFF Bottas, currently he's only almost 100 points ahead of Hamilton halfway through my season, I'm hoping it will be more than 200 by the end. I'll be really ****** if they didn't buff him 😤
  22. Before the patch addressing the issue of save files being corrupted, I've tried once where I did a save & load method to undo something in game. I deleted the save that I no longer wanted and then rename the backup save to replace it, but then when I restarted the game, it said my save file had been corrupted and need to start over. Assuming there might be some issue in the backup save, I then immediately recovered the original save file that I've deleted and hope it'll just put me back to step 1, but it gave me the same result which forced me restart everything in the game. Tha
  23. DRTApophis

    F1 vs AC

    Exactly, AC is a fantastic modding platform, but without mod it really is just a driving simulator and not really a game to be honest. It aimed at a completely different market from the F1 games.
  24. Sadly I couldn't find anything about the track after some searching, I could be remembering it wrong but I definitely heard a year to build a track somewhere long ago. For cars though, apparently it took 6 months back in GT5, until recent years where they started outsourcing and it got cut down to 3 months or so. Damn, that was way longer than I ever thought. https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/gran-turismo-car-models-now-made-in-three-months-outsourced-to-india.395948/
  25. I remember there was an interview with Polyphony about Gran Turismo long time ago, that each car takes 3 months to make and it's about a year for a track. So things seems to sound about true here for Codemaster as well, I always thought those numbers were exaggerated back then.
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